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culture shock for Chinese students live in the UK

Most of expats moving to the UK facing some problems to adjust new environment, especially for culture. There are many differences between west and east culture, in this article, I will talk about culture shock for Chinese who are study in the UK.

  1. No break at noon

    It is normal that you have a lecture at 12am-2pm in the UK. However, there is a lunch break in China. If you tell students they must study during the noon break time, they will against it.

  2. The sensitive fire alarm

    As for Chinese students, the smoke alarm sound is one of sounds which impressed us deeply in the UK. I have been through so many times fire alarm interrupted the class, but without any fire.

  3. People are so polite

    Everyone knows Brits love their manners and it is part of their national identity. Once I talked with a local, and I counted she said 6 times “thank you” within 2 minutes.

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  4. Not afraid of cold

    No matter how cold in the evening, there are many young girls dressed short skirt queuing in front of pub door. It seems I am not properly dressed.

  5.  Use Separate Hot and Cold Taps

    One thing still confused me is why there are two taps in the bathroom in the UK. Sometimes the water is too hot to use. However, my brilliant Chinese friend came up with this smart idea.

    Do you have any culture shock experiences? Please leave a comment below.