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4 Tips to Personalise your Meditation

Stressed? Overwhelmed?- have you tried meditation?

Simply, Meditation is training your mind to be peaceful; it’s a way of focusing on your breathing or a mantra and clearing your mind so that once you come out of meditation you are more mindful in everyday life. With practice, meditation can improve emotional and physical health.

However, there is no perfect or correct way to meditate, here are tips to personalise your own mediation programme.

  1. Length: A quick five minute mediation can sometimes be suffice enough to focus your breathing and be at peace; throw the clock out and take the time you need.
  2. Location: Yes, there’s tons of glorified meditation images that show mediation done on beaches or in serene surroundings but honestly all you need is somewhere that’s comfortable and quiet.
  3. Position: The true cliché is that you have to sit crossed legged, with index finger and thumb together chanting omm, and whilst you can, it doesn’t mean this is the only pose, any position that you find comfortable will work; I sometimes lay flat in savasana so that I can completely focus on my breathing.
  4. Atmosphere: Be it the time of day, whether you need background music or a guided meditation, just create a space that you can feel completely comfortable and peaceful in.

Following rules will only restrict the peace you’re creating; it was once said –

“Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” Buddha