“Why Hull…?”

…as an exchange student this questions you will hear often! No matter who ask’s you. Many people of my Hometown know neither Hull nor the University of Hull. You have to answer these question the locals in Hull as well as the people in your Hometown.

Of course there are some points why you can vote against Hull – Kingston upon Hull has a population of about 258k and is located in the northeast of UK. Well, it’s not the richest City of England.

Beverley Road

You will find a lot of places like Beverley Road. No Castles, no sheep, nothing of the romantic imagination of a sleepy small city in the UK. Back to my initial question.

And, why Hull?


As an exchange student, the focus is not only on study. You need to perform at all the student party’s ;). Asylum is a club right on the campus. A great and safe place for clubbing with your fellow students.

Brynmor Jones Library

One of the best Libraries I have ever been ­­– Very modern and a lot of space. Even with an own twitter account.

Business School

I had a lot of contact with the employees of the Business School. Especially with those from the International Office. They are very polite and will help you with all your questions. Besides, there is no problem to change modules after your arriving.

Believe me. It is worth to study in Hull. Leave a comment and let me know if you come to Hull!

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Seasonal students, which library antics suits your animal and tips to improve

Which animal are you? Try the quiz, and then read on tips on how the Library can help each type of animal.

Do you do all your work at the last minute?

  1. When else?
  2. Quite a lot of it: I do a late-night blitz in the Silent Study rooms on Floor 2
  3. Known to get up at dawn on submission day
  4. I can’t think of anything worse

Do you reserve short loan books you know you’ll need?

  1.  What?
  2. When I remember
    to log into my Library account
  3. Prefer to go in when the Library opens and get my books before anyone else
  4. Always

Have you experienced the Library at midnight?

  1. The night before a deadline, yes!
  2. My favorite time to be there
  3. I would rather get up early to do my work and then go to the pub
  4. Are you kidding?

Mostly 1:Wild-eyed mouse

  • Spend day and night running that rat race round the library for anything useful.
  • Tip: make a list of useful books

Mostly 2: Midnight owl

  • Prefer to work at night, only use the books that aren’t already checked out.
  • Tip: Request for book to be held

Mostly 3: Morning rooster

  • In the library 8:am sharp, but if short loan books already taken .
  • Tip: reserve a short loan book for certain day online

Mostly 4: The sea-lion that never forgets

What you have to know about the university of hull

Hull University with its excellent teaching quality, excellent subject setting, good campus environment and learning. Here to give you a brief introduction to the University of Hull campus life in Hull.

1. Hull has a strategic location and convenient transportation

Hull, is located in Yorkshire, England, and Hull is strategically located about 250 miles from London.It takes about two hours to reach London by train. Only 20 miles from Humberside Airport.

2. About the traffic

A main road runs through the school, if you want to go to the city center, the bus only takes 20 minutes.

The University of Hull offers a choice of traditional and modern courses within a flexible module system
3. Hull University Union                         

There’s a £3.2m nightclub on the Hull Campus in the student union, entirely funded by the students’ union which attracts well known acts throughout the year.

4. The Well Equipped library

Further improvements were made to the Brynmor Jones Library in 2014, with £28m having been invested to provide improved facilities for students and staff alike.

Brynmor Jones Library – South Entrance
Brynmor Jones Library – University Gallery


Brynmor Jones Library – Ground Floor Café
Brynmor Jones Library – 5th Floor
Brynmor Jones Library – 7th Floor
5. Student Accommodation
The Courtyard
The Taylor Court
The Student Houses
The Lawns
6. Sports and Fitness Center