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4 Reasons For Making Borneo As Your Next Holiday Destination!

Fancy going for a vacation a little bit further this holiday? Or perhaps in Southeast Asia? The land of Borneo is perfect for you!

The Land of Borneo

Here are four reasons why you should make Borneo as your next holiday vacation.

1. Beach Freak!

For those that just loves to enjoy and relaxing under the hot sun and sand beneath your skin, with the sound of waves ringing in your ears, here’s a few famous beaches in Borneo.

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Shangri La Rasa Ria beach

Pulau Sipadan

2.Hike your socks off!

Mount Kinabalu is perfect for the hikers. As one of the main tourist attraction in Borneo, you can either do a jungle trekking around the foot of the mountain or conquer the whole 4 095 meter mountain by trekking up to its peak.

Mount Kinabalu,Sabah

3.Become one with the apes

Borneo is also famous for its Orang Utan, one of the species of the great ape. There are a few national parks around Borneo that you can found them. Here’s one of the famous ones.

Sepilok Nature Resort

4.Attention to music lovers!!

In middle of July in every year, the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival will be held in Sarawak Cultural Village. It is a three day of an all-out music activities from workshops and performances from musicians throughout the world!

Rainforest World Music Festival



Your amazing journey starts by clicking the picture link below. Or, just leave your comment.

See you in Borneo! 🙂


Photo Credit: http://rwmf.net/facts-on-rwmf/,  http://www.amazingborneo.com/