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Book Club: 2 books you should read this month

As a university student, sometimes it seems all we do is read, read, and read some more. Consequently, it can be hard to find the time or desire to read for fun. However, one of my new year resolutions was to read more, here’s a couple of the books that I’ve been enjoying so far.

Sweet Little Lies

A debut novel by Caz Frear, Sweet Little Lies is a number one best seller and winner of the Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller Competition. The story follows DC Cat Kinsella’s trials and tribulations of solving a murder that is much closer to home than she could have ever imagined. This one is for you if you’re a fan of crime and mystery solving novels. With twists and turns, it’s definitely one to keep you thinking and wanting more.

The Girlfriend

The Girlfriend is also a number one best selling debut. Written by Michelle Frances, The Girlfriend is a psychological thriller that I found almost impossible to put down. In short, the novel follows Laura, a successful woman with a loving marriage and 23-year-old son, whose life is turned upside down by her son’s new girlfriend. Tragedy strikes, and Laura makes a risky decision that takes the story in an unexpected turn of events.

Hopefully these recommendations will get you kick started and motivated to pick up a book. Happy reading!

How to become Wattpad’s most wanted? Part 2

So, how to boost your reads on Wattpad like a pro?

Funny Cat GIF


Don’t upload everything at once! Update once a week, 3 times a week is the best case scenario so you go up in the algorithm. Friday update is a MUST. Avoid Mondays.


Taking part in competitions (clickable images), makes your book more accessible and likely to go up in the algorithm thanks to judge’s votes and comments.  Thirdly, if you win, you will get a sticker on your cover indicating high quality.


Choose a book similar to yours (similar target audience) that you will enjoy, read and leave comments that are funny, spot grammatical mistakes or provide constructive plot criticism. Books with 1K-50K are optimum as they have the influence but the author is not too busy.

I know it means EFFORT but by giving constant support, you will get noticed through snowball effect. How?

BUT this will not work unless your profile and book cover is spot on.


Ensure that your profile and background pictures are distinct and of high quality, reflecting your personality. Write a story about you that will make people want to connect with you. Here is an example:


Remember, on Wattpad book is judged by its cover! Ensure that your title is catchy, and the image reflects the story. If you can, make a book trailer video!

Now, you only need PATIENCE and the reads will come to you <3 Any questions? Comment below ^^