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“Why Hull…?”

…as an exchange student this questions you will hear often! No matter who ask’s you. Many people of my Hometown know neither Hull nor the University of Hull. You have to answer these question the locals in Hull as well as the people in your Hometown.

Of course there are some points why you can vote against Hull – Kingston upon Hull has a population of about 258k and is located in the northeast of UK. Well, it’s not the richest City of England.

Beverley Road

You will find a lot of places like Beverley Road. No Castles, no sheep, nothing of the romantic imagination of a sleepy small city in the UK. Back to my initial question.

And, why Hull?


As an exchange student, the focus is not only on study. You need to perform at all the student party’s ;). Asylum is a club right on the campus. A great and safe place for clubbing with your fellow students.

Brynmor Jones Library

One of the best Libraries I have ever been ­­– Very modern and a lot of space. Even with an own twitter account.

Business School

I had a lot of contact with the employees of the Business School. Especially with those from the International Office. They are very polite and will help you with all your questions. Besides, there is no problem to change modules after your arriving.

Believe me. It is worth to study in Hull. Leave a comment and let me know if you come to Hull!

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5 Ways to Get The Best Out of Your Campus Life

When you think about what the university is like, ‘boring’ is not likely to come to mind! Here are five tips to help you get the most out of campus life at Hull University.

◆ Work hard in a wonderful library

Brynmor Jones Library

Brynmor Jones Library was refurbished in 2014. It provides a flexible, adaptable, and hi-tech learning, teaching, and research environment that meets the needs of all users. Why not choose to spend time in this wonderful library instead of sleeping in your room?

→  Getting the most out of your library


◆ Learn something new from Art Collection

Art Collection

There is a small, but impressive Art collection in the Brynmor Jones Library, consisting mainly of paintings. Because Hull is this year’s ‘City of Culture’, a lot of exhibitions will come through the library, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to see them!

→  Art Collection


◆ Hang out in the campus coffee shop

Arts Cafe

Arts Café is a new coffee shop on campus. Feeling Hungry? You can choose from a range of artisan sandwiches or coffees here. It is a good place to get some work done, people-watch, or just hang out.

→  Where to Eat in Hull University


 ◆ Participate in student organizations

Basketball Game

Join a student organization is a good way to meet new friends and get a break from your studies. There are different club for you choose, basketball, football, yoga and so on.

→  Student Event Information


◆ Enjoy weekend in Asylum


Asylum is a great place for students; you can dance and enjoy live music with your friends, so why not make the most of your weekend?

→  Asylum Facebook

Picture by Rongling Zhang