Interesting Restaurants For Students in Hull (Viet Memories)

Are you a fan of Asian food? Are you perhaps one of the many Asian students who’s been struggling to find a decent meal in the city of Hull? It’s not entirely surprising. But I’d say it’s time we change that.

True, In days past people used to say that Hull was something of a culinary desert. The diversity in eateries in the city as of late would have those folks saying otherwise.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to an interesting little restaurant I found on my travels – Viet Memories.

Looks unassuming, right?  Well… the food speaks for itself.  Having opened in 2018, Viet Memories brought a range of authentic Vietnamese dishes to the city – for the first time ever.

Chief among these included their signature dish – Pho.

What’s in a Pho, you might wonder? It’s a form of noodle soup (usually rice noodles or wheat noodles) served in a meat-based broth with fresh vegetables.

Not a fan of noodles? They have special rice dishes too.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about price. As it happens, Viet Memories is actually very affordable. A bowl of Pho and a cup of tea will cost around £12. Great for any student on a budget.

I’ve even added a picture of the menu for you.

Looks promising, I’m sure. But don’t just take my word for it. Go pay Viet Memories a visit for yourself.  I’ll even leave the address below for those of you who’re feeling tempted:

3 Brook St, Hull HU2 8LA

You won’t regret it – I promise.

Why Erasmus?

Well, yeah I can say that the experience that I got it from Erasmus+ project change my life and help me to find myself and help to make the best choices for me, that`s how I found that I would like to live in another country different that I was born.

During 6 months I was a student in Ghent, Belgium at the University of Ghent studying Business Administration. University here is very hard because they are asking you to know a lot of theory instead of how actually to use it and in the exam period if you are “lucky” enough you can have 2 exams in the same day.

The best part of Erasmus experience is that you have a chance to meet incredible people and to make friends for a lifetime from all over the world and also to travel a lot. I`ve met incredible people from France, Finland, Russia, Denmark and Vietnam.

Together we made a group of 10 girls who succeed to travel in 5 Cities from Belgium and 5 countries ( France, Germany, Luxemburg, UK and Netherlands).

My favourite place that I`ve visited during Erasmus:

1.Palace of Versailles and Paris , France

I don`t speak French or have anything in common with French people but the views from here are breathtaking.If you will ever visit in France I would recommended to visit the city centre of Paris and the Palace of Versailles.

2.  London , UK

I`ve always love the British lifestyle they were always free and happy. That is the main reason why I choose to come here and start my life.

3. Bruxelles , Belgium

4.Brugge, Belgium

A Chinese student’s ACCA trip in Hull

This is the second time I have taken the ACCA test in the UK. The last test was in Leeds. The test time is 9 am. For a person unfamiliar with the UK, the test time in the morning is awkward. Because you are not familiar with the city of Leeds. Although you can collect information from Google map where it is located, you will still be anxious in mind.

Therefore, during the last exam, I chose to arrive in Leeds one day in advance and decided to stay in a hotel. Of course, it cost a lot of money.

The location of the second test is in the city of Hull. The 2 pm test allowed me to read a book in the morning. After eating lunch in the school restaurant, I took the bus to the city. Hull’s ACCA test site is not as big as Leeds, just like this city. It doesn’t need to be prosperous, but everyone who lives here has a happy smile on his face.

After the exam was completed, the staff said to me that ‘well done’, which made me warm. They asked me if this was my first time to take the ACCA exam in Hull. I said to them, yes, but I will make a second appointment immediately after I return to school. Hull brings me the warmth of home, and I can devote myself to my studies without reservation, of course, thanks to the school’s convenient library


I, Hull Fair, get in the car, come and play immediately!

As a Chinese, Hull Fair is the most exciting amusement park I have ever been to.

  • Everything is crazy, first of all, it is mobile, all entertainment facilities are not fixed in the city of Hull, including various machines up to more than 20 meters.
  • The second point is that we do not need to line up for games. If you have been to China, you will be shocked by China ‘s population density. When I went to Disneyland in China before, each facility had to be waited in line for more than 2 hours. At the Hull Fair, you can experience what you haven’t experienced before.
  • The third point is that local food is particularly delicious. You can take a look at the burger picture.

It is not meatloaf but shredded pork. It is eaten with yellow mustard. If I can encounter the Hull Fair next time, I want to eat another unique burger rather than those entertainment facilities.

Five University Hacks- That makes students life way better!


COOKING. I can, pretty much, cook every kind of food that I like. Cooking is one of the most important things that must be mastered before moving to University. Back at home, chefs used to cook for my family meals but after starting studying here. I figured out; I do enjoy cooking. This way you can save a lot of money.

Part-time job: This can help you earn some extra money and students do have free time after their classes. This can also add a source of income and students can add experiences in their job CV’s.


Taking care of yourself. When you have no family members in Hull city or the United Kingdom. Got to take all the decisions by yourself. This boosts your confidence and this prepares you for the upcoming challenges that you will face in professional life. So, you need to know how to take care of yourself and make the right decisions.

Time management skills. You need to prepare and be more conscious about time. Assignments and projects prepare you not to just work hard but also effectively and productively. You should divide the amount of time to spend on your studies and the workplace.

Your Room– This a place where you can find peace so it’s better to make as comfortable place as possible.  Try to keep essential things rather than a ton of extras which will make it congested because you will be spending a lot of time here.

Five Facts About Dorm Life!

  • The rooms will always remain untidy: At first, I tried to keep my room tidy as possible. Gradually my plan did not work in the long run. All my drawers are packed up and things cannot be found in their designated place. Sometimes, I lose my students ID and room key and can’t find due to all the pile of pizza boxes and cloths.


  • Sharing and caring. After being here I enjoyed staying in the dorm and food on the campus are delicious and convenient. In my apartment, seven of us share the flat and all of us belong from different parts of the world. We all care and share our joy and happiness and try to help each other one way or another.


  • Missing family members. This is an experience, that’s difficult for many students but one can overcome the scenario. I used to live with my parents so never experienced loneliness. As being away from home more than 8000 Kilometers, sometimes it can be boring. But dorm mates are the saviour in this crucial time.


  • Taking the kitchen bin out. This a never-ending process, once in a while someone will forget their shift and next thing you know it’s your turn and I had to take all the bags by yourself.


  • Expect friends sleeping in the living room. Weekend it’s common thing friends will visit your place and will have late-night parties. They probably going to end up staying on the couch or in your bed.

My Daily Life In University Of Hull

Since I have already spent a whole semester in Hull, and as a international student. It is time to share some of my wonderful experience to you .  Here are my three favorite things.

1. Group meeting: it’s a really good experience for international student, especially you are from outside of the Europe. I teamed up with students from France, The UK, Poland and Latvia  in the last semester.  And we had group meetings on every Monday afternoon,  we talked our different culture, politics options ,food etc,  much more then just group work. It really gave me a great opportunity to practice my English and  broaden my horizon. So don’t miss it!

 2. The gym. The Hull sports center has good equipment, and the price is relatively low for students and if you live in the campus the location is perfect, you can walk there in 5 minutes . If you want to release your pressure  then you should go there,  I  work out in there every Wednesday and Friday evening it makes me feel relieved . For me It works better than drinking and smoking. And most impotently , you will look better and have more energy!

3. Cooking: Every weekend I will cook with my flatmate, If you live in the westfield court or courtyard, the kitchen is really good. And since you are live in an independent life, it is time to practice  your cooking skills and it also improve the relationship between you and your flatmate.


When the sun goes down, Hull University will keep you entertained!


     University life is an experience. An experience which goes beyond just spending time in classrooms or libraries.  There is so much to choose from!


Hull University Union (2015). Summer Opening Times. [image] Available at: [Accessed 18 Feb. 2020].
(Hull University Union, 2015)

Union regularly holds different type of events for students. Hull University Student Union is a hub for bingo nights, craft nights,  trips…

Hull University Union (2019). Hull University Union. [image] Available at: [Accessed 21 Feb. 2020].
(Hull University Union, 2019)
Some of the upcoming events are:
    • 7th March Bongo’s Bingo.
    • 9th March you can create your own ”LUSH” bubble bar and face soap.
    • On 21st March trip to Honeysuckle farm.

Check out the for more events.

             2. ASYLUM.

Fancy an amazing nigh out? Check out ASYLUM at the heart of the campus!
Asylum (2019). Asylum, Hull University Union. [image] Available at: [Accessed 23 Feb. 2020].
(Asylum, 2019)

 Asylum is open to all you party lovers every Wednesday and is                    only £4 per entry! Check out exciting new themes every week.

Asylum (2019). Asylum, Hull University Union. [image] Available at: [Accessed 23 Feb. 2020].
(Asylum, 2019)
That’s not all, get more of it on Fridays/Saturdays as it hosts live events and DJs almost every week. Professor Green, Chase & Status, Tom Odell have all graced the stage in the past!

Visit for upcoming parties and tickets.

                3. SANCTUARY.

Need a drink on campus? Hit the SANCTUARY, a spacious, pocket-friendly pub for all you folks looking to unwind.
Sanctuary Bar (2019). Sanctuary Bar, Hull Univresity. [image] Available at: [Accessed 24 Feb. 2020].
(Sanctuary Bar, 2019)

The place is buzzing every Tuesday at 7pm as it draws in crowd for the “Big Quiz Event”.

Sanctuary Bar (2019). Sanctuary Bar, Hull Univresity. [image] Available at: [Accessed 24 Feb. 2020].
(Sanctuary Bar, 2019)

Thursdays brings in people for “Karaoke nights”. Bring along your mates for some musical fun.

Sanctuary Bar (2019). Sanctuary Bar, Hull Univresity. [image] Available at: [Accessed 24 Feb. 2020].
(Sanctuary Bar, 2019)
                                   Visit  for                                                                     more information


At Hull university you are bound to find something to keep you entertained. A crazy night out, quiet drinks with your mates or some craft work in groups Hull University campus has it all for you!!

Nice weekend in Hull

❀Nice weekend in Hull❀

As an international student, I’d like to share how I spent an ordinary but wonderful weekend in hull.

Some people will choose to go to the bar, some people will stay quietly in the dormitory, and my weekend is like this:

●Saturday morning

I like running around the school in the morning. It not only helps me to know the school better, but also makes me have a full day.


After running, I like to enjoy a delicious English breakfast in the dormitory or in the canteen.Experience different cultures.Some small talk with the local people can help me better adapt to English and also help me practice my oral English.


In the afternoon, I like to hang out in the city center and play in the streets.


  • In the evening, I want to watch a movie or make some origami in the dormitory.

●On Sunday morning

On Sunday mornings, I like to go to some museums or exhibitions.Appreciate the charm of western culture and understand the differences between eastern and western cultures, so as to help me live and study better in this place and broaden my horizon.

Sunday afternoon

  • In the afternoon, I usually go indoor rock climbing with my roommates.

Sunday evening

Take a walk in the evening sun and calm down for the new week of study.

Sometimes I will make a small video to record my day.

Here is one of the video I make:

Social Anxiety: My University Story


Having dealt with social anxiety throughout my teenage years, the idea of moving away from my family, childhood friends and general familiarity was something I dreaded but before going any further it is imperative to gain an understanding of what social anxiety actually means. The term refers to the long-lasting over-whelming fear of social situations. For me I had struggled with everyday activities such as meeting strangers, starting conversations and doing things in front of other people as I felt like I would be judged. When fresher’s week came around, I was so terrified that I had to get my big brother to stay the first night, but I quickly realised that there was nothing to fear as individuals who may not have suffered from social anxiety shared to the same fears and worries that I did, especially as the percentage of students seeking counselling increased from 9.4% to 10.2%.

Fast forwarding 4 years, I can confidently say I’m not the same person I was and that is largely down to both the people I have met during my time at the University of Hull but also the systems in place to guide students through the transition from secondary school to university life. The campus support, skills team and societies actively create a dialog and environment that welcomes people who share the same worries that I had, ensuring everyone is aware that social anxiety and mental health is not a taboo topic, but something that everyone at some point in their life have struggles with.

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