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How To Enter a Whole New World

We all have dreams when we go to sleep but imagine being able to shape your dreams and essentially do what you want. Well some people can and it is known by the term of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming was first discussed by a Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden, however different names have been used in the past and people have

              “Always know they are in a dream”

Has this being  scientifically  proven?

Yes, it was first scientifically proven by Dr Keith a British psychologist in his laboratory in 1975 via ocular signalling technique at Hull University.

The patient was hooked to a sensitive multi-chart channel chart recorder and once the patient was in deep sleep and entered lucid dreaming was asked to move his eyes to the right eight times. This simple method  allowed Dr Keith  to prove lucid dreaming does exist.

So, you must be thinking how can I lucid dream? Tell me!

Well it is not a simple as going to sleep and telling yourself to dream of being an aeroplane pilot and requires a little effort. So, if you wish to extend your life in your dreams considering we sleep for a third of our entire life. A great place to pick up the basics would be at  how to lucid.


Tips on how to manage university stress!

Need a break from university stress?!

University life can be stressful for even the most relaxed students.

There are numerous potential reasons for understudy stress, for example:

  • Nostalgia or relationship challenges, loneliness, hurtful utilization of, or withdrawal from, liquor or medications
  • Juggling your studies with low maintenance work
  • Preparing for exams
  • Writing essays and dissertations
  • Attempting to manage obligation

‘Stress occurs when the demands upon us are greater than our ability to cope with them,’ explains Dr Paul Blenkiron, an NHS consultant psychiatrist.

There are various normal responses to distressing conditions, for example:

  1. Behavioral responses – these could include dodging or getting away from the circumstance and swinging to liquor or medications.
  2. Physical responses – you may encounter an expanded heart rate, sweating, shaking, headaches, butterflies and over-breathing.
  3. Mental responses – stress can prompt fear, panic and the inclination that something awful will happen.






However, if stress is beginning to affect your mental well being, try exploring the following five coping mechanisms:

  • Exercise

‘General exercise discharges endorphins – feel-good hormones that can decrease strain and enable the mind to center around an option that is other than stresses and concerns.’

  • Conversing with somebody

Studies propose that associating with a companion just once consistently can lessen your feelings of anxiety and enhance your mood as much as therapy or counselling.

  • Time Management

Have a go at making a composed work routine, separating your tasks into sensible lumps and arranging as needs be. Gap your work into dire and non-pressing tasks, and vital and non-critical assignments.



The Top of Hong Kong that You Should Know Before the Job Application

Hong Kong – a cosmopolitan city and she never sleep, If you are looking for an international working experience, probably Hong Kong is a good choice to start with. However, you should know about Hong Kong’s world record before that.

The World’s Most Competitive City


According to the report from “IMD World Competitiveness 2017” by Switzerland Institute for Management Development, Hong Kong is the No. 1 in world’s competitive economy in the world in since 2016.


However, people only know the best, fancy and excellent parts of Hong Kong, apart from the well-known business environments and buildings, is there any other top in the world in Hong Kong?

The Longest working hours in the World


The legend of Hong Kong business economy is built by every Hong Kong citizen. According to UBS Prices and Earnings 2015, HongKonger works averagely 50.1 hours per week, probably you called us Workaholic, but we describe ourselves as Working Slave. Why are we working so hard?

The least affordable city to buy a property 

 The research done by Demographia shows Hong Kong got an unbreakable record for 8 years, even you spend zero and save all of your salaries, you have to save 19.4 years to afford a flat.

The smallest flat is smaller than a parking space. We are striving our lifetime to buy a flat in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is always the BEST choice, if you are looking for business opportunity. If you are interested, click here to check the current graduate Job opportunity in Hong Kong!

CV Boosting Tips for Savvy Students

Whether you’re in first year or final year, it’s always good to think about boosting your CV. Potential employers will make a decision based off an A4 sheet of paper, so be prepared to make it look good and don’t sell yourself short.

1) Google Certifications– Google have started to offer free online certifications, from Adwords, Analytics and App certifications, it’s a pretty simple way to stand out from the crowd. Not only does it show a willingness to learn outside of your degree, but it will give you basic skills in each subject that can be applied in the workplace- best of all it’s FREE!

2) Volunteer– volunteering is great as it allows you to donate your time to something you may be passionate about. From helping the homeless, to simply working in your favourite charity shop- donating as little as one hour can make all the difference. Its a great experience where you can meet different people and learn different skills, for volunteering opportunities in Hull click here.

3) Blog– Ironic, eh! But blogging can give employers a taste of your personality and show them where your interests lie. Blogs are a great way to showcase who you are and what you’re about.

Most importantly though, don’t start neglecting your studies! CV boosters should be just that, a small boost to support your university education. For more help and guidance visit The University of Hull Careers and Employability page.

Have you got any CV boosting tips? I’d love to find out!

Campus Event: Inspired in Hull – “The Business of Film”

It is not under dispute that the film industry is big business, but what are the constructs behind the scene?

The Hull University Business School has invited her distinguished alumni, Kieran Breen, the President of International Theatrical Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox, to unveil the mystery of the movie business.

During this campus event, Kieran illustrated the film business value chain, from its production to the screen, as an exciting and risky parachute jumping. The reason for this is that the cost of a movie is usually around 60~100 million U.S. dollars, and the success of the product largely depends on the performance of its initial launch. In other words, it is either a safe landing or a tragic disaster.

He also explained the importance of the international marketplace, the need to understand the consumer in different countries, regions, and territories. And, the marketing divisions in reaching the consumer.

He further explored some of the structural changes impacting the movie business and the implications for the future of the industry. He noted that this business is no longer as profitable as before for a number of reasons. For instance, there are currently more entertainment options than 20 years ago, thus less disposable income will be available for movies. Moreover, China is building stronger political barriers to protect their local business, consequently the foreign film manufacturer can only get 25% of the sales revenue.

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