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Essential Things for Travelers

Memories are precious for everyone as a part of their life timeline. Travelling creates memories as it is a core component of exploring different cultures, traditions and heritages. Thus, is essential to capture those unique moments.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.

Here is a list of the essential things were a traveller needs to pack.


Photos can be limitless and long lasting captures of memories, so never forget your favourite camera. It could be a normal one or a Polaroid for lovers of vintage effects. Otherwise use your phone if it has a good quality camera.

Captures are enhancing memories

Travelling Dairy Journal / Sketchbook

Some people are expressing their thought during travelling into words. A solution to this is to create your own journal dairy. Recording moments for a lifetime. If someone has an artistic vain, a sketchbook can be useful, drawing the breath-taking places that someone can explore in different destinations.


Little things and ornaments that gives you the happiness when you arrive back home as you can set them around the house to remember your trips around the world.

Souvenirs are parts of memories

A Book
People’s best company during travelling abroad especially, is a good suggested book. Pack with you a book that interests you for
those times.

A good company during long distances


Travel Guides / Maps

Travel guides and local maps is the best adviser regarding planning routes, finding the best venues and attractions that a traveller should visit when is travelling.

Being prepared is the key

Broaden your horizons through multiculturalism!


“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place occupy in the word.”- Gustave Flaubert

I always enjoy watching movies produced by Taiwan and the deepest impression one is named “Etudes”. It tells a travelling story about a disabled boy who did the cycling around in Taiwan. At that time, I admired how brave he was to do this cool thing. Finally, I have got chances to travel there lots of times. Taipei, as the capital city of Taiwan, it obviously has got more fun to visit.

As a landmark, Taipei 101 attracts your attention all the time. With the world’s fasted elevator, at the platform in 89 floor you could have a panoramic view of Taipei city. It is amazing, especially at night.

Do you like reading? Eslite can meet all your fantasy about the bookstore. Opening 24 hours and owns the books and CD from all over the world. It is more than just a bookstore but also the combination of Cafe and creative culture centre. With a cup of coffee and spend all your time here, such a wonderful day!

Danshui District, as a place has got a long historical background, it is totally worth to visit. Along with both sides of Danshui old street all covered by some of the old-fashioned restaurant, where you can eat the most authentic Taiwanese snacks. Besides, if you are a fan of Jay Chou, of course, the middle school of Danjiang is the necessary place for you to have a look. It is not only Jay Chou’s old school but also the filming location of his movie Secret. Only when you come here and feel it, can find the reason why Jay could have so many romantic inspirations.

Jiufen, a town maybe you are not that familiar with when compared to other places. But have you ever watched Spirited Away before? If you do, you must know the place Chihiro works in. Well, Amei Teahouse is the place when the author Miyazaki Hayao got the inspiration.  It attracts thousands of Japanese tourists go there every year.  Moreover, Jiufen still has a lot of Japanese architecture houses.  Choose a sunny day and set next to the window with a sea view, starting your day in Jiufen.

In short, only when you come here, you will have a deeper understanding of how this city looks like and start loving this place.

Let me know if you are planning a trip and I will provide some more tips for a great time.

This blog is reproduced from 2016 by Fiona