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Mini travel guide for explorers

Looking for a holiday trip to France? Whether you like snow, sun, or simply nice landscapes there is always a place for you! If you like culture, history and ruins, you will find something to visit pretty much anywhere you go.

For mountain explorers…

France offers plenty of activities in the mountains, which you can enjoy during summer, just as much as during winter, thanks to activities such as summer sledging. The Alps are renowned for their exceptional scenery and are home to the highest point in the European Union called the Mont Blanc which peaks at 4808 meters.

L’Alpe d’Huez

For beach explorers…

The south coast of France is ideal if you want to get a nice tan. On the east part of the coast between Marseille and Nice, you will mainly find narrow and rocky beaches, whereas on the west part around Narbonne you will find wide and sandy beaches. You also will find one of the best nature reserves such as the island of Porquerolles which is worth seeing for its untouched scenery, turquoise water and its amazing wildlife.

Island of Porquerolles

For the adventurous…

If you can’t make your mind up, Annecy is perfect for you, this medium sized city offers one of the purest lakes in Europe. During summer, the average temperature of the lake is 23 degrees, having said that, you can easily admire the mountains while swimming in the crystal-clear water or laying down on one of the various beaches.

Annecy lake

Have you ever been to France? Tell us about your experience!

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3 special things you would expect to experience in Phuket, Thailand

1)Beautiful Sea view and sunshine beach

When people plan to travel to a tropical city, Sea, Sea wave, the beach must come to their mind first definitely.

Phuket, Thailand has a lot of beaches you could visit such as Pudong beachKara Beach and Karon beach. Specially, I’d like to give you a bucket list to give you an idea to enjoy your travel.

  • Sunbath
  • Snorkelling
  • Banana Boat
  • Parasailing
  • Beach Volleyball
  • etc.

2) Enjoy delicious food at a lower price

Some tropical fruit in western countries are not easy to find out and expensive to buy, so if you go to Phuket, you must eat as much as you could. Also, enjoy tradition Thai Food in Thai.

There are two food I recommend to you from my own experience.

Durian (King of the Fruit): This one is about 1/4 of a full durian and cost 480 Thai Baht (about 12 pounds). Durian’s smell might not good but I want to guarantee the taste.

Mango sticky rice ( ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง ): Glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk

3)Exploring some small islands around Phuket

While there’s plenty to see and do on Phuket, there are several smaller surrounding islands, each one have their own unique sights. They are all easily accessible by boat from Phuket, with a short journey times under two hours.

There are some pictures I took when I visited James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay.

A Famous location in 1974 Bond movie
You could see a heart when you are taking a boat and surrounding by cliffs

Tips:Do not give coins as a gratuity. Because in Thai culture , coins is for beggar.