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The Naturally Aspirated Road Trip

The aim of this road trip was to travel to 3 different cities from Scunthorpe in one day. The choice of vehicle was the Mercedes C63 AMG, which is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.2 litre V8 engine, with an output power of 450 break horse power with a staggering 440lb of torque. As soon as you turn the key, the car barks into life and the ground starts to shake.

Three of the cities was Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham. With a mixture of country roads, motorways and inner city driving gave me an impeccable impression on how amazing it is as an overall car. The car has options of Comfort, Sport plus and Race mode. Comfort mode is excellent when you are beating through traffic in busy cities. When you are hooning around the country roads and motorways you want Sport plus activated. Making the gear box snappy during gear changes while the suspension adapts itself to a harsher ride, for better handling when taking the tight twisty bendy roads. Also, with the complimentary V8 sound track blasting through the exhausts.

In conclusion the C63 is a very capable car as a cruiser, while being a beast at the same time. The new regulations forced the productions to stop on the 6.2 V8. Now Mercedes have to create Turbocharged vehicles with lower displacements. There is no replacement for displacement. It may be the end of an era at the factory, but not for me as I will never sell this European Muscle Car.

Why not Visit Shanghai ?

Why not Visit Shanghai ?

Born and grew up in Shanghai, I could be your native guide for this marvelous city. I bet your will visit Shanghai after you finished reading this blog !

Sleepless City :

Shanghai is a sleepless city where you could enjoy your night life anywhere. There are bar streets around People’s Square and also, by the Bund. Enjoy your night life in this sleepless city !

Romance by the Bund:

The Bund is one of the most romantic places in Shanghai. The Bund is a CBD area during working time while it changes its role into the dating paradise after the sunset. Why not take a walk by the Bund with your lover and enjoy a candlelight dinner?

Delicious Cuisine:

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, there is saying that “The sweet eastern cuisine and the spicy western cuisine, the light southern and the salty northern cuisine” Located in southern China. The traditional Shanghai is light and a little bit sweet. Why not tasting the fried plain bun, the smoked fish, the bran dough? I swear you will like them !

Shopping Paradise:

Apart from night life and delicious cuisine, Shanghai is also a shopping paradise, you could buy anything you want here. Take a walk at XuJiaHui shopping center to see the new release of Prada or Louis Vuitton. If you love sneakers. You will find the latest version of Nike or Adidas at the Mega sports center in NanJing Road.

Welcome to Shanghai !

Oh Ship, that’s Cheap!

Short of time? Short of cash? Or simply want a cheap alternative to flying? Well, what if I told you, you could get a 2-night onboard stay and a day in Amsterdam for as little as £40 pp with P&O ferries?

Amsterdam is one of my personal favourite destinations and is an ideal place to escape the stresses of term and explore somewhere new with your mates. After hopping on a P&O ferry mini cruise to Amsterdam, I would never fly to the city again! The ferry provides two full nights of comfortable, affordable accommodation and great entertainment, for less than the cost of one night out!

Cheers to that!

Although a single day may not seem long enough to explore the city in depth, it is still ample time to discover why Amsterdam is so brilliant.

Take a look at my recent visit, to gain some ideas on what to do:

Hire a bike:

With more bicycles than residents in the city (811,000 compared to 881,000 retrospectively), it is not surprising that Amsterdam is known as ‘city of bikes’. There are tons of bike rental stations around but I used Bike City. It cost only €14 and it was an ideal way to explore what Amsterdam has to offer!

Ice bar:

This was a really COOL experience (very original pun). Entry costs €19 with three free drinks and warm clothing included. Although it could be classed as a ‘tourist trap’, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and would definitely recommend it. 

I would love to return to Amsterdam soon, but what would you recommend? Comment below!

Did you say, Ljubljana?

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (‘lub-li-arna’) is incredibly difficult to pronounce but extremely easy to love. Bordered by much larger and more popular countries – such as Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary – Slovenia tends to be overlooked by tourists, yet I cannot urge you to visit this beautiful country enough.

My time here was slightly different to my time in other countries because my boyfriend has booked this destination as a surprise. Usually, I create itineraries based on what there is to see and do, but not this time. I discovered we were going to Ljubljana at the airport, so there was no time to make a day-to-day plan, but this was perhaps the greatest part of the trip. We were forced to explore the city by just walking around. We wandered but never felt lost.

The Ljubljanica River
Prešeren Square
Dragon Bridge
Love Lock’s Butchers Bridge
Ljubljana Castle
View from the Castle Wall
Snowy walk around Tivoli Park

One of the most interesting parts of the city was Metelkova – an abandoned barracks that now host’s a variety of alternative and artistic events.

Just a one-hour bus ride away was Lake Bled, the most popular day trip from Slovenia and there is no wonder why. I had seen images of Bled in summer, lush green trees and clear blue water – but there was something so magical about visiting Bled in the snow. With temperatures reaching -4 degrees, we were virtually the only people here, adding to the tranquillity and pure beauty of the area.

Bled Castle
View from Bled Castle

The Famous ‘Bled Cake’
Think you know of a place I would love? Comment below!

Dreamy Destinations to Visit this Summer

So, spring has almost sprung, the new semester has started and you can –kind of– see the light at the end of the tunnel. Going on holiday is a great way to unwind over the summer, but where to go you ask- alas, look no further, heres my dreamiest destinations to visit this summer.

Sorrento is a beautiful Italian location, set on the Almafi coast. With Pompeii and Vesuvius only a coach ride away, its perfect for anyone looking for a mix between relaxation and culture.

Highlight: We rented a scooter and drove down the coast, stopping off at various locations- the views were unreal!

The Dalmatian Islands are a cluster of Islands off the coast of Croatia, from Vis to Hvar, to Korcula. Enjoy fresh seafood and incredible views. If you’re all about that party life then Hvar is the one for you with Hula-Hula Beach Bar and Carpe Diem nightclub you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy those sesh-cravings.

Highlight: Day trip to the Blue Caves & swimming in the Adriatic Ocean.

There are Incredible mountainous scenes in Slovenia and the lake is simply breathtaking. Whether you take a boat to the island, go swimming or simply walk around and bask in the beauty, Bled is a great location with plenty of activities to keep you busy. Head to the castle for the most amazing views, and be sure to visit Vintgar Gorge for even more natural beauty.

Highlight: Paddle-boarding on the Lake- It’s a LOT harder than it looks!

What are your favourite summer destinations?

One common characteristic of Churchill, Stalin, and Van Gogh

We might find many common characteristics between Churchill and Stalin, both great leader and powerful men. Although Van Gogh is great, it seems not easy to find a characteristic of him which is same to those two men, he didn’t even have a photo!

But I know there is a common hobby among these three men: Smoking pipe.

Actually, I can change the title to ” a common characteristic of Churchill, Stalin, and me”, because I am a big fan of smoking pipe, but maybe more people will get interested in Van Gogh than in me, hahaha.

Three reasons made me love smoking pipe so much
  1. More healthy. I cannot say it is good for health, but compared to cigarettes, smoking pipe has much less detriments to lungs.
  2. The appearance. Well made pipes are artworks, especially some classical brands, like Dunhill which is my favourite.
  3. More flavours. We can use many different kinds of tobacco in smoking pipe, sweet , sour, spicy and mixed flavour.
A Dunhill Pipe
The best pipe brand in UK: Dunhill

Dunhill is one of the most famous  pipe manufacturers in the world. To know more about pipe, I suggest to visit its shop at London, you can find many beautiful pipes and great tobacco, there is also a room for customers to enjoy their tobacco with free coffee.

Dunhill Shop, London

You Know New York, Do You Know York?

New York and York

Everyone knows New York, the biggest modern metroplis in the world, but do you know why it calls New ” York”?

New York

York is a city in England. In 1651, the Anglo-Dutch War broke out. British defeated the Netherlands in 1664, took control of the “New Amsterdam”. The homesick British soldiers gave the names of their hometowns to the settlements in the new land , New York  was one of them.

However, York is so different from New York. It is a city with a long history and rich contents. King George VI said“The history of York is the history of England.”


Travel in York

York is the biggest tourism city in England except London.

Historic buildings

There are many historic buildings in the city, the most famous one is the York Minster, which is the  largest medieval church in England. You can reach the top of the centre tower for a bird’s -eye view of the whole city. Besides, York Dungeons,National Railway Museum, and many other museums are so worth while to visit.

York Minster
Harry Potter !

The funs of Harry Potter cannot miss The Shanbles,  the famous Diagonal Alley in the film was shot here.

The Shanbles


This blog is just a brief introduction,  more details and photos please keep following my accounts.









My top 3 Vietnamese street food meals in Hanoi

In Vietnam, there’s nothing better than enjoying Vietnamese street food which is an integral part of the eating culture.

Especially the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter that offer you plenty of tasty eating stalls. The food is cheap, authentic and fresh!

Phở dish
Street food vendor
Street food stall

Here’s an overview of my top 3 favourite street food meals that can be found there.

1. Bún chả

My number one dish is particularly widespread in Northern Vietnam. Traditionally, it’s served with rice noodles, grilled pork meat, plenty of herbs and a spicy dipping sauce as a side dish. The meat pieces are seasoned, grilled and served with a skewer or as meat balls.

It’s delicious. Try it, Obama did!

2. Bánh cuốn

Bánh cuốn is traditionally eaten in the morning as a breakfast meal but also as a light snack throughout the day. It’s made of very thin rice batter, filled with wood ear mushrooms and seasoned minced pork meat. Typical side dishes are the Vietnamese sausage “chả” and a dipping sauce, served with different kind of herbs and bean sprouts.

3. Chè

Especially in summer, there’s nothing more enjoyable than chè. Combined with fruits, beans and seeds, it can be served in many different ways.

My absolutely favorite one is the Three Colour Dessert, called “chè ba màu” (see recipe here) which consists of sweetened coconut milk, kidney beans, green jelly – and of course a lot of crushed ice!

Choose Vietnam for your next holiday destination & happy eating!

Frankfurt am Main – Not just a typical banking city

As the most international metropolis in Germany, Frankfurt meets the needs of everybody due to its unique combination of tradition and modernity. This city has so much more to offer than just skyscrapers and bankers!

It’s a place that loves to party. So let’s start the journey and discover my most favourite festivals amongst skyscrapers and the Old Town, throughout the year!

Main Embankment Festival
An attraction for the young and the old, where numerous international food stalls are situated on both sides of the Main riverbank. Multiple entertaining stage programmes ensure a great atmosphere! An important advice: Don’t miss the big fireworks on the last day of this festival which is truly impressive!

Main Embankment Festival
Final fireworks

Apple Wine Festival
Try out Frankfurt’s most traditional beverage, the Apple Wine or how Hessian’s call it “Äppelwoi”, made of different apple varieties. Apart from entertainment stage music, visitors can also find a selection of apple wine on sale as a perfect souvenir.

Typical apple wine stall
Freshly tapped Hessian apple wine

Frankfurt Christmas Market
Here, located in Frankfurt’s Old Town “Römer“, you can expect a wide range of food stalls with typical German drinks and dishes. The stalls are elaborately decorated. Various arts and crafts stalls as well as multiple carousels for kids create a place of pleasure and arouse  the pre-christmas mood!

Frankfurt Christmas Market & skyline
Frankfurt Christmas Market, Old Town “Römer”
German sausage and mulled wine

You want to learn more? Visit this website for more information:


It is difficult for most of UK students to managing a busy and independent lifestyle on a tight budget. However, good news is there are many ways to help students save money. Using the following top 5 discount cards offered in the UK.

  1. The 16-25 Railcard (Young person card).

    This card will help you save lots of money in your travel, and it gives 1/3 off for students. The Railcard costs just £30 per year, and if you know you’re going to be doing a lot of travelling over the next 3 years, you can buy a 3-year with only £70.

  2. NUS Extra.

    The NUS Extra card costs £12 per year and let students enjoy a wide range of discount on necessity and leisure items. if you don’t want spend money, you can choose another card—the NUS card, and it’s free.

  3. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
    International Student Identity Card (ISIC), this card can make you enjoy big discount not only in UK, but also around the world. The ISIC offer over 150,000 discounts in over 130 countries.

  4. YHA membership card.The Youth Hostels Association is a charitable organisation, providing youth hostel accommodation. The membership card only costs £5 per year, and you can enjoy up £3 off per night.

    At last, don’t forget your basic student ID card also act as proof that you have a right to get a discount at a lot of business. So, don’t be shy, ask the staff whether you can get a student discount when you pay the money.