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5 Things You Should Avoid When You Visit London!

Are you planning to visit London this summer? London is a really fabulous city and deserves to be visited. It has so many tourist attractions and entertainment places. However, there are some things you should not do during your visiting there because that will limit your joy there and cost you lots of money!

1- Not Getting Oyster Card:

This card is one of the best ways to save money when you go to London because it gives you a discount for all of the public transports.

2- Visiting many landmarks in one day:

London is a huge city, and there are many places to visit, so avoid visiting many landmarks in one day because it will cost you a lot of money, and you will not enjoy your time there.

3- Not Booking in Advance:

It is always better to book in advance for visiting crowded places such as the London tower, London eye, and London zoo because it is always cheaper when you book online.

4- Staying away from the city center:

Some people look for hotels located far from the center to pay less, but that is wrong!
Staying away from the center means that you will have to walk or spending much money on public transport besides wasting time.

5- Lots of Tipping:

Tipping is not mandatory in the United Kingdom, but if you want to tip for a special service, of course, they will appreciate. This is a reward not imperative.

Did you know that you can visit the most expansive city in the world with spending less money!!

How to travel on a budget

Who doesn’t love travelling? Seeing new places, trying exotic foods, experiencing different cultures… it all sounds amazing until you realise you are a student and you have zero money. The reality is that expanding your horizons and creating new memories doesn’t have to cost a fortune. To help you get the most out of your future travels, here is a list of some useful tips that will help you save money:

  1. Travel off-peak. ✈️

Most plane tickets are very expensive during holidays, so try to look for tickets during other seasons that are not Christmas, Easter and the summer months. According to a report made by the travel search engine Kayak, you can save up to 57% if you book at the right time. Plus, it will be less crowded.

  1. Look for “secondary” destinations. 🗺📍

More often, we look for holidays in the most popular cities while we ignore other not-so-popular destinations. Next time you are looking to stay in a popular city, try search around the map for towns nearby – they may surprise you! For example, in Spain, Guadalajara is a secondary destination for Madrid.

  1. Ask the locals. 🗣

In every city there is a wide range of free activities to do that, we, as tourist, don’t know about. For this, there are great free apps such as Localeur and Spotted By Locals which provide you with suggestions and tips from locals.

What about you? Do you have any tips and tricks to save money while travelling? Share them in the comments below!

Pictures provided by Pixabay.

Architecture, tapas, and culture: a guide to Oviedo

When people ask me whereabouts Spain I am from, I always get the same answer: “I’ve never heard of it!”. Most people only know about Madrid and Barcelona, nonetheless, Spain is full of beautiful places to be discovered – such as Oviedo. This medium-sized old city was founded in 762, it is located in the north of the country, and it has about 200.000 citizens. Here is a list of the top three places worth visiting in Oviedo:

  1. Santa María del Naranco.⛪️

In this city you can see some of the oldest Christian buildings in Spain, such as the “Santa Maria del Naranco” church. Its construction finished in 848 and you can visit it for only 3 euros.

2. Restaurant “La Sureña”.🍻🥘

If you are a student in a low budget, you will love this restaurant as much as I do. Situated in the city centre, it offers all kinds of tapas for every taste – and prices are not higher than 5/6 euros for each plate!

3. Archaeological museum.🎟

Oviedo has plenty of free museums (perfect if you are a student in a low budget), but the archaeological museum is, by far, my favourite. It was established in 1844 and it displays elements from all major cultural periods – from prehistory to our modern times. The picture below is a sculpture from the IX century:


What about you? Have you ever visited Spain? If so, let me know in the comment section below!


Camp America is the best way to spend your summer this year,  you’ll get to fully experience American culture, earn money having fun, and enjoy plenty of time to explore the country. Working as a camp counselor is life changing. Or, if you’d rather, just sit around at your parents’ house all summer waiting for term to start. Be Serious.

Working hard or hardly working, as a camp counselor you teach your passion, be that a particular sport, arts and crafts, music. There is something for everyone, and when you’re not teaching, you’ll be looking after a great bunch of kids so you’ll never get bored. I guarantee that the active outdoors lifestyle will have you feeling better than you have in years and with a much better tan.

The people you work with will come from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. Form close friendships when you cut loose on nights off away from the kids. After the season ends you’ll have plenty of travel companions to explore with.

Aside from receiving a fully paid return flight, food and board while you work at the camp, you will also get time off to spend however you like, and a travel visa that extends weeks after your working contract ends. So explore the States with the friends and money you made over the previous months working in the sun. Don’t miss out, and get yourself to camp this summer.

Have any camp stories? Comment down below.


3 must-go destinations in Northern Italy

Il Bel Paese – The Beautiful Country

Italy is known for its beautiful scenery, the exquisite food and its rich history. Here are 3 places you must visit if you have the chance!


This bustling city situated in the Piedmont region is great to get lost in and sits close to the French border. Turin, which was the first capital of Italy, is known for its baroque architecture, luscious parks and palazzi. There are multiple attractions around the city which will make you fall in love with it including:

  • Mole Antonellianaan impressive landmark and interactive cinema museum
  • Egyptian Museum – One of the most important collections of Egyptian artifacts in the world (BEWARE OF THE MUMMIES!!)

The Mole Antonelliana (Photo Credit: National Cinema Museum, Turin)


Situated at the foot of the Italian Alps, this beautiful city is special to me as it was my home during my year abroad. Bergamo is split into two parts: The Lower city and Upper city. The lower city is busy and metropolitan with lively bars and stylish shops. Meanwhile, the Upper city is steeped in history with beautiful churches and authentic restaurants which overlook the rest of the city.

Upper City

Lower City

Furthermore, Bergamo has a low-cost airport which makes Bergamo a really easy place to get to and from!

Sermione – Lake Garda

Sermione is a small peninsula which extends into the largest lake in Italy. On this peninsula is a small town which has an abundance of things to do including eating delicious gelato and enjoying captivating views.


Have you ever been to Italy and which destination is your favourite?

3 recommended food in Singapore

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Slices of poached chicken served with sliced cucumber. Accompanied by a bowl of hainanese rice, chilli sauce, Ginger Sauce and garlic. The typical chicken Hainanese this became national foods in Singapore. Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore sell in hawker stalls, up to 5-star restaurant. A number of restaurants also claims himself as the legendary or the most delicious. 

Located in:  1 Kadayanallur St, #01-10/11 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184. Hours: Everyday: 10am-5:30pm

Bee Bee Carrot Cake or fried rice cakes 

Fried carrot cake This savory Singapore does not contain carrot, at least not the kind that is colored orange. Its main ingredients precisely is rice flour and white radish also called white carrot. So the radish steamed after that cut into cube shape, and then fried with garlic, egg, and poh chai. after that it's ready to be served

Fried rice cakes fluffier and tender as well as generally called ' chai tow kway ' in dialect Teochew can be found in almost all the hawker centre. This snack are served in black (deep fried with a sweet black soy sauce) or white (original).

Located in : 50A Marine Terrace, #01-275 singapore 

Chicken Briyani Rice

This Indian food is very popular in Singapore, has a taste that is suitable for tourists. Its not too costly Food, lots of side dish in one plate choices. Chicken Briyani Rice becomes a Favorite menu with large portions, consisting of ¼ chicken, sauteed vegetables, hard-boiled eggs cut in two, crackers and curry sauce.

Located in:  Food Republic, Wisma Atria , 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore

6 Fantastic Places In Saint-Petersburg If You’re Tired From Tourist Crowds

What is next, after you’ve seen the city’s most famous sights? If you ask me, it’s time to get off the well-known tourist routes and plunge into the real atmosphere of this magical city!

Erarta Contemporary Art Museum and Gallery

Erarta Contemporary Art Museum and Gallery

If you are not going to be limited to visiting the Hermitage take a look on Erarta and get a feel for contemporary Russian art. There are plenty of temporary exhibitions, occasional shows, plus a good restaurant and gift shop.

Grand Maket Rossiya

There is no need to take a long trip to see the whole country. Just visit the Grand Maket Russia museum.

One huge room contains mountains, cities, rivers and lakes, with many automated activities that you can watch while walking around the perimeter of a diverse landscape.

Lemonade Orangery Cafe

It does not matter what the weather’s like outside, enjoy a cup of coffee and a tropical atmosphere in one of the oldest St. Petersburg orangery.

Hermitage Storage Facility

This is not a formal exhibition as such, but it might be interesting for true art lovers who are not enough to visit the Hermitage.

Street Art Museum

To get an idea of street art, it is not necessary to roam around the courtyards and abandoned buildings. The magnificent collection of street art located on the former industrial site.

Udelnaya Flea Market

This place is imbued with the spirit of the era of the USSR and farewell notes of the Russian Empire. That is why you will find absolutely everything here – from the rare door hinges to silver from the imperial factory.


Photo sourced:



Discover more than just the desert in Dubai

For someone who hadn’t done a lot of travelling when I visited Dubai, I certainly will describe my ten days in Dubai as “Heaven on Earth”. In fact, I enjoyed every bit of this trip. It was a birthday getaway trip with my partner since our birthdays are just a week apart. Upon arrival at the airport, I was in total awe.

There are a lot of mind blowing hotels and resorts you could book for your stay in Dubai. I actually lodged in three different hotels throughout my stay. However, my topmost recommendation among these three is Sofitel Dubai Downtwon; a luxurious five star hotel located in the heart of Dubai, not so far from the Dubai Mall and a couple of other interesting places to visit with the metro station right adjacent the hotel making transportation very easy.

Dubai has more to it than just the desert. Visiting the famous Dubai Desert Safari is definitely a must but there was more to this trip than just “desert safaring”

Photo Captured By: Santino

My dolphin experience at Atlantis The Palm was the highlight of my trip and a perfect birthday treat from my partner.

Photo Captured By: Dolphin Bay Photography

You might end up spending the whole day at Atlantis just as i did; lot of water rides to do at the water park plus the whole dolphin encounter.

Photo Captured By: Dolphin Bay Photography

Make sure to visit the tallest building in the world “Burj Khalifa” to have a view of Dubai from the top and experience the virtual reality parachute jump into the dancing fountain

Photo Captured By: Santino

Visited Dubai yet? Make sure to visit these places when you do; if yes, which other which other places did you visit aside the desert?

Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean seas. Nowadays, the island is divided into two parts; North and South. North side of the island belongs to the Turkish Cypriots and the South side of the island belongs to the Greek Cypriots. As an islander, I want peace in my country and all around the world 🙂 This blog provides images and the descriptions of the best touristic places of the small island.

1.Kyrenia Harbour

Taken by @ms.miracle.x

Kyrenia Harbour is located in the North side of the island. This is a one of the most beautiful places for the tourists to visit in order to feel the good vibes of the island life. Also, there are lots of tourist attractions such as restaurants and boat trips.

2.Love Bridge

Taken by Orkan Basari

Love Bridge is located in the city of Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa is generally known as a city of nightlife and is a scenic city with great landscape views. I wish you would take time to visit Love Bridge before the bridge collapses. 

3.Troodos Mountains

Taken by @chlouk

Troodos Mountains are the highest mountains in Cyprus. Winter season is the best time to visit Troodos Mountains because it is covered by snow. For a great skiing destination, do not forget to visit Troodos Mountains in your holiday during winter season.

4.Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

Taken by @cyprusholidays

As mentioned above, Ayia Napa is known as the city of nightlife. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs for the tourists. Tourists generally spend their daytime at this beautiful beach and enjoy their nights at the clubs in the Ayia Napa.

References (2019). Cyprus Troodos Mountains – Visit Cyprus – Booking Cyprus – Cyprus Holidays – Cyprus Tourism Portal. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Feb. 2019].

The Reality of Budget Travel as a Couple

Being a student is a costly endeavour and you may be wondering how to afford a holiday with a part time job at best. So here’s a list of things we did as a couple to lower costs but keep the adventure.


Start by thinking about flight prices. It may be easier to stick close to home to keep flight costs low.

Look at the differences in the living costs in each country you wish to visit. One way of doing this is using the Big Mac Index, which can be useful!

Keep your time in large cities to a minimum.

Don’t forget about travelling between places. Night trains are perfect as you get accommodation for the night and you sleep through the travelling.


Stick to hostels or Airbnbs. We stayed in hostels in the cities as we wanted to make friends and enjoy the nightlife. We then stayed in Airbnbs for more privacy and relaxation.

Make sure Airbnbs have a small kitchenette or kitchen to cook food yourself.


We learnt the hard way that a kitchen in an airbnb is essential to keeping costs low. (I would not recommend cooking pasta in a kettle…)

Find where your closest supermarket is and stick to a daily budget.

Cheap foods to have in mind; cereal for breakfasts and lunches such as cold meats, cheese, tomatoes and bread.

Don’t forget to treat yourselves sometimes.


Although it can be nice, try to avoid tourist areas for activities.

Hiking and simply spending time on the beach, playing games or cards is free and fun!