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You can do miles better with that car…

Filling up the tank can be expensive, but im going to leak some information that could help you go a long way…



Branded vs supermarket (fuels)

“In the UK, all pumps are governed by various international bodies to conform to minimum world-agreed quality and performance standards. When it comes down to performance of branded vs supermarket fuels the research is unclear and hence a conclusive result has never been made.”

This means that they all work in the same way and you should be able to mix the same fuel without any problem.



Cheapest stations


Jet Princes ave

  • 118.9p/L petrol*
  • 121.9p/L diesel*
  • £1 tire pressure

If you are a firm believer of branded fuels then this is the cheapest option within the area. Garage has 24hr shop, hand car wash service, and large rest space.


Tesco st Stephens

  • 116.9p/L petrol*
  • 119.9p/L diesel*
  • 50p tire pressure

This is the cheapest place in the area to fill the tank or tires! It is the furthest away from university out of the 3 but is adjacent to the biggest supermarket in the city; perfect for students stopping off on the way back from a busy shop.


Jet Beverley road

  • 120.9p/L petrol*
  • 122.9p/L diesel*
  • £1 tire pressure

If you want to fill up quickly this is easily the most convenient location. Located in center of Beverley road this station offers a 24hr shop and is the closest to the university as well as the large majority of student houses.

*Please note fuel prices fluctuate with time

Travelling the UK

Everyone at university is from somewhere, some are from Hull some have travelled from one side of the country and others from the other side of the world. I love to travel around the world, however, I travel around the United Kingdom frequently where I love to drive around my three originals that, I live, lived and are gaining a Masters.


North London is where I was born, London is where I shop, love to eat, worked, lived and adore. Although London is no longer the place I live the fast pace environment, the beautiful buildings, the fine dining are just a few reasons to why I travel to the London not forgetting its the greatest city in the world.

Do you love to do these things?

1. Shopping
2. Fine Dinning
3. Beautiful Buildings

Yes, then why not visit London.

Do you need more reasons to go? Click Here


Essex is mostly known for The Only Way Is Essex but to me its where I grew up. I moved to Essex in year 7 at Billericay School and absolutely loved my time there. I love visiting back to Essex because of my friends, family, watching & playing football and its the place I call Home.

There are so many reasons why you should visit Essex.

Want to see the where The Only Way Is Essex are from? – Click Here

If seeing the places of where The Only Way Is Essex isn’t enough for you to visit, I don’t blame you. Here are some other reasons to why you should visit Essex


Hull, the city of Culture 2017, the city where I graduated and now studying a Masters. I have been here for four years completing a degree and now a Masters. My top reasons to why you should visit Hull are because of the amazing University, The deep is something you can’t see anywhere in the UK, Freedom festival is outstanding and finally, if you’re a southerner like I am you must try Chip Spice.

Never tried Chip Spice? You can read about it here

Here are 50 more reasons to persuade you to visit hull – Click Here

Have you been to any of these places before? Post your experiences in the comments below

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Top 3 things to do instead of going out

We all enjoy going out with our friends and have fun, usually accompanied by alcohol.

Unfortunately however, our bodies and minds need to take a break from these lucrative activities time to time.


Thus I am providing you, my precious readers, with a list of top 3 things to do instead of going out.

  1. A Venture To Nature

Our minds need a break from our daily lives, the best way to do it is to disconnect from all electrical devices and simply enjoy a long walk to a nice nature rich place.

It will allow you to release your mind from the shackles of technology and release your imagination and allow you to think deeply about anything you like, there will be no constraints on you.

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing

We all have always wanted to do this. We have seen it movies, where someone climbs and is afraid to jump down.

 ‘Rock Up’, located in St Stephan’s shopping centre, allows us to actually see and have a feel for it, alone or with friends.

It is great fun and decent exercise!

  1. Escape Rooms

Fight your way through riddles and puzzles in order to free yourselves within a time limit at ‘Escape Hull’.

This activity is basically trying to solve riddles in order to find clues which will eventually allow you to open the doors, behind which freedom awaits.

 ‘Escape Hull’ offers a wide range of types of room you can escape from.

Tell me how you spend your free time below 🙂

Don’t miss it! 3 things you need to know about Turkey

Tired of the tour that sleepping in the car and getting off to take a photo? Turkey definitely gives you a  surprise! Pack up and fly to Turkey to have a real trip! Before you go, here are 3 things you need to know about Turkey!

1.  Visa Policy

Turkey offers preferential policies for citizens of over 120 countries, you can check it in the following map.

2.   Cuisine

Not everyone can stay for several days in Turkey, here only recommands three tradditional dishes for you!

1) Döner kebaps

Made with sliced meat and put in bread with onions and vegetables.

2)  Köfte

Known as Turkish meatballs, made of minced meat, spices, onion and shaped by hand, then fried or cooked in sauce.

3) Pide

Described as Turkish pizza, which was made into a thin, oblong dough base and then folded over around the edges and put into a stone oven.

3.   Attractions

1) Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a magic place with otherworldly beauty, consists of honeycombed hills and towering boulders. Fascinating cave hotels are definitely deserved to experience as well as the hot air balloons.

2) Fethiye

Fethiye is a seaside city with the finest natural harbour. To enjoy the beauty of mediterranean, a tour by designed boat or paragliders will be a perfect experience in life!

3) Pamukkale

Pamukkale is covered by gleaming white calcite travertines with blue spring gurgling down from the top of the mountain. After thousands of years of calcification, the natural white limestone looks like a flower of cotton on the hills.

Hope this blog will help you!

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3 Amazing place in Belfast you must see

1.The Giant’s Causeway
The Giant’s Path formed between 6 and 10 million years ago due to the intense crustal movement that caused the volcano to explode. When the hot lava encountered the freezing Atlantic Ocean water, Shaped the polygonal basalt pillars.In Irish legend, the Irish giants stoned a path through Scotland in the sea to plunder the Scottish giants, the Scottish Giants angrily along the road to take revenge. Irish giants dress themselves up as babies, the Scottish Giant met, mistakenly thought that even the Irish Giant even infants are so big, so in a hurry to escape, while walking demolitions, and the rest is today’s Giant’s Road.

@44 Causeway Road, Bushmills, County Antrim, BT57 8SU

2.Titanic Belfast

This museum is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, established in 2012. Beautiful and unique architecture. The museum uses science and technology to provide a very comprehensive introduction to the Titanic from the construction, launch, preparation to departure detailed process, as well as the restoration of the cabin display, and some interactive projects can be experienced.

@Titanic Belfast, Queens Rd, Belfast, County Antrim BT3 9EP, England
3.Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge
Known as the world’s No. 3 cable bridge, connecting the main island of Ireland and the island of Carrick-A-Rede. The name of the island is Irish, which means “big boulder,” formed at the same time as the giant embankment. And when you cross the cable bridge, you are just across the 60 million-year crater.

@119a Whitepark Road,Ballintoy,County Antrim,Belfast,BT54 6LS

Why you should visit Newcastle immediately

Growing up a proud Geordie, when asked where I would recommend visiting in England, I will always suggest Newcastle for many reasons – below are a few of my favourites:

– The rich history
Founded by the Romans in the second century AD, this city has seen many civilizations live in it and all have left their mark. With architecture from the beginning of the century such as Hadrian’s wall to the landmarks from the beginning of the millennia such as the millennium bridge. To travel through Newcastle is to travel through time.

(Photo source:

– The food
Founding the culinary masterpiece that is Greggs – you can safely assume that Geordies know how to cook. From a meat slider from The Hop and Cleaver to afternoon tea at Jesmond Dene house, there is a plethora of different cuisines to enjoy during your time in the city. Find the best here.

(Photo source: Hop and Cleaver)

– Football
This is perhaps the most associated with Newcastle is their football culture. With the resources to accommodate over 50,000 fans at a time, St James’ park is the largest football stadium in England and was used as the football venue for the Olympics. Even if you aren’t a football fan, visiting the stadium is an absolute must.

(Photo Source: Chronicle Live)

– The people
Geordies have a strong reputation for being both incredibly friendly and incredibly difficult to understand, so when you visit – as you undoubtedly will – please find attached a guide for speaking geordie.

(Photo Source: Redbubble)

Is there anything else you love about Newcastle? Want to leave any comments about your own favourite city? Leave them below!

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4 most popular Nigerian dishes to try

Are you planning a trip to Nigeria?

One activity you need to incorporate into your schedule is definitely to experiment on the various delicacies Nigeria has to provide. From the east, west, north and south there are plenty of rich and flavourful dishes which bring us together.

  1. Pepper Soup

This is one of Nigeria’s most favourite appetiser, it is often cooked during special occasions. The soup stock is rich, with an intense spicy flavour, which contains pepper, ginger, garlic and onions to give it that extraordinary taste and also this dish can either be cooked with meat or fish.


2. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is one of the Major party foods and a staple in every Nigerian home, this delicacy is food to many West African Countries, not just Nigeria.  It consists of rice, onions, tomatoes, chillies and a variety of spices. It can be served with vegetables and desired meat, chicken or fish.


3. Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup is a widely consumed dish in Nigeria. It is made from melon seeds, the soup consists of red or any desired meat, sea food, fermented beans, a variety of vegetables and onions. This is one of my favourite and it is often accompanied by pounded yam.


4. Akara

Akara is known as fried bean cake, it is one of Nigeria’s popular street food. it is a delicious protein-packed fritters ideal for breakfast or throughout the day as a snack. It contains brown beans, onions, spices and then fried in vegetable oil.



Places to visit in Barcelona

Sagrada Família

Designed by Antoni Gaudi, the infamous Catalan architect, Sagrada Família is the largest unfinished Roman Catholic Church in the world. Construction began in 1882 and over 135 years later, the church is still incomplete. It is a popular tourist attraction and with such a unique design, it is not hard to see why. Gaudi’s unique and eclectic style can be observed in some of his other works such as Parque Güell, Casa Mila, Palacio Güell and Casa Vicens.

Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain

Camp Nou

This one’s probably more for the football fans. Although, even if you’re not into football, this is an experience you would not want to miss if you happen to be in Barcelona. Barcelona Football Club is one of the best teams in the world and in Lionel Messi, they have the very best player in the world (yes, he’s better than Ronaldo). With a capacity of 115,000 seats, the atmosphere is simply breathtaking.

Apart from the architectural sites and sporting events, there are also many other attractions for tourists, such as bars, night clubs, restaurants, the harbours and the beaches. When the weather is warm and sunny, going down to the beach and relaxing on the sand would be the main thing to do for many tourists. What more could you want?

For more information about tourist activities in Barcelona, click here.

3 Dishes you must have when in Cyprus

  1. Sheftalia Kebab

Taken by @foodiva

Credit: Insight Cyprus


A traditional Cypriot dish, Sheftalia is a kind of sausage parcel that is made up of minced lamb or pork, onion, parsley, salt and pepper. This mixture of flavours is wrapped in fat to make these sausages. A popular option for barbecues, which are very common among Cypriots, Sheftalia are grilled on charcoal for about half an hour until they are fully cooked to make a delightful addition to the traditional kebabs. It can either be eaten separately or put into pita bread along with some onions, salad, yoghurt or hummus.


2. Oven Macaroni

Taken by @mydestinationcyprus

Credit: Insight Cyprus


This is a traditional home-made dish. Made up of several layers, this dish contains large pasta tubes, minced lamb, parsley and béchamel sauce. Cheese can also be added to the surface if desired. The dish is cooked in an oven and then cut up into square pieces, which allows for all the layers to be seen. It is usually served alongside salad and yoghurt.


3. Bulgar Kofte

Taken by @gg_mix

Credit: Insight Cyprus


A common dish in many middle-eastern countries, Bulgar Kofte is a delicacy in Cyprus. The outer shell is made from bulgar and the inside is made up of mince lamb, parsley and some seasoning (a very common combination for many Cypriot dishes!). It is shaped like a torpedo and served with lemon wedges. When life gives you lemons, squeeze it on Bulgar Kofte!

Berlin the Beautiful

On my first trip to Germany, the city I most wanted to visit was the capital, Berlin. I will admit that beyond awareness of the existence of the Berlin Wall, my knowledge of the city’s history was shamefully poor. Though I learned a great deal in the four days that I spent in the city, I realise that I had only scratched the surface of Berlin’s rich cultural heritage.

One of the first monuments I saw was the Holocaust Memorial in the Friedrichstadt district. Walking through the memorial, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sombre atmosphere and experience isolation as one becomes lost.

I then visited one of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks of the Cold War Era, Checkpoint Charlie. This was the main crossing point between East and West Berlin. My ignorance of Berlin’s history became apparent when I visited the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. The museum played a large role in the fall of the wall as its founder protested against it.

“Be as near as possible to injustice, where human size is the strongest.” – Dr Rainer Hildebrandt, founder of the Checkpoint Charlie Museum.

Finally, the Berlin Wall. I walked for hours alongside sections of the wall that were still standing. In particular, the East Side Gallery which consists of over 100 paintings from 1990 that feature political ideas.

A link to the Gallery can be found here: East Side Gallery

While bullet holes still scar the older buildings, it is impossible to overlook the magnificence of Berlin.