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Long-haul flights: A survival guide

In recent years, travelling and the benefits of experiencing new cultures has become increasingly popular. If you are lucky enough to be exploring far off lands any time soon then hopefully these suggestions can help make your flights a little more comfortable!

1. A Travel Pillow
Whilst this may seem like an obvious one, you’d be surprised how often this vital piece of carry on is overlooked.

(Photo source: The Independent)

Putting your posture under large amounts of pressure, can cause significant long-term damage – with 88% of people complaining of neck pain following a flight. You can find a list of the best travel pillows here.

2. Snacks
When the reputation is so bad that chef Gordon Ramsey will refuse to eat on a plane it’s safe to assume that aeroplane food is – at best – edible.

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With food being prepared between 12-72 hours before, you can’t be blamed for wanting to avoid it. I find that before the flight it’s best to raid the duty-free sections for over-sized chocolate bars or a sandwich, whilst this may not be the reach of culinary excellence, at least you know what you’re getting.

3. Moisturiser
In the UK we often enjoy humidity of around 50%, when cabins can reach lows of around 10% it’s no surprise that spending hours in this environment can lead to dehydrated skin.

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Keep your favourite in your carry on or bring a sheet mask, providing you take the time to moisturise your skin will thank you. Find the best moisturisers of 2018 here.

Do you consider these travel essentials? If you have any more then let us know!

Go Summer School !!

Summer school: to go or not to go?

The word ‘summer’ picks our memories of beaches, the sun, and cool tropical drinks. But do you also know that it is one of the periods when a student can utilize to grow academically without missing out on all the fun? Below are 3 advantages of summer school that should encourage any student to engage

1. They involve a lot of international students and you get time to learn about new cultures and make new friends

2. Their flexible schedules allows one to grow academically without the pressures experienced during the normal schooling year.

3. They are relatively brief and short, lasting for a few days or up to 8 weeks maximum, and offer interesting options for classes, such as foreign language units and interesting research-based programs

Besides these, being in school around the summer period allows you to grow in creative expression. You adopt means of dressing and leisure activities that are fun and in tune with the season. I hope this has encouraged you to enroll in a summer class. I would love to see you seated next to a pool learning a new language soon. Kindly also reach out and inform me of other perks of enrolling for summer school through my email. Love and light students. See you in my next post.

My top 3 tips to making the most out of your summer school

When the opportunity to study at Copenhagen Business School for a summer came up, i jumped at it! If you too have secured a place at a summer school, here are my top three tips.

  • Immerse yourself in their culture – If the locals ride bikes everywhere like in Copenhagen, join them! You’ll also be surrounded by the culture of other students around you, so make sure to try new things, step out of your comfort zone, and share your own culture too!

Our dorm hosted a pot luck dinner, with everyone making something from their own culture.

  • Make global friends and connections – I personally loved meeting people from all over the world, and to this day still speak to many of them regularly. Friends (and lecturers) can also become great future business contacts, too.

Group dorm photo on the last day!

  • Remember to have fun – Whilst it’s obviously important to focus on your grades, it’s just as important to enjoy the whole experience. You’re only there a short time, so don’t spend endless nights in the library when you could be out exploring a brand new city with people from all over the world!

A group of us even made time for a quick trip to Prague!

Have you studied abroad? What tips would you give to someone to make the most out of their time? Leave your comments below! Also, check out the HUBS International Experience page to see where you could study abroad this summer here.

Dreamy Destinations to Visit this Summer

So, spring has almost sprung, the new semester has started and you can –kind of– see the light at the end of the tunnel. Going on holiday is a great way to unwind over the summer, but where to go you ask- alas, look no further, heres my dreamiest destinations to visit this summer.

Sorrento is a beautiful Italian location, set on the Almafi coast. With Pompeii and Vesuvius only a coach ride away, its perfect for anyone looking for a mix between relaxation and culture.

Highlight: We rented a scooter and drove down the coast, stopping off at various locations- the views were unreal!

The Dalmatian Islands are a cluster of Islands off the coast of Croatia, from Vis to Hvar, to Korcula. Enjoy fresh seafood and incredible views. If you’re all about that party life then Hvar is the one for you with Hula-Hula Beach Bar and Carpe Diem nightclub you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy those sesh-cravings.

Highlight: Day trip to the Blue Caves & swimming in the Adriatic Ocean.

There are Incredible mountainous scenes in Slovenia and the lake is simply breathtaking. Whether you take a boat to the island, go swimming or simply walk around and bask in the beauty, Bled is a great location with plenty of activities to keep you busy. Head to the castle for the most amazing views, and be sure to visit Vintgar Gorge for even more natural beauty.

Highlight: Paddle-boarding on the Lake- It’s a LOT harder than it looks!

What are your favourite summer destinations?