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Confessions of a Mature Student!

Being a mature student is tough, I have now been battling through higher education for five years and it still isn’t getting any easier. It started with the birth of my daughter, I knew she needed something better, being a single mum so off to collage I went. I missed her a lot as the course was intense, my mother put her to bed most nights, I wouldn’t see her. I worked on assignments at collage, hard to concentrate with a cute but noisy baby around.

The access course was a blast, all the students were like myself as together we found ourselves in ‘last chance saloon’. The college was local and the bonds I formed with other students helped me to achieve the fabulous grades. However, the step on to university was outrageously different.

University is 45 miles from my home, so joining in any extra-curricular activities or even attending social events was a “no can do” for me. I had to be home to cook tea, bath and read to my daughter, and finally when all was quiet work on my assignments, some days I would be sat at my computer till 5am.

The best tip I can offer would be…Pack an open mind along with your lunch; food is expensive on campus. Try not to compare too much, observe and listen to your peers, your experiences will help you but take care they don’t block your thinking or attitudes. Keep positive as negativity will be your downfall.

Procrastination. Guilty or Not Guilty?

In a nut shell… the art of doing anything but the task one is supposed to be doing.

Synonyms include;




Let me start by telling you, I only learnt of this word ‘procrastination’ and its meaning during my collage year, unfortunately the man who taught me this is an alcoholic, so procrastination is his forte. Anyway, “he who has not sinned.” I myself are guilty of such crimes.

As a student, mum and small business owner I feel the pressures of day-to-day life heavy on my shoulders, and with many gadgets and gismos in the home it is easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Assignment deadlines are looming over me, lacking in motivation and all I see when I look for inspiration are outside influences drawing me in. Maybe a new box of Lego I can’t resist, my 4 year old has no interest in building but loves to play, or a new box set on television.

Game of Thrones, had me hooked for a fortnight, never mind the housework and other influences pulling me from tasks that need to be done, when my life becomes a question of, bleach the floors and do the laundry or research and write an assignment I have no clue about, I used to chose Lego or box sets, now I chose to conquer.

If not now when? Stop making excuses and don’t start believing ‘done is better than perfect’ nothing is better than perfect, and time is your best resource.

Top 3 ways to relax when stressed

We all get stressed, there’s no way of avoiding it.

A bit of stress is good, but beyond optimal point it is spells trouble.

So, how to reduce bad stress?

  1. Stop Demanding Perfection of Yourself

When we do something, we usually imagine how the end result will look like, and it is usually a perfect one. We don’t account for errors and mistakes therefore the end state is usually not what we expected it to be.

And that is completely fine!!!

We are just humans and we are doomed to make mistakes, do not dwell on them. Instead learn from them and try to do better next time.

It will never be prefect so stop putting expectations on yourself that you won’t be able to fulfil.

Be realistic!!

  1. Exercise

Ah yes, the enemy of all people, exercise.

I am sure that you heard all the scientific and psychological benefits of exercise.

And I am here to tell you…

… That they are all true!!

So go for a run, pick up some weights, and release all of your tension with exercise!!

  1. Talk it over with a Friend

We usually get stressed because we misunderstand or interpret things in a wrong way.

So the best way to handle that, is to get a different perspective.

A trusted friend can help you, but remember that if the problem is more technical rather than emotional, it’s is best to take into account their capabilities.

Let me know how you deal with stress below 🙂

Top 3 ways to stay motivated

We all face times in our university lives where nothing makes sense, and we just want to give up and quit.

However, we must carry on in order to fulfil our dreams and achieve what we came here to do.

Therefore, I have created a list of top 3 ways that help me stay motivated. I know that some of them may seem bizarre and not as impactful as I will present them to you, but trust me, they will work.

  1. Tidy Your Room

We usually postpone tiding our room as it looks trivial… It will get untidy soon.

However, keeping your room tidy will be the first step in getting a hold of your life.

When you see an untidy room and it disgusts you, you are subconsciously telling yourself that if you can’t handle this, then how can you handle the bigger things?

  1. Create a List of Tasks and Tick Them

We all know our tasks for a day and we don’t write them down because we hope we will remember them. However, without writing them down you cannot see your progress with your eyes.

So, write them down, tick them when you have finished a task, and show yourself that your day is full of accomplishments.

  1. Celebrate all Accomplishments

Small accomplishments seem like nothing when you complete them, but they are as important as bigger accomplishments.

Therefore, when you complete any task reward yourself.

You will start to feel that your effort will allow you to push forward.

Tell me about your ways to stay motivated below 🙂


“Next time, I’ll start my essay when it’s set rather than when it’s due”


It’s 36 hours until your deadline; you must spend your remaining hours working at 100% efficiency- rather than spending two hours on social media for every hour’s worth of work. Do you even have time to be reading this introduction?


The world is full of distractions. Let’s get rid of them. No phones, no excess technology. Your friends are probably messaging you about how they’re in the same situation, but they’re doomed; they aren’t following these steps.


A good thesis is essential. Do you really think the lecturer wants to read a             re-hashed version of their own lecture notes? Exactly. Come up with your own unique angle on the question- and assert a position. It’s easier to defend an             argument than improvise and ramble.


Lay out your sections in a word document. Write a ‘topic’ sentence for each explaining your argument. Do all your sentences contribute to your argument?


Conduct research, add it to your topic sentences. The foundations have been put in place. Now fill in the gaps. Using a stopwatch or clock, work for 30-minute intervals, with short breaks in-between. This should help you maintain focus.


You’ve approached your essay logically. You’ll do well, and it’ll be an enjoyable read- but you did it in one night. Your friends will hate to hear that you did well, so keep it on the down-low, and decide, once again, that you’ll try harder next time.

For more tips, contact me: @thetomwalsh

The top 3 challenges students face in the University

  • Change of Environment.

It is always hard when it comes to adjusting  into a new environment, especially as an international or first year student. You should expect to experience a different language, culture, weather, food etc. However, it is essential not to get into craze over getting everything right. Give yourself some time, and expect to get a little frustrated, but always stay positive and focused, eventually you will come to love the University life.


  • Social Life

Though University is all about the academic experience, it also about the social as well. Making and investing time with colleagues and flat mates is essential for building community and sometimes positively helpful towards academics, especially when you have a friend helping you do better. However, spending too much time with friends doing social activities can be distracting, and conflicts can arise. Learn to take some time out for yourself, remember why you are here, set your goals and priorities.


  • Money Management

This is an issue most of us students, especially first year students face. For many young people, University is the first time we learn to manage money. Students often try to live outside their means, spending more than is required, often due to peer pressure. Students need to understand it is okay to say “no”. If your friends want you to go on an activity with them and the only money you have left is for groceries, focus on your needs vs. wants and learn to say no.

Kindle The Electronic Book

If you’re completely addicted to reading books and your book shelf is over stacking look no further. The kindle is an electronic book with an amazing battery life and I don’t mean just 8-9 hours. How about a whole month without charge?

“No Thanks I rather stick to my books”

      Okay, but what If I told you?

 No more having to turn pages

No more losing your page

No more having to google difficult vocabulary


These are not even the Main benefits

  • The kindle can store up to a staggering 1400 books.
  • You can easily change the text size to suit you.
  • Add your own annotations to the text.
  • Doesn’t heat up at all.
  •  Can read in bright sunlight as the specialised screen has no glare at all.

But there is no denying the smell of a book can be replaced by the kindle. So, if you’re thinking of making a jump to the electronic Book this would be the time.

With the basic kindle models starting at fair price of £59.99 and are created by the 5th largest book supplier Amazon.

To top it all off books are even cheaper then hardback books.

Up to 50% sometimes!!





Tips on how to manage university stress!

Need a break from university stress?!

University life can be stressful for even the most relaxed students.

There are numerous potential reasons for understudy stress, for example:

  • Nostalgia or relationship challenges, loneliness, hurtful utilization of, or withdrawal from, liquor or medications
  • Juggling your studies with low maintenance work
  • Preparing for exams
  • Writing essays and dissertations
  • Attempting to manage obligation

‘Stress occurs when the demands upon us are greater than our ability to cope with them,’ explains Dr Paul Blenkiron, an NHS consultant psychiatrist.

There are various normal responses to distressing conditions, for example:

  1. Behavioral responses – these could include dodging or getting away from the circumstance and swinging to liquor or medications.
  2. Physical responses – you may encounter an expanded heart rate, sweating, shaking, headaches, butterflies and over-breathing.
  3. Mental responses – stress can prompt fear, panic and the inclination that something awful will happen.






However, if stress is beginning to affect your mental well being, try exploring the following five coping mechanisms:

  • Exercise

‘General exercise discharges endorphins – feel-good hormones that can decrease strain and enable the mind to center around an option that is other than stresses and concerns.’

  • Conversing with somebody

Studies propose that associating with a companion just once consistently can lessen your feelings of anxiety and enhance your mood as much as therapy or counselling.

  • Time Management

Have a go at making a composed work routine, separating your tasks into sensible lumps and arranging as needs be. Gap your work into dire and non-pressing tasks, and vital and non-critical assignments.



The benefit of learning piano from a child.

Because my mother was a teacher of music, she began to ask me to study the piano when I was three years old. I musted to practice for 2 hours everyday, she was so strict to me that made me hate the piano a battle, in my impression, I have almost no childhood.

However, with the increase of age, the piano brings me more and more benefits from day to day. Because of the long time practice, I have exercised my brain and cerebellum coordination.
It seems to be an energy that makes me very sensitive and resourceful in many things.

Actually,in the process of learning the piano, children can learn music, playing skills, and many music knowledge.
In addition, you can learn three abilities: attention, coordination and self-reliance.

Mr Baldwin, America’s music teacher, has made a clear and lucid analysis:

1. When you see a single sheet of music, – training the child’s general attention.
2. When you see a single sheet of music, play two or three notes with your right hand – train your child’s attention.
3. Watch the two lines of music, and use left and right hands to play their different parts – training children to be highly focused and coordinated.
4. Both see two lines of music, the brain to the ears, arms, fingers, legs and feet, to play the music – highly accurate training children’s attention, coordination, and self-efficacy.

So, be grateful to that person who let you learn piano when you were a child!

Love you, my dearest Mom!

Struggling With That New Concept ?

Sometimes our knowledge can be little rusty around the edges and need some polishing from time to time.

Luckily for you there is Khans Academy.

The online based platform offers practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalised dashboard to helps individuals study at their own pace outside of class. This empowering platform offers practice exercises from statistics and probability to arts and history.

Endorsed by everyone from Bill Gates to Tate.

                “The best teacher is very interactive”- Bill Gates.

Don’t worry it’s not just a bunch of information being throw at you and you are left with scratching your head.

The state of the art learning programme guides you and even offers insights into  your strengths and areas you can improve on. They have gone as far as partnering with NASA, MIT and The California Academy of Sciences to offer specialized content.

Stanford often cited as one of the world’s most prestigious universities conducted a survey and it stated that 65% of their students found Khans Academy meaningful to their education.

So, you must be thinking this must come at a price nothing is free?

Well you’re in luck again.

The none profit organisation with its humble beginnings from one man tutoring his cousin to a huge organisation with over 150 individuals. Composed of developers, strategists and scientists are committed on providing free classes to the world for absolutely free.

So, what are you waiting for?

 Go absorb all the information like a sponge