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How to stay safe when out in Hull

When Hull was announced as the UK’s City of Culture for 2017; it attracted flocks of attention from students and tourists intrigued to see what hull truly had to offer. The harsh reality however is that Hull still retains a crime rate higher than the majority of areas consisting of similar size; and walking alone at night time in certain areas can be anything but a walk in the park.

Have a buddy system – Walking back home from a nightclub alone might seem like a good idea when you’ve lost your friends and are short on money but you never know who is lurking on the side streets. Always pair up with a friend if you have to walk back from a night out, but if this isn’t possible simply letting someone know when you are going somewhere different can ensure more safety.

Always carry student card – Many students don’t know this but if you ever run out of money and need a lift home the majority of taxi drivers in Hull will be happy to accept your student card as leverage until you can afford to pay them.

Dress and behave appropriately – It might seem attractive to dress flashy or talk arrogant; but you don’t just attract partners, you attract trouble. Please don’t jeopardise your health in exchange for some attention; not everyone has experienced privilege and if they don’t respect how you got it they will have no guilt taking it away.

Stay safe!



It really works! A Mobile App for Alzheimer’s Patients

Have you ever experienced to talk with alzheimer’s patients?

If not, you should try once and will intuitively know the difficulties these patients face in their daily lifebecause of the memory loss.

As the disease progresses, these patients start to forget things and can hardly recognize people around them, even their child.

It is not the worst, this illness will gradually cause them to lose track of time and control their bodies and even the daily activities. Family members can only set up visial aids to reminder them something important, such as phone number, date, medication information and so on.

Emma Yang, a 14 years old little girl, faced the same problem happened in her gradma and kept finding ways to help her, but there were no useful tools in society will improve this kind of patients’ daily life.

Thus, she took the challenge into consideration.  Then she started learning how to code in Swift, and Timeless appeared at that time.

Timeless is a first of its kind, simple, caregiver assisted, easy-to-use mobile app for Alzheimer’s and dementia that helps them remember events, stay connected and engaged with friends and family, and recognize loved ones using artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology (Aims from Timeless Facebook).

Patients can use touch ID or face ID to log in the apps rather than the passwards.

What’s more!

Timeless is seeking the fundarising support, the funding needs and development plan are put below.

Your every support will improve patients’ daily life! Thank You!



Life Without Memory

The First App for Alzheimer’s Patients — Made by a 12-Year-Old






Get involved! Let every child see the sky outside their street

Do you know? 

1 in 3 children in Hull and East Yorkshire grow up in poverty

While a quarter of their parents lost jobs

Those children have no opportunity to experience how wonderful the wolrd is, and more likely have never left the city they live in and have never touched the sky outside the end of the street.

Can you image what life will be under this circumstances?

These children are all agog to the opportunity, you can easily see it from their eyes.


Hull Children’s University, as an experienced children’s education charity, helps children believe that they can achieve their dreams and gives them the confidence to try; helps children believe that they have intelligence in different ways  and provides opportunities to discover their potential.


HEY CU takes full classes of children and provides learning experiences in local or UK.

A trip to London to have a sleepover under the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum;

Or  visit a local business to learn about that industry;

Or a tour to Scabrough to learn how harbour works and etc.

More activities will show in the video:

Get Involved!

Registered Charity Number 1124329

With the enough money, children can go farther and see more.

Please click the yellow bottom to help:

Become a official partner and give back to the local commnuity

Sign up to join us and your every little help will change a child’s life

Think about it and help us! Thank You



Less Social Media, #MoreLife

The BBC published this article about The effect of social media on our ever day’s life and its scary.


What triggered my thought about writing this blog is a commercial for Persil , discussing how the young coming generation doesn’t even go outside to play or to get dirty .  It made think about how i spent my childhood and how those real life experiences of tension , competition , emotions has shaped me the way i am today .

An average of 2 hrs at least is spent on social media by the population!, moreover a study found that a threefold of the sample is going through different depression symptoms mostly because the effect of the social media stereo type.

Take a Break

In the light of these stats i thought about a little project of not using Social Media for a week . Bring to mind that i can even recall the last time i had no social media platform to use.

Furthermore , i was amazed by amount of free time in my everyday life and how well i can actually benefit from it than just following other people in social media .

Of course i went back after that week but i promised myself to have one week off social media every month and thankfully I’ve been doing so for the last two years straight.

So if you’re new in Hull, take a break and roam the city , its the city of culture after all !.

Top 4 tried and tasted takeaways in Hull

  1. Dirty Bird

This is one of my best go to takeaways, the menu of Dirty Bird, offers a wide range of Chicken and grilled delicacies with lots of flavours and spices. If you like Wings, chickens and grilled dishes or looking for a cheaper substitute for KFC, this is one to try. Also, what I love are the waffles, they are so simple but yet so tasty.


2. Ask Italian

Its a Friday night, you want to do something special or give yourself  a treat. Ask Italian is the go to takeaway restaurants with foods ranging from pasta, seafood, deserts, pizza, salads etc. It is a bit more expensive, however the restaurants offers a variety of discounts. The food is really good especially the linguine con frutti di mare, you can add more chillies, onions or ask them to cook as desired.


3. Bob Carvers

This is my favourite Fish and Chips Takeaway in Hull, the menu consists of deep fried haddock, patties, baps, sausages etc. Another amazing thing on the menu is the gravy, chip spice and the fried mars chocolate bar.


4. Roots Bar

Want some different? Awaken your taste-buds with the vibrant taste of the Caribbean food. The food will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. My favourite items on the menu are the chicken wing marinated in Havana sauce, the sauce reminds me of the Nandos sauce with a Jamaican twist. Also, the coconut shrimps and plantain is a must-have.

Tried and Tasted: Top 3 bars in Hull for…you know… ‘de-stressing’


Students will always discover new depths of creativity in order to afford that extra drink. *TOP TIP* sleep in until noon and you won’t have to buy breakfast – that’s one cocktail to get you that #FridayFeeling. Anything is possible if you have a can-do attitude (and you know when happy hour is).



Newland Avenue’s finest – in the heart of the student population. Even with a great selection of wine and craft beers on the cards, it’s still the mouthwatering cocktails which steal the show, especially with HappyHour 12pm-6pm.

Check out Level’s Instagram for more creative cocktails.


The menu features all the classics from the Tom Collins to the Margarita, in addition to placing their own twists on the simple mojito, which can be ordered in spiced rum, gin or coconut rum varieties.


Butler Whites

Tucked away slightly from Hull’s city centre, Butler Whites sits on the corner of Humber Street at the marina.

Great place to take the parents (but hopefully they’ll pay!)


Part of Hull’s £156m facelift, Humber Street has been transformed into a vibrant area which anyone could spend the best part of a day exploring.

@butlerwhites Check out the menu here



The SU is the perfect place to fill those gaps between lectures (as is the library, but who are we kidding). With a wallet-friendly selection of drinks on offer, Sanctuary is the ideal bar for any student.



Missed a bar out? Let me know in the comments where your favourite bar is!

Why you should visit Newcastle immediately

Growing up a proud Geordie, when asked where I would recommend visiting in England, I will always suggest Newcastle for many reasons – below are a few of my favourites:

– The rich history
Founded by the Romans in the second century AD, this city has seen many civilizations live in it and all have left their mark. With architecture from the beginning of the century such as Hadrian’s wall to the landmarks from the beginning of the millennia such as the millennium bridge. To travel through Newcastle is to travel through time.

(Photo source:

– The food
Founding the culinary masterpiece that is Greggs – you can safely assume that Geordies know how to cook. From a meat slider from The Hop and Cleaver to afternoon tea at Jesmond Dene house, there is a plethora of different cuisines to enjoy during your time in the city. Find the best here.

(Photo source: Hop and Cleaver)

– Football
This is perhaps the most associated with Newcastle is their football culture. With the resources to accommodate over 50,000 fans at a time, St James’ park is the largest football stadium in England and was used as the football venue for the Olympics. Even if you aren’t a football fan, visiting the stadium is an absolute must.

(Photo Source: Chronicle Live)

– The people
Geordies have a strong reputation for being both incredibly friendly and incredibly difficult to understand, so when you visit – as you undoubtedly will – please find attached a guide for speaking geordie.

(Photo Source: Redbubble)

Is there anything else you love about Newcastle? Want to leave any comments about your own favourite city? Leave them below!

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The art of giving up

In 2016 I made the bold decision to challenge myself to give something new up every day of the month, this was to challenge the idea that it takes 21 days to break a habit. When looking back on that year I found that I remembered it being rather easy, maybe some months were harder than others (cheese was a big one) but it was definitely doable! This was going to be easy right?


In order to make this challenge a bit more – well – challenging, I decided that each thing had to improve my life in some way, so I decided that for the month of January I would attempt to live waste-free.

(Photo source:

To begin with this challenge was easy, I started with simple changes such as swapping cotton buds for flannels when removing make-up, stocking up on Lush products (the packaging consists of 90% recyclable materials) and buying loose fruit and vegetables… then I made it to the meat aisle. Looking through the the local supermarket I found that almost everything I bought was wrapped in non-recyclable materials.

(Photo source: Independent)

This month forced me to take a look at my shopping habits, think about how to approach products in a different way, and forced me to make the extra effort that would benefit not only myself but the environment.

This challenge so far has been difficult but had proven to me that I am able to adjust my life for the better, but I must admit, the second the clock hit midnight on the first of March, I ate an entire bar of Dairy Milk. Some things just don’t change.


Tinder. The UK’s most frequently used dating app. Everyone has heard of it, most of us have even tried it- but does anyone know how to use it properly? Well, you’re in luck.


You’re a self-respecting, stable and relatively proud person.  Matching may require a huge emotional investment. Could this next match be the love of your life? Absolutely- so I’d       recommend being excessively picky, swiping right only for a few special people, and drastically reducing your total number of           matches.


You have 500 characters to sell the best things about you. Tell them about your interests, your hobbies, your… love of dogs? GO!

Or of course you could overthink your impending widespread       judgement and cop out massively. Perhaps write an edgy sentence, a quote, or… nothing really.


Individual photos are essential. People want to know who they’re swiping for. If you want to include a group photo or two to show that you really do have friends, I suppose that’s alright.

However, it’s probably best to avoid photos of you in your natural state. Keep pictures of you laughing with your friends after flunking a bowling shot in your camera roll. Who even goes bowling anyway?


Tinder is flawed. The shallow, seedy connotations associated with the app make self-advertising more pressured. Regardless, there’s a 100% chance of you failing to meet a good match if you neglect    photos, bios and effort. So, at the risk of looking silly, be yourself,   express yourself.

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4 most popular Nigerian dishes to try

Are you planning a trip to Nigeria?

One activity you need to incorporate into your schedule is definitely to experiment on the various delicacies Nigeria has to provide. From the east, west, north and south there are plenty of rich and flavourful dishes which bring us together.

  1. Pepper Soup

This is one of Nigeria’s most favourite appetiser, it is often cooked during special occasions. The soup stock is rich, with an intense spicy flavour, which contains pepper, ginger, garlic and onions to give it that extraordinary taste and also this dish can either be cooked with meat or fish.


2. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is one of the Major party foods and a staple in every Nigerian home, this delicacy is food to many West African Countries, not just Nigeria.  It consists of rice, onions, tomatoes, chillies and a variety of spices. It can be served with vegetables and desired meat, chicken or fish.


3. Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup is a widely consumed dish in Nigeria. It is made from melon seeds, the soup consists of red or any desired meat, sea food, fermented beans, a variety of vegetables and onions. This is one of my favourite and it is often accompanied by pounded yam.


4. Akara

Akara is known as fried bean cake, it is one of Nigeria’s popular street food. it is a delicious protein-packed fritters ideal for breakfast or throughout the day as a snack. It contains brown beans, onions, spices and then fried in vegetable oil.