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Five Tips for Mobile Photography

It’s more convenient for people to pick up a phone to take a photo rather than using professional camera in our daily life, but if you want to produce some great pictures and gain more LIKEs on social media, here are 5 essential skills you need to know.

  1. Use the rule of central & the rule of third.

    A good composition can make photo to be eye-catching. To put subject in the central of the screen can grab people’s attention.

    The rule of third is another useful composition skill in photography. Using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines to divide up the image, then position the subject in the points where lines meet or along lines.

  2. Do conversion to black and white

    Shoot in colour, do conversion to black and white later. Then you will receive another different meaning.

  3. Hold your phone steadily

    To avoid taking blurry photos, sometimes you should use two hands to hold the phone or you can also put it on solid surface to keep it steady. Of course, you could also use a tripod.

  4. Set the focus is most important

    It is very important to ensure that you subject is in focus. Using your finger to tap the screen where the subject is in the frame. Sometimes, you can also use some apps to edit the photo if you are not happy with photos, like AfterFocus, can blur the background.

  5. Practice makes perfect

    You can’t expect just take one shot and gain the best picture, try to take photos from various angles and distances, and keep practicing.

    If you want to learn more photography skills, you can also visit

    All pictures photographed and produced by Jin

East v West: Rugby League Rivalry in Hull

For many Hullensians, football will never compare with rugby league. The thirteen man code (as opposed to the fifteen men a side in rugby union) is a fast game that at its best shows an enjoyable momentum on the pitch that few sports can equal.

Hull is a great place to get into rugby league as it is the only city in the country with a proper derby – that of Hull Kingston Rovers (the Red and Whites) versus Hull FC (the Black and Whites). Traditionally support is split by the River Hull running through the city – FC is west and KR east of the river – and families are often a mix of the two, which has given the game a reputation as a friendly derby.

The Black and Whites win the cup at last (Image: Daily Mail)

There is an added spice to proceedings now as well, after the events of last season – KR losing a relegation play-off in farcical fashion to go down, just weeks after FC won arguably the greatest game in their history, finally winning the Challenge Cup at Wembley after eight failed attempts. That local lad and former captain Lee Radford coached FC to victory made it all the sweeter (three guesses as to my team!).

“Radders” lifts the Challenge Cup after a brilliant victory (Image: RL Fans Hosting)

With KR aiming to get promoted at the first attempt and FC looking to continue their huge improvement over the last few seasons, now is a fine time to start following the sport. Not only is it a huge part of Hull’s culture – it’s also an exciting way to spend eighty minutes.

(Featured image: Sky Sports)

Get your head free and play Lacross

I have never played Lacrosse before. In Germany Lacrosse is less popular than in the UK. Therefore, I took the initiative to learn this kind of sport during my exchange semester in Hull. In the second week of the semester, you will have the chance to inform you about all kind of sports and societies on the Campus. The Hull University Union will inform you about the exact date of the event. At this event, I’ve met some of the members of the University of Hull Lacrosse Men’s Team. So, I visited the first Lacrosse training at the same day.

Here are some impressions that await you.

Lacrosse Match

This is the first match I visited. However, only as a spectator. The playing field for home matches is natural grass. The daily training takes place on Astroturf. The sports fields are near Sports and Fitness Centre.

What do you need for this sport?

Lacrosse Stick

You don’t need to buy your own Lacrosse stick. The club has a lot of them.

Lacrosse Helmet

Same like Lacrosse stick. Don’t need to buy one.

Lacrosse Gloves

Very important to prevent injuries. And it’s also for free.

These three parts are the most important things you need for training. When you play a match against another club, you will need arm protectors too. Click here for a short introducing film.

It would be great when you join the team. Leave a comment if you think about it.

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Let your hair down in Hull!!

I’d be confident in saying that Hull offers a diverse nightlife scene…. there’s something for everyone in this amazing city.

Take a look at what the city of culture has to offer…


A firm favourite. Often packed with students looking for cheap drinks and a place to throw some shapes on the various dancefloors. Thursdays you’ll air guitar  to Indie and Rock classics, Saturdays you’ll strut your stuff to old school classics and chart anthems and occasionally you’ll attend Welly’s DnB night Shinobi. Don’t forget to have really drunken picture taken by the resident photographer.

Source; Ents 24


Only open Saturdays, Spiders is the place if you want to mosh, get sweaty and have a blast. The darkened building hosts 3 rooms of music including a Motown room. The drinks are ridiculously cheap and come in all types of weird and wonderful colours. Just don’t let the prices fool you into drinking too many Pangalactic Gargleblaster’s or Green Gremlin’s otherwise them weird and wonderful colours will be reappearing down your toilet when you get home.

Source; HEYtoday

–The Sugarmill– 

Sugar as its known to us locals is Hull’s largest nightclub. Its open Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays and generally plays chart, RnB, house and old school classics, so you’re spoilt for choice really. Just be aware if RnB is your forte, its on the top floor and the stairs are not forgiving to those in huge heels. Want to see some hot totty from your favourite reality TV show? Sugar is the place.

Source: The Sugarmill


Drink responsibly!

The famous afternoon tea restaurants in UK

British people can talk about tea from a simple diet sublimation to life necessary and social culture. For those who come from afar, to understand and taste the tea culture different from us, it is an indispensable part of the complete journey of England.

Fortnum & Mason

181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1E

phone: +44(0)207 734 8040

It is said that there are royal origin, “Queen favorite” label a paste, better than a thousand words.

Fortnum and Mason’s recommended sample
Ritz Hotel

150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BR

Phone: +44(0)207 300 2345

Whether it is decoration, tea or refreshments, service, in on a word – Exquisite.

Ritz Hotel inner view
Patisserie Valerie

162 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EF

Phone: +44(0)207 491 1717

It is a chain of cafés that operate in UK and specialises in hand-made cakes. Shop logo also read 1926.

Patisserie Valerie internal design
Sally Lunn’s House

Sally Lunns House, 4 North Parade Passage, Bath BA1 1NX

Phone: +44(0)122 546 1634

Sally Lunn’s House’s building was built in 1482 and is one of Bath’s oldest buildings, and there also created the most authentic Bath Buns.

Sally Lunn’s House outside view
Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

152-154 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London E2 6DG

Phone: +44(0)207 729 0953

If you are the one like cats very much, you can enjoy the afternoon tea and play with more than one cat.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium internal decoration

The Berkeley, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RL

Phone: +44(0)207 235 6000

It maybe the world’s most fashionable afternoon tea restaurant, food designed very beautiful.

Be fashionable inside and out with the Prêt-à-Portea


Photo credit: Official site

When in Rome…

Although I had been to Rome before, I have recently gained a close friend in Milan. So naturally I put down my pencil at Uni and grabbed my passport. She packed her bags and met me in the beautiful city of Rome for an incredible ‘girls day out’.

The Colosseum 

Upon having incredible history behind the Colosseum, the area surrounding it is beautiful. Of course this area was a prime place to take pictures and enjoy a glass of Italian wine under the sunset. Remains of the Colosseum make for a great walk to and from the next site. 

The Vatican

Since we were visiting at the beginning of January, all Christmas decorations were getting taken down including the large tree in the middle of the square. This required a crane and several people to help take down hundreds of ornaments. Although we did not have time to go through the church, I would recommend having a ticket prior to visiting in order to skip the line and pay a more reasonable price.

The River Tiber

One of the longest rivers in Italy is the Tiber and along this river holds some of the most magnificent views in all of Europe. History fills the street from B.C. to today. Live entertainment is in the air and varies from pianists, to guitarist and singers to violinist surrounding the church. The entrance fee is very reasonable and the view from the top is over the entire city center.

Trevi Fountain

Of course visiting the Trevi Fountain was mandatory. After tossing a euro in the fountain, we were able to find a ‘hole in the wall’ Italian restaurant with homemade noodles, freshly made sauce and great red wine. Overall the trip to Italy was ‘magnifico’!

Let me know your experiences and suggestions below!

Spain in One Day!

Between a hectic schedule, assignment due dates, and being on a students’ budget…traveling is nearly impossible. Luckily I have put my time studying in England to good use and have managed to visit many countries without breaking the bank. One of the most memorable places I have been to was Barcelona, Spain.

Cathedral of Barcelona

We woke up in the morning and walked out to this beautiful church. This is in the middle of the city across from the Gothic Quarter and markets filled with the Spanish culture surround the area of the church. Everything from this church was accessible via foot or metro. We had the perfect Airbnb location!

Sagrada Familia Basilica

One site that was considered a ‘must see’ was the Sagrada Familia. I have never been a fan of museums or tours, but prefer to see as many places as possible while experiencing the culture of the destination. However, this is a place I would love to go on a tour of in the near future. I couldn’t capture how large this church was in a photo, but simply seeing the size was breathtaking.

Santa Maria de Montserrat

Santa Maria de Montserrat was almost an entire day worth of beautiful views. A cable car was taken to the top of the mountain where a variety of hikes were taken, a informative museum was found, and several monuments were on display. The photo above was the main reason for visiting the Montserrat and upon arrival the monument had a 7 foot tall fence surrounding it with a police officer keeping watch. With a lot of dedication, a little creativity and a ton of speed the photo was able to happen behind the officers back. Below are a few pictures taken at the Montserrat as well.

Let me know your experiences and suggestions below!

The most fashionable city in China – SHANGHAI


Shanghai can be called as the most fashionable city in China and also a main industry hub of China.  Hence, the city attracts many tourists to have a visit. There is a saying that goes, “Shanghai is heaven for the rich, hell for the poor.”


The Bund

It is worth to have a view of the Bund’s florid night. Under the use of periodic lampposts is consistent with the beauty of the building structure. It fully shows the magnificent architecture of various architectural styles, forming the best night view of Shanghai, as well as the colorful lights floating in the river and flashing lights on the other side of the river.

Luxury Hotel on the Bund
The Peninsula Shanghai,


Shanghai Center Tower – the Tallest Skyscraper Center
Shanghai Center


JINMAO TOWER  Floor 88 sky experience adventure,  sightseeing.


Shanghai Disneyland Resort

It is is a themed resort in Pudong, Shanghai, China. It is the first and the biggest Disney park resort in mainland China.

Shanghai Disneyland


The Most Popular Shanghai Dishes You Should Eat

>Interesting  food you can eat in shanghai.

Soup Buns,  Nanxiang Steamed Buns

Fried Mantou

Steamed Crab: Da Zha Xie


Dongpo rou


Photo credit:,,,

Taste treasures in London

People become more knowledgeable as far as their own opinion of their palette of tastes. It is always worthy to have an experience from a high valued and well-presented  restaurant.

Here is a list of highly rated restaurants to visit in the heart of London with designed menus for all the preferences.


 Ralph’s Coffee & Bar

Ralph’s Lauren Coffee & Bar internal decoration

The first restaurant in Britain under the label of the well-known fashion designer. A venue that combines the intimate feeling of Paris and Manhattan. Is a new entry in the hospitality industry, which has come to bring elegance and cosy vibes.


Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar internal design.

Category by themselves, the shells have many fans recently. A restaurant designed with finesse for oyster lovers in the heart of London.


The Ledbury

Ranked as the 14th out of 50 restaurants for 2016, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. A new contemporary twist of a modern British cuisine.

Front entrance of The Ledbury restaurant


Internal decoration of Dinner by Henson Blumenthal restaurant

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal 

One more awarded restaurant, ranked as 45th. Henson’s fine-dine it combines accurately emotions, expectations and memory through a rich vein of British culinary history for its inspiration.



Luca restaurant inner view

A venue that has different types of menus and dining. At the bar, for quick drinks and antipasti snacks, the a la carte menu and lastly the private dining according to the chef’s specialities.


The Clove Club 

A restaurant ranked as 26th in the global ranking. A casual eatery with an open view kitchen is here to give a ‘Britalian’ taste. It has an entire history behind but is an ambitious 5-courses menu and an extended one, featuring interesting and often overlooked British ingredients.

An idea of the Clove Club restaurant’s kitchen

Silva the loan ranger

Hull City, who currently stand in 18th place in the Premier League, will stay up this year and avoid relegation to the Championship.

Why?  Marco Silva- that’s why.

Marco Silva

Usually for Hull the first half of the season is the best half, and as soon as January comes all they do is lose. However, this year is different. Hull have lost, home and away games, repeatedly since appointing Mike Phelan as the full time coach.

While the fans supported Phelan, he did not provide results. The owners (Don’t get me started on them) decided to fire Phelan early January, and almost immediately hire a young man called “Marco Silva”.

Mike Phelan

While Silva does not have any previous English football experience, he has brought a strong tactical attitude.

Attention to detail has seen performances improve, especially against some of the top clubs in English football.

A 2-1 win against Manchester United, to break a streak of 16 games unbeaten, showed the determination and spirit of a revitalised team.

Marco Silva went wild in the transfer window- bringing in 3 attacking players on a permanent  basis, and 5 loan players to help secure safety from relegation.  The players he have brought in have all shown a determination to play for a coach who believes in them.

Marco Silva’s nickname due to his series of loan signings

Only 7 points separates 14th and 20th place, showing that anything can happen. But Hull have shown drastic improvement, enough to raise the hopes of many Hull fans.