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Coffee for a Better Life!

No doubt that coffee is the best drink for most people. Some of them feeling frustrated and laziness if they do not start their day with it!

Have you thought of its psychological and health benefits? And do you know it is beneficial for your teeth and skin?

Coffee has too many benefits some of them are known, and yet to discovered.

This blog shows you some of the different benefits of drinking coffee.

| Coffee’s benefits for your body:

1- Improve the level of power and intelligence

2- Burn fat.

3- Reduce the danger of getting type 2 diabetes.

4- Protection of getting Alzheimer.

5- Helps to protect your liver if you drink it wisely!.

6- Relieves depression and improve your mode.

7- Reduces the danger of getting some specific kind of cancers.

| Coffee’s benefits for your skin:

1- Stimulate blood circulation.

2- Source of antioxidants according to researchers at the University of Scranton.

3- Helps to clean your skin of dead cells.

4- Peeling skin by using some descriptions that have coffee as the main component.

Besides, coffee has so many benefits for your hair, and it could be one of the ways that help to lose weight.

Coffee could relive headache and activate memory!

Do you know that coffee could relieve pain? And they use with manufacturing some types of medicines!

After reading all of these benefits, will you still uncertain?

Why Have A Gym Buddy

Why have a gym buddy: How to solidify your friendship.
How many times have you been tempted to abandon your workout halfway through? Those who may have trained at least once with a friend can confirm its benefits. You mate will boost you up when on the edge of giving up. If you are not convinced yet, here are reasons why it is best to have a gym buddy.

Having a gym buddy can fun, you can work out and laugh at the same time which is one way to make working out even more fun and stimulating. Instead of doing a simple plank challenge for example, you can enter the clap or throw a ball while doing sit ups.

One of the main reasons for doing sports together is social interaction as you can form a social group. Reaching a goal on your own is rewarding, but sharing your successes with friends who know how hard you have trained gives even more satisfaction. Sport together is not only more fun but strengthens friendships.

Even training with your partner has benefits for a couple. Not only does it improve the stability and happiness of a couple, but also the passion. All you need is a ride together, a bike ride or a gym workout.

Are you still on the sofa or have you already called a friend with whom to workout?

Leave us a comment and tell us if you prefer to train alone or in company and why.

5 Simple Rules of Happiness

“Happiness” the amazing feelings someone can possess, when you are happy people wish to be around you. It is simple, the positive vibes attract positive peoples.

Listen to your heart

Here are my five rules of happiness:

  1. Be easy on yourself

We only got one life and our time on this earth is limited so its important to live the most of it while its end. From the teenage my father always says to me that worrying about things out of our control is harmful for our attitude and the ability to be happy.

2. Set your Targets

Don’t let other people decide for you what to do. Everyone have different priorities for targets some one wants money, luxurious cars and fancy items while for others it might be free time, family gathering or enjoying what they love to do.

3. Never underestimate your power

Everyone does mistakes, it doesn’t mean you should quit but instead for that do-over again and again until you succeeded. Never be old to do things which makes you happy.

4. Worry Less about What People will think

To be honest, who are exactly they? As long as they are paying my bills and living my life I can consider, but “they” don’t know exactly what is best for me. I have to define my happiness and determined what I have to do in life.

5. Do Which is Best for You

The routine and the static and manual policies life are the worst. There are some rules which are obviously important to follow. If you don’t like the rules get it out from your life, get your own rules which ultimately makes you happy.

Hope everyone is setting their own rules.

Reasons To Join A Sport Society At Uni

As enthusiastic as the idea of practicing a sport at university can be, it could also be as terrifying, due to the fear of reliving the horrible experience of sport classes in school.
Do you need a reason to joining a sport society at the University of Hull? Here are the 3 most beneficial:


For introverts, finding a group of friends at University can be difficulty hence why university societies and are in place to ease your way to finding people with common interests.


The people you will encounter and the skills you will acquire in whatever sport you choose, will promote personal growth and if you venture outside your comfort zone, chances are you will meet people very different from you.


University sport societies are intended to prepare you for the field of work. you will learn to work in a team. This is extremely valuable as most professions, you will have to work in groups with your colleagues. You will have to listen, talk and digest information and ideas. The teamwork skills you learn at a university societies will serve as a foundation for professional growth.

Clubs are an asset to increase personal growth and experience, and can help boost your curriculum and prepare you for a career after college.
What sport do you identify yourself with? 

Find out more:


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Disney-themed entertainment park in London

That's right! ! You are not mistaken!
London is about to have a
Disney-themed entertainment park! !
Please control your inner excitement, because the UK is going to change from United Kingdom to Magical Kingdom!

                   The London Resort

The London Resort. According to the official introduction, the open playground will have theme rides and attractions, and live performances and parades will be held every day (just like every theme park). About 50,000 people visit every day, knowing the hottest The average number of visitors to Disneyland in Paris is only 44,000 per day.

Continuing London's rich literary theatre style, there will also be a theatre with quality performances in London's West End, as well as hotels, bars, restaurants and cinemas of the same artistic style.

The theme park will create more than 20,000 jobs in the area, and can also take advantage of the Thames' potential to create new public routes that inspire the entire region. Seeing the color drawings published on the website, I really can't control my excitement!

How to get there: 17 minutes from St Pancras Station


Many of Hull’s greatest highlights can be found in the ancient cobbled streets of old town. As with any port city, Hull has a great many fine historical Public Houses. But hidden away at the back of the town center many an unsuspecting traveler have missed these diamonds in the rough. So here’s a quick list of the best places to enjoy a proper pint in the city.

The Minerva

A personal favourite of mine, The Minerva offers one of the most picturesque spots in Hull to sit with friends to drink in the views (and some beverages). Situated at the mouth of the marina, and looking out onto the Humber beyond, this is the ideal location for a pint out in the summer sun.

The Lion and Key

Perhaps one of the best known pubs in Hull, the Lion and Key not only offers a wide selection of real ales, but also a famously good food menu. So if you want a top quality meal and an equally good drink look no further. But take a moment to appreciate the interesting interior decoration.

WM Hawkes

By far the coziest location appearing on this list, Hawkes is just about as traditional as it gets. There is nowhere better for a winter tipple, as the little pub’s character and atmosphere are utterly unrivaled, but get in quick because this quaint little candle lit watering hole is extremely popular.

Let me know your favourite taproom in the comments below. Please Drink responsibly.



Freshers, the first taste of freedom for many, away from the shackles of school and parents. Countless mistakes will  be made and chaos will ensue. But fear not, share in this wisdom and your first taste of university will no doubt be the best that it can be.

Be Sociable

Get out there, makes some friends, try some new things, take part in the special events. everyone is in the same boat as you, and come deadline season those memories may be the only thing keeping you sane.

 Join A Club

Hull University offers literally hundreds of sports teams and societies, have a go and try something new, expand your horizons (cough, cough, join Lacrosse, cough). Who doesn’t like the idea of touring the country in BUCS leagues  and destroying Russel Group teams on match day  combined with the best social events on offer, culminating of course with TOUR!!!

Attend Your Lectures

Its all well and good having fun, but at the end of the day we are all here to get a degree. Don’t worry the bars aren’t going anywhere.

Look After Yourself

Constant nights out and takeaways will take a heavy toll on both your body and your bank account. Freshers flu will inevitably hit you with a vengeance, best be prepared.

Drink Responsibly

Have a good time but believe me, don’t burn yourself out. Stay safe out there guys.

Did I miss anything? Want to share your Freshers war stories? Leave a comment down below.

Common flour types in British supermarkets

Many Chinese want to make some dumplings, but they are going to the supermarket to buy flour to make some dumplings, looking at the shelves on the Plain Flour, Self Raising Flour, Strong White Flour... Is it confusing?Let me introduce you to the common types of flour in the UK,and show you which one is used to make dumplings and which one is used to make cakes.
  •                                                            Cake FlourThis kind of flour is suitable for making cake flour with soft texture, such as red velvet cake, black forest, etc.
  •                                                             Plain FlourThis is the simplest flour that can be bought in a British supermarket, only flour, without adding anything else. Like dumpling skin, pit cake skin, noodles, small biscuits are available
  •                                                   Self Raising FlourIf you make a pastry with your own noodles, put it in the oven and bake it and it will swell up. The British will use the self-made powder to make scones or any flour that needs to be fluffy.

3 hidden eateries near Hull uni that you need to try

Are you looking for new restaurants near uni to try? Are you a foodie looking for new dining experiences? Or are you just sick of going to the same old restaurants on loop?

If that is a YES, don’t worry! Here are 3 restaurants that you should  know about that are exciting, unique and delicious!


Home is a new addition to the local restaurant scene. The small, but cosy restaurant can be found on Beverly Road.

The reason this aptly-named restaurant has made this list is simple: it makes you feel at home. A warm atmosphere is created by a log fire which puts you at ease. Furthermore, the menu changes daily, offering several meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

No.6 Henry Yeast & Son

No.6 is a hidden gem which is located on Newland Avenue. This luxurious and intimate restaurant sets the mood with candles burning in wax-covered bottles and smooth background music.

The menu is also exciting boasting tasty options such as Gressingham duck breast and other items which scream “TREAT YOURSELF”. I also thoroughly recommend their Sunday lunches!

Sunday Lunch at No.6

Zoo Cafe

Zoo is a quirky cafe which serves delicious, vegetarian food and can be found hiding off the beaten track on a side street, near Newland Avenue. Its charming decor and friendly staff make you feel like you’ve been transported elsewhere!

They serve a range of sandwiches, paninis and cooked meals. Their comforting vegetarian chili is a must have.

Which will you try first, let me know in the comments?

This charming café in London,can bring you a pleasant experience.

Does anyone like me see a nice cafe and can't move? The shop I want to recommend to everyone this time is a good cafe EL&N. Put a photo in the store for everyone to feel the beauty of it.

Flower wall, pink chair, dreamy lighting…any shot is beautiful! The popularity of EL&N is very high. I went there at night, and I can still see people line up outside the door. As far as food is concerned, it has a lot of choices. There are more than 30 kinds of desserts, and there are also a variety of coffee, hot drinks, sandwiches and breakfasts! I tried a few more popular desserts. Here is the tasting report.

                                                   Lemon Cheese Cake

The white layer on the outside is vanilla cream, wrapped in cheese full of cheese. The taste of the cheese is soft. When I eat the innermost, I tasted the lemon sauce. It is so sweet and sour.

Rose Macaron

I believe that no girl can say no to this beautiful rose macaron.Raspberry is surrounded by milk chocolate sauce, and the inside of the sauce has a sour and sweet raspberry sauce.

                     Raspberry Croissant

This Croissant is too cute! Although it is not as soft as it is, it will be a bit hard to bite, but after eating it, it is its milky aroma.
here is the address

EL&N London

9-10 Market Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8AQ

EL&N London

42 Hans Cres, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0LZ