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“Next time, I’ll start my essay when it’s set rather than when it’s due”


It’s 36 hours until your deadline; you must spend your remaining hours working at 100% efficiency- rather than spending two hours on social media for every hour’s worth of work. Do you even have time to be reading this introduction?


The world is full of distractions. Let’s get rid of them. No phones, no excess technology. Your friends are probably messaging you about how they’re in the same situation, but they’re doomed; they aren’t following these steps.


A good thesis is essential. Do you really think the lecturer wants to read a             re-hashed version of their own lecture notes? Exactly. Come up with your own unique angle on the question- and assert a position. It’s easier to defend an             argument than improvise and ramble.


Lay out your sections in a word document. Write a ‘topic’ sentence for each explaining your argument. Do all your sentences contribute to your argument?


Conduct research, add it to your topic sentences. The foundations have been put in place. Now fill in the gaps. Using a stopwatch or clock, work for 30-minute intervals, with short breaks in-between. This should help you maintain focus.


You’ve approached your essay logically. You’ll do well, and it’ll be an enjoyable read- but you did it in one night. Your friends will hate to hear that you did well, so keep it on the down-low, and decide, once again, that you’ll try harder next time.

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Foodie Thrills in Hull UK City of Culture

Hull is the UK City of Culture in 2017 which makes it an unquestionable must-see destination goal. From fine dining to incredible fish and chips, there’s bounty to find.

Explore all the foodie thrills that Hull brings to the table with our rundown of the finest eateries and bars in the city. Regardless of whether you’re searching for something extraordinary or a brisk nibble to eat, Hull has gourmet grub to suit all tastes.

#1 in Best Places to Visit in Hull UK City of Culture


Special occasions, cheap eats

Why Ambiente?

Ambiente offers customary and creative tapas alongside a staggering wine and sherry basement. It additionally has a Josper oven, which adds a smokily scorched touch to dishes like bistec de arrachera (dry rubbed skirt of meat with BBQ simmered onions and chimichurri). A decent place for a long lunch with loads of little dishes and sampler flights of sherry. Tapas from £1.95.

#2 in Best Places to Visit in Hull UK City of Culture


Casual dining, cheap eats

Why Roots?

Hull’s first Caribbean restaurant is the best place to get chicken wings, a mean curry goat and hot pasties. It is typically occupied with a more youthful group attracted to cocktails, delicious food, and appreciate good music. Mains from £7.50.

#3 in Best Places to Visit in Hull UK City of Culture

The Fish & Chip Kitchen


The best place to enjoy Hull’s most noteworthy pattie butty – battered, crushed shabby and sage served in a bread cake and battered fish.


How To Enter a Whole New World

We all have dreams when we go to sleep but imagine being able to shape your dreams and essentially do what you want. Well some people can and it is known by the term of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming was first discussed by a Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden, however different names have been used in the past and people have

              “Always know they are in a dream”

Has this being  scientifically  proven?

Yes, it was first scientifically proven by Dr Keith a British psychologist in his laboratory in 1975 via ocular signalling technique at Hull University.

The patient was hooked to a sensitive multi-chart channel chart recorder and once the patient was in deep sleep and entered lucid dreaming was asked to move his eyes to the right eight times. This simple method  allowed Dr Keith  to prove lucid dreaming does exist.

So, you must be thinking how can I lucid dream? Tell me!

Well it is not a simple as going to sleep and telling yourself to dream of being an aeroplane pilot and requires a little effort. So, if you wish to extend your life in your dreams considering we sleep for a third of our entire life. A great place to pick up the basics would be at  how to lucid.


Top 3 Halal Burger Joints Up North

As a Muslim my challenge has been trying to find the best halal meat and chicken based burgers up north, in London there are many burger joints which are halal, but the issue up north is that most of them in my opinion don’t taste the greatest. After analysing and travelling all over I have come to the conclusion of, My top 3 burger joints I religiously visit.

  1. Mahmood’s (Bradford)

Mahmood’s can be described as the Halal version of McDonalds, the service is really fast and tastes really good. The way the burgers are packaged it will make you think that you are in McDonalds. Usually I would go for the Dripper burger, but there are many other options to choose from.


2.   Frankie’s (Batley)

Frankie’s I would categorise as Gourmet burgers, so if you’re in the mood for a gourmet burger, but still being classed as fast food Frankie’s is the best option. Usually I don’t like Gourmet burgers in most places I have tried they are very messy. But the way Frankie’s burgers are created you don’t get messy when you eat them but at the same time they taste amazing.


3.  Archies (Manchester)

Archie’s located in Manchester has an endless list of options of burgers you can choose from. From beef to chicken to gourmet burgers with mouth-watering deserts and milkshakes. If you ever visit Manchester and want an exquisite burger, Archie’s is highly recommended by me.


Who is the social media Censor Ship really sailed by?

The word Censorship makes me nervous, a heavy subject to put lightly and recently it’s felt more problematic for me.

I feel that my identity is moulded by social media and I’m not sure I’m okay with this if the likes of Instagram censor work by acclaimed artistic photographers, much like Rupi Kaur’s menstruation picture.

When the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen was censored for nudity it made me raise the question…Who decides if the content is appropriate or not? I mean I love mermaids, but she is sadly not real so what’s the issue here?  If someone can’t recognise that this is not censor worthy, then to what extent is there danger with other censored content on social media?

Whether naive or not, social media shapes a lot of people’s views politically and socially. How can we have fair arguments, make worthy art and vote correctly if we are unsure who is controlling what we see and hear?

Social media is personalised as we know, so maybe less time should be spent tracking our personal data and more time should be spent deliberating if something should be censored. The organisation collect data to help social media companies operate with greater accountability. However, they only have a years’ worth of data.

For now, take what you see with a very big pinch of salt!

Want to hear more? Listen to me feature on the Roaring Girls podcast.


Monday Be Happy ~~

5 ways to sanely kick the Monday blues at work

According to statistics by Monday medical,, 59% of working adults in America suffer from Sunday night blues which spill over to their Mondays (Anthony, 2013, pp. 01-02). This predicament makes them inefficient, grumpy and withdrawn, limiting their productivity at work and their ability to positively relate to other employees. At one point in my life, I made part of these statistics but thankfully, through practice, I realized a regime that helps me beat the blues and sail through my Mondays in a healthy and constructive manner. Below are some effective tips that any working person can employ to ensure they have a great Monday and an even greater week at work.

1. Organize your clothes, work files and other essentials on Sunday night

2. Sleep early on Sunday and wake up early on Monday

3. Start with a heavy breakfast- always include eggs and a green  juice 

4. Ignore the bad attitudes of those suffering from the blues.

5. Remind yourself why you loved and chose your current profession

Tip 1 and tip 2 work in saving time and enhancing your mental organization, while tip 3, 4 and 5 are about realigning your energies and channeling positive thoughts. For enhanced results keep that smile on and let’s get back to the hustle people!!!

The benefit of learning piano from a child.

Because my mother was a teacher of music, she began to ask me to study the piano when I was three years old. I musted to practice for 2 hours everyday, she was so strict to me that made me hate the piano a battle, in my impression, I have almost no childhood.

However, with the increase of age, the piano brings me more and more benefits from day to day. Because of the long time practice, I have exercised my brain and cerebellum coordination.
It seems to be an energy that makes me very sensitive and resourceful in many things.

Actually,in the process of learning the piano, children can learn music, playing skills, and many music knowledge.
In addition, you can learn three abilities: attention, coordination and self-reliance.

Mr Baldwin, America’s music teacher, has made a clear and lucid analysis:

1. When you see a single sheet of music, – training the child’s general attention.
2. When you see a single sheet of music, play two or three notes with your right hand – train your child’s attention.
3. Watch the two lines of music, and use left and right hands to play their different parts – training children to be highly focused and coordinated.
4. Both see two lines of music, the brain to the ears, arms, fingers, legs and feet, to play the music – highly accurate training children’s attention, coordination, and self-efficacy.

So, be grateful to that person who let you learn piano when you were a child!

Love you, my dearest Mom!

Need a Vacation?!


Top 3 World’s Best Destinations Must-see!


#1 in World’s Best Places to Visit


Why Rome?

Italy’s capital city, Rome is known for a history that goes back to the times of Julius Caesar, among others.   Abandoned are structures like the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and many holy places, among other noteworthy jewels. Workmanship fans will savor the trove of craftsmanship housed at the Vatican Museums, and foodies will appreciate the amazing Italian toll, also the gelato. Furthermore, its pivotal past is the concentration for some vacationers, Rome is likewise a quick paced, current and applicable city, with sparkling architect retail facades, smooth lodgings and front line eateries.

#2 in World’s Best Places to Visit


Why Sydney?

Australia’s most crowded city includes a variety of activities. Adrenaline junkies can take an interest in heart-beating exercises like a Sydney Harbor Bridge climb, while guests hoping to loosen up will welcome an unwinding day at Coogee or Manly Beach or a tranquil walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens, eateries and bars. There’s a lot of regular Sydney celebrations and occasions, for example, Sculpture by the Sea,  and the Night Noodle Markets. Regardless of whether you’re hoping to appreciate a rugby coordinate, hit up the city’s historical centers or parlor on a shoreline, Sydney has you secured.

#3 in World’s Best Places to Visit


Why Porto?

Porto has for quite some time been a hot destination for wine lovers. This city by the ocean has more to offer than vinho, scenery, exhibition halls, and architecture.

The Naturally Aspirated Road Trip

The aim of this road trip was to travel to 3 different cities from Scunthorpe in one day. The choice of vehicle was the Mercedes C63 AMG, which is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.2 litre V8 engine, with an output power of 450 break horse power with a staggering 440lb of torque. As soon as you turn the key, the car barks into life and the ground starts to shake.

Three of the cities was Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham. With a mixture of country roads, motorways and inner city driving gave me an impeccable impression on how amazing it is as an overall car. The car has options of Comfort, Sport plus and Race mode. Comfort mode is excellent when you are beating through traffic in busy cities. When you are hooning around the country roads and motorways you want Sport plus activated. Making the gear box snappy during gear changes while the suspension adapts itself to a harsher ride, for better handling when taking the tight twisty bendy roads. Also, with the complimentary V8 sound track blasting through the exhausts.

In conclusion the C63 is a very capable car as a cruiser, while being a beast at the same time. The new regulations forced the productions to stop on the 6.2 V8. Now Mercedes have to create Turbocharged vehicles with lower displacements. There is no replacement for displacement. It may be the end of an era at the factory, but not for me as I will never sell this European Muscle Car.