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Many of Hull’s greatest highlights can be found in the ancient cobbled streets of old town. As with any port city, Hull has a great many fine historical Public Houses. But hidden away at the back of the town center many an unsuspecting traveler have missed these diamonds in the rough. So here’s a quick list of the best places to enjoy a proper pint in the city.

The Minerva

A personal favourite of mine, The Minerva offers one of the most picturesque spots in Hull to sit with friends to drink in the views (and some beverages). Situated at the mouth of the marina, and looking out onto the Humber beyond, this is the ideal location for a pint out in the summer sun.

The Lion and Key

Perhaps one of the best known pubs in Hull, the Lion and Key not only offers a wide selection of real ales, but also a famously good food menu. So if you want a top quality meal and an equally good drink look no further. But take a moment to appreciate the interesting interior decoration.

WM Hawkes

By far the coziest location appearing on this list, Hawkes is just about as traditional as it gets. There is nowhere better for a winter tipple, as the little pub’s character and atmosphere are utterly unrivaled, but get in quick because this quaint little candle lit watering hole is extremely popular.

Let me know your favourite taproom in the comments below. Please Drink responsibly.


The Hull #10YearChallenge (sort of)

“It’s never dull in ‘ull”

I moved to Hull in 2014, which feels like forever ago! For me  it has become a home away from home. However, a lot has changed over the years I have spent here and Hull is a city that is evolving. Let’s look at what’s changed, what’s here to stay and what the future holds for this wonderful city.

The Deep


Way back before Hull celebrated City of Culture in 2017 I arrived in a very different city and many current students won’t remember how the city centre used to look compared to now. It’s safe to say that the City of Culture brought welcomed change to the city despite the orange barriers.

The City of Orange Barriers

Orange barriers aside, the City of Culture sparked developments all over the city, especially in and around Humber Street which saw restaurants open and The C4DI and is now the hippest place in Hull.

Of course, a city is only as good as its people and on this front, Hull delivers. From the classic Hull accent “errrrr nerrrrrr”, to chip spice, the people of Hull are uniquely friendly and charming and have always made me feel welcome in their city so never change hullians!

Eyes to the future…

The City of Culture in 2017 was only the beginning of change here in Hull and I think the city has a lot to look forward to.

What do you think the future holds for Hull?

Hull; City of Culture Indeed!

One of the most popular and important things Kingston Upon Hull is known for is being the City of Culture 2017. I got to know this about Hull back in Ghana even before I finally moved here for school. There was no way I was going to be here without exploring why Hull has been tagged as such so I took time out to explore the city. Here are some places I visited and admission to all these places are absolutely free.

Hull Maritime Museum: Houses a wide range of ship models and maritime arts and Hull’s famous Wilson shipping line. Get to discover what made Hull the city it is today. It is located at the Queen Victoria Square.

Photo Captured By: Anna

Ferens Art Gallery: Also at Queen Victoria Square, exhibits magnificent collection of paintings and sculptures including works by old European masters, marine paintings and modern and contemporary British art.

Streetlife Museum: Located in the museum quarters on the high street in Hull’s old town. Get to experience the transport history of Hull over the years and enjoy the pleasures of the carriage ride.

Photo Captured By: Vincent

The Historic Centre: Brings together the written heritage, staff and resources of hull city archives, Hull local library and Hull University archives to aid in research. At the time I visited, there was a lego exhibition going on; world history being told entirely using lego.

Living in Hull and haven’t explored the town yet? Here are a few places to look out for. However, if you have and have any recommendations, please SHARE IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW!!!

Hull vlog

Hidden Gems in Hull: Three of the Best Places to Grab a Bite

Hull has lots of amazing places to eat, with plenty of variety in price range, types of cuisines and locations. I have managed to narrow the selection down to what are, in my humble opinion, the top three places to get some good grub in Hull.

  1. Thieving Harry’s: This place is great for breakfast, brunch or lunch as it has lots of sandwich type foods that are served in massive portions so you definitely get your money’s worth. Possibly the best thing about this cafe, however, is the view of the boats in the  marinara as you eat, as it is situated in Old Town and surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  • Gino D’Acampo’s My Restaurant: This restaurant is in Kingswood, however, the quality of the food is worth the short trip. The menu is broad and offers lots of choice for the diner. This restaurant is better suited for a formal meal than a brunch or lunch as it can be quite pricey, but it is a meal you will never forget (the courgette fries are to die for)!
  • Levels: This restaurant is possibly the best place to go on Newland Av as it has delicious options for lunch and dinner plus, they serve great cocktails for reasonable prices. The portion sizes here are huge and they are more than happy for poor students to take any unfinished food with them… waste not want not.
Sample of the food served at Levels

How to Survive a 9am Lecture in Three Simple Steps

Over the course of my university experience I have devised an almost foolproof method that helps me survive the horrible ordeals that are 9am lectures. It also helps prepare me for the rest of the day, whether I am hungover (lets be honest, we all love Welly Thursday or a Piper Monday), or just plain tired, these handy tricks relieve the morning funk and help you start your day right.

  1. Bring Liquids! Yes plural, when you’re tired the body needs water to recover. I often bring a bottle of Lucozade as well as this gives me the extra burst of energy needed to focus and contribute in class.
  2. Eat breakfast before you go to your lecture. There’s nothing worse than your tummy rumbling half way through the lecture because it distracts you from what you’re supposed to be learning, instead, you’re focused on what panini you’re going to get when you’re released.
  3. This might sound a little cliched but bear with me… try to make friends in your classes as seeing them will be motivation to go to your lectures (even if it does mean waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning).

Getting out of bed is never easy for a university student, especially if you then have to haul yourself to a 9am lecture but with these easy steps, life is just  little bit easier.

4 Reasons You Should Consider Visiting Hull

Hull is a port city, which is located in East Yorkshire, England. The most significant reason for visiting Hull is museums. In Hull, the museums are free and you can visit all the museums within 1 day because they are close to each other. There are some pretty good ones like the Ferens Art Gallery, Streetlife Museum, the Hull and East Riding Museum, and the Wilberforce House, where you have a chance to learn about William Wilberforce and his addition to ending the slave trade in the UK.

The other coolest reason for visiting and studying at Hull is, the city has lots of art and culture. There are small gallery exhibits as well as large art facilities all over the town. When I was educated there, they removed wind turbine from Queen Victoria Square and installing a work called the “Weeping Window” near to the Maritime Museum.

Moreover, the other reason is Hull has an excellent pub and foods. Some of my favorites eat and drink included: Tea at Barista Café, Fish and Chips at Lion & Key, Burgers at Dope Burger and the fries at Head of Stream.
Hull is also a budget-friendly location for both tourists and students and a destination is extremely affordable. Besides this, meals are usually between 8-12 £, bus fees are under 2 £ and if you want to use a taxi you can pay under 6 £. I bought a cinema ticket on a weekday for just 6 £.

2 Reasons to live in Hull After Graduation

Every university student has an aim in the end and that is earning money to survive. Most of the students, aim for large cities to find a suitable job where they can get higher earnings. However, there is a city in North of England, which has been chosen as the City of Culture in 2017 and that is Hull. This is a city you can choose to live after graduation for a couple of reasons:

1. Low cost of living

Hull is among the cheapest cities to live in UK. According to Numbeo website, Hull is 26.71% cheaper than London in terms of consumer prices. In terms of rent, Hull is 74.83% cheaper than London. Considering the income in your first job, Hull is the place to live in order to save some money for your future.

2. Everywhere is in a walking distance

Every teenager dreams of a car. Some lucky teenagers get their first cars as a present from their family and others have to work for it. However, your earnings may be so low in your first job that you cannot afford it. In Hull, everywhere is in a walking distance. So, you do not have to worry about getting a car. But if you really wanna buy, as the house rents are low, you can still save some money and get a car later on

Do you agree with the list? Or want to add more? Please comment and let me know!

What the Hull Are You Doing Here?

What are you doing here? This is the question posed whenever a taxi driver, or a Hull local, learn that I am from Barbados. Prior to my arrival, I inquired about what it was like to live in Hull. Interestingly, persons with whom I inquired didn’t have many compliments for the city. However, now I am here, I am enjoying it.
As a student, the cost of living is one of the most satisfying benefits enjoyed in Hull. According to the 2018 NatWest Student Index, Hull is the most affordable city for students in the UK. It ranks 1st in England for rent costs, 1st in terms of night life and 1st in cheapest takeaways. Inter-city travel for students is also affordable especially with the use of the 16-25 Railway Card.
Other impressive features of Hull, though not unique to the city itself, include the efficiency of the transportation system, the friendly customer service, and general interaction with the people. Not only this, but the efficiency of the NHS in Hull is also another feature with which I am satisfied.

If there were to be a down-side to living in Hull, it would be the fluctuating weather and the temperature. In the tropics, temperatures are generally within the 25℃ – 30℃ range, varying between sunshine and rain, but the maximum temperature in Hull varies annually between 7℃ and 21℃, according to the Met Office website. So; what the Hull am I doing here? Having a Hull of a time! 


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Photos from Pinterest

Top 3 places to eat on Newland Avenue, Hull

Zoo Café , a vegetarian café on Newland Avenue

3. Zoo Café – In at number 3 is Zoo Café, a vegetarian Café. This hidden gem on Newland Avenue may put some off by the vegetarian tag for meat lovers. However, as a meat lover myself I was surprised, when taken here for the first time, to find how flavoursome vegetables could be made. Serving paninis, veggie breakfasts, smoothies, shakes and the infamous zoo burger! With a cosy feel to the upstairs, garden area and friendly staff, Zoo Café is very deserving of its place in this list.

Sleepers, a bar/restaurant at the bottom end of Newland Avenue

2. Sleepers – Both a restaurant and bar, Sleepers offers a wide range cuisines from Spanish omelettes to lamb kleftiko and the best selling beef stroganoff. As a restaurant, the portions are filling and the staff make you come back for more as much as the food. Furthermore, to wash down the food are a refreshing cocktail; all the classics and few more!

Level – bar/restaurant on Newland Avenue
  1. Level – Top of the pile is Level, a bar/restaurant, well deserving of its crown for many reasons. The food is sophisticated with an Italian theme and relatively cheap lunch time deal on pizzas, pastas and salads. It is less of friendly vibe from staff, more highbrow, but the food and drinks are what you come for. Moreover, the cocktail is as vast as any in the area, you’ll have an enjoyable time getting through that!

Live to Accessorise, Personalise & Customise

Moving away from home has never been easy to say the least. I have moved to two different cities and countries in the last 5 years while studying at university: Hull, England and Rohnert Park, California. I have found it important to have a little space you can call your own whether it be in the student accommodation or dormitories; and adding your own personal touch can make your experience at university enjoyable.

Ready to style your room? Read on!

Wall Art

A simple way to brighten up the walls is by adding posters to take away from the bland white walls that surround you, and have the colours reflect your personality.


It is common to miss friends and family while at university. Hanging photos will be keepsakes of their presence in your life, and bring back the good memories.

Home Decor

Cushions, blankets, or houseplants can be an amenity. Even simple fairy lights can allow you to express your personality. These home comforts can be satisfying when you are studying or having guests over.


University life may not be as jammed packed as you might expect, so having a collection of books to read, Netflix to catch up on a new series, or a sound system to fill the room can be pleasurable.


Remember when it comes to the decorating essentials, it is all about you! Keep your room full of what makes you happy, and in return, your university experience will be just as gratifying!

Need more inspiration?
Follow this pinterest board for a variety of dorm decorating ideas.

Tell us your “must-haves” for dorm decor in the comments below.