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What is Erasmus+ Exchange?

Two years ago I made a decision to study abroad, and I have never regretted this choice.

After completing my bachelor’s degree from Pakistan in Business Management with specialization in Human Resource Management I planned to study abroad. Being an outstanding student in the class I have been accepted for an ERASMUS+ program in Europe. The program was for a master’s degree in three different countries Italy, Germany and the UK after securing excellent grades in Italy and Germany I moved to the University of Hull, UK. The main thing which I felt the most were the language bearer during my stay at Italy and Germany I always felt like an outsider in the community when I came to the UK, I felt like home I can easily communicate, understand and adopt the culture.

University of Hull, Feb 2017

That makes easy for me to fit in the British educational system. As the lecturer is every week but I do get free time, and that’s different from my home country, Italy and Germany and I can easily do independent study. The first month I feel a bit culture shocked. The weather, the size of the university, the study environment, and the lifestyle because there are many different people from different cultures and continents.  Also, to find the Halal food and Muslim community was hard to find in the start but now Hull feels like home. Whenever I went to another city like Manchester, Birmingham, London etc I feel missed Hull and when I reach to Hull dual carriageway, I felt like I am home.

I’m glad I made this decision because I learned a lot.

6 Fantastic Places In Saint-Petersburg If You’re Tired From Tourist Crowds

What is next, after you’ve seen the city’s most famous sights? If you ask me, it’s time to get off the well-known tourist routes and plunge into the real atmosphere of this magical city!

Erarta Contemporary Art Museum and Gallery

Erarta Contemporary Art Museum and Gallery

If you are not going to be limited to visiting the Hermitage take a look on Erarta and get a feel for contemporary Russian art. There are plenty of temporary exhibitions, occasional shows, plus a good restaurant and gift shop.

Grand Maket Rossiya

There is no need to take a long trip to see the whole country. Just visit the Grand Maket Russia museum.

One huge room contains mountains, cities, rivers and lakes, with many automated activities that you can watch while walking around the perimeter of a diverse landscape.

Lemonade Orangery Cafe

It does not matter what the weather’s like outside, enjoy a cup of coffee and a tropical atmosphere in one of the oldest St. Petersburg orangery.

Hermitage Storage Facility

This is not a formal exhibition as such, but it might be interesting for true art lovers who are not enough to visit the Hermitage.

Street Art Museum

To get an idea of street art, it is not necessary to roam around the courtyards and abandoned buildings. The magnificent collection of street art located on the former industrial site.

Udelnaya Flea Market

This place is imbued with the spirit of the era of the USSR and farewell notes of the Russian Empire. That is why you will find absolutely everything here – from the rare door hinges to silver from the imperial factory.


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The 4 Underrated Asian Cities you need to visit

There are so many famous places to visit in Asia this list is of cities that aren’t usually the first in most peoples minds. They’re less popular mainly due to other major cities in the region but trust me you won’t regret adding these cities to your must-visit list.

  1. Kyoto- When it comes to Japan most people think Tokyo and while Tokyo is amazing in its own respect Kyoto blew my mind away. It’s the perfect combination of historical and modern both in architecture and food. It’s a place you won’t regret visiting
  2. Busan: Korea = Seoul in most peoples minds but Busan is a city worth visiting. Not only does it have amazing beaches but there are also breathtaking mountain views. It’s a city with so much to do that you would have to try hard to be bored.
  3. Hangzhou: I found this city when I visited a friend who lived there. I did no research and had no idea what to expect. Needless to say, it was so beautiful my jaw dropped. Like Kyoto, it has a rich history surrounded by modern architecture. The city’s nickname is Heaven on earth and that really does capture how awesome the city is.
  4. Singapore: I’ve been to a lot of beautiful cities but Singapore was the only city where I thought “I want to live here and I have to live here”. It’s a city where there’s something for every type of traveler.

Do you have any other cities you think belong on this list? Let me know in the comments.

Top 5 foods to eat in Korea and where to go to eat it

I love Korean food and I spent two years living and travelling there trying foods from all the different provinces. This is a guide to one of my favorite countries and some of my favorite foods. We’ll start in Seoul and work our way down. (Disclaimer: though there are many amazing foods in Korea this is my top 5)

  1. Seoul: Street food, So this is cheating a bit as it’s a whole category but Seoul has the best street food in the world, in my humble opinion, and the best places to find it is in Myeongdong and Namdaemun Market  
  2. Chuncheon: Dak galbi, this is actually my all time favorite Korean food. It’s a stir-fried marinated chicken but explaining it wont come close to doing it justice. Take a bus or train to this beautiful city in Gangwon-do and try it for yourself.

    Credit: Arielle Berze
  3. Gongju: Flowers, no really flowers. There a lovely restaurant called Gomanaru in Gongju that serves its food with colorful edible flowers.
  4. Busan: Fish cake (Eomunk), fish cake is not something I thought I would love but I fell in love at first bite. Busan is my favorite big city in Korea so take some time to explore it and try more foods
  5. Jeonju: Bibimbap is one of the first Korean food I ever tried and I make it a point to have some anytime I’m in Jeonju  

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these or which one you would like to try.


How to plan an Asian International Holiday on a budget

Asia is my favourite continent to travel to, so I wanted to create a post to help others visit and see the beauty of this diverse continent. It has quickly become a popular destination in recent years but many people pass on the opportunity to visit this amazing continent as they think “I can’t afford that!”.  This post is a step by step guide I use to travel to Asia on a student budget .

  1. Research

Choose where you want to go:

Decide what type of Asian holiday you want. There are countries in Asia that are known for being very cheap to fly to and to travel in . Finding a destination that is both, won’t be difficult.

Choose when you want to go.

  • Traveling during off-peak times are the best for your budget. Be mindful and check the weather and season before you buy an off-peak ticket.

Create a budget

  • I can’t tell you what budget works best for you but you should decide what is feasible and realistic for you. Check your destination and see the average per day spending  there.

Find Accommodation

  • Most people think that to save money your best bet is a hostel but that isn’t always true. In some countries, hotels can be quite cheap and guesthouses are another viable option. Check those first before you check for a hostel.
  1. Book it.
  2. Enjoy your holiday

I hope this has helped you. Let me know down below where in Asia would you go on your holiday.

Are you tired of noisy cities?Have a look at these Old towns

Some people describe the Chinese ancient town like a girl dressing on the edge of a small river, she is quiet, dignified and elegant. Are you tired of neon lights in the city like me and disappointed about the cold people in the urban area? If you want to enjoy free time in a small town and forget your work,worries, there are 3 ancient towns from didderent countries I recommend for you.

1.Wuzhen Water Town,China

Wuzhen is one of the first Chinese historical and cultural towns, China’s top ten charming towns, national beautiful towns and towns, and national 5A-level tourist attractions. It is known as the “China’s last pillow-water family” and has a history of more than 7,000 years of civilization and 1300 years of construction.


When it comes to Spain’s most famous seaside city, everyone must first think of Barcelona. In fact, on the west side of the Strait of Gibraltar, there is a pure sea and a good beach. The tranquil azure waterfront style, coupled with the charming and elegant style of the ancient city, makes Cadiz a paradise for tourists to linger.


The famous American writer Mark Twain once described the Benares that “It is older than history, older than tradition, older than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

Ganges,Varanasi,also konwn as Benares,is an important holy city for both Hindus and Buddhists.According to legend,it was founded by the Hindu deity Lord Shiva 5,000 years ago.

Five Chinese Folk Metaphysics

Five Chinese Folk Metaphysics namely: Mountains, Medicine, Life, Bu(divination), Xiang(Physiognomy).

Mountain, that is, Immortal Theorpy, including the practice of alchemy, alchemy, and Fulu.

Medicine, that is, traditional Chinese medicine, with the help of meridians(science of channels and collaterals), to guide, ancient praying and treated with medicines.

Life, that is, Fate theory, relying on Four Pillars of Destiny, Horoscope, and gods to reason fate.

Are you curious about what is your Chinese Bazi? You could use this website to caculate it. You just need to remember what time and which date you borned.

Bu, that is, divination, Taiyi, Qimen, Liuyi is the type of Bu, Mei Yi, Liu Yi is the Guabu, measuring words, dreams, drawing lots for miscellaneous, smashing, throwing money for Yizhan, to predict good or bad.

Xiang, that is, Physiognomy, is a profound knowledge, including Xiang Tianshu (star signs), Xiangdi technique(feng shui) ——which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, Physiognomy (recognize your personality or furtune from the face, palm, body, sound and so on)

These five metaphysics is popular in ancient China, so it’s not be authenticated as real science. Not so many Chinese people believe in them, however, some little villages still trust them. Sometimes people find it makes sense in a case, but I believe life is made by individuals themselves not by god.

Four Reasons to Study Abroad

Hesitant to study abroad? Go! It’ll be an experience you won’t forget. Don’t worry about leaving friends and family behind, remember that everything will still be there when you return. I know that was my main concern before making a decision to study abroad. Now, take a breath and walk into your university’s study abroad office and see what programmes are out there for you!

Still unsure? Then here are the top 4 reasons why you should study abroad.

Experience Different Cultures

You will immerse yourself in a different
environment where this cultivating experience will allow you to see and do things unimaginable. You will be able to taste the local cuisine and listen to traditional music. It’s refreshing to learn to see your own culture through the eyes of someone else!

Career Opportunities

Doors open to graduates with international experience and education. You pick up new languages and overcome challenges faced while living in another country and gaining a new perspective of the world. Many modern businesses look for these qualities when hiring.

Making New Friends

No matter where in the world you go, you’ll always meet new people and make friends, who may be in the same position as you! Lifelong friendships are built, where you live, learn and travel together!

International Travel

Discover new parts of the world will greatly affect your individuality and worldview. Traveling itself can be a rewarding educational experience.




Contact Hull’s international office or search for external programs online, like if you are interested!
Take this opportunity to travel the world while studying and learning about new cultures.

Comment down below where you want to study abroad! 

Mini survival guide for visiting France

Are you planning on making a detour to France? This mini guide is here to help you out during your journey.

Let’s talk about food

Buy your bread, baguette, or croissant in a proper bakery, it’s the same price as in supermarkets and it tastes so much better. Regarding wine, you may be a bit confused seeing all the different sorts, if you don’t know what to order at the restaurant an easy rule is red for meat based dishes and white for fish based dishes.

Social life

Always be late. This is an unwritten rule but being late is normal when you are invited at a party, if your friend told you it starts at 8pm, don’t come before 8:30pm MINIMUM, it’s the rule. And if you are currently panicking because the nightclub is empty, relax, because they go out later most people arrive around 1am. As a result, most nightclubs open at 11pm and shut at 5 or 6am.

On the move

If you are a globetrotter, two bus companies are available to travel within the country, Ouibus and Flixbus. They are very affordable and you can even travel to Germany, Spain, Italy or Switzerland. You can also register on Blablacar, a car-sharing website, where people offer all sorts of different journeys for a third of the price of a train ticket.

If you have any experiences or travel tips that you would like to share, feel free to drop a comment in the box below!

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Mini travel guide for explorers

Looking for a holiday trip to France? Whether you like snow, sun, or simply nice landscapes there is always a place for you! If you like culture, history and ruins, you will find something to visit pretty much anywhere you go.

For mountain explorers…

France offers plenty of activities in the mountains, which you can enjoy during summer, just as much as during winter, thanks to activities such as summer sledging. The Alps are renowned for their exceptional scenery and are home to the highest point in the European Union called the Mont Blanc which peaks at 4808 meters.

L’Alpe d’Huez

For beach explorers…

The south coast of France is ideal if you want to get a nice tan. On the east part of the coast between Marseille and Nice, you will mainly find narrow and rocky beaches, whereas on the west part around Narbonne you will find wide and sandy beaches. You also will find one of the best nature reserves such as the island of Porquerolles which is worth seeing for its untouched scenery, turquoise water and its amazing wildlife.

Island of Porquerolles

For the adventurous…

If you can’t make your mind up, Annecy is perfect for you, this medium sized city offers one of the purest lakes in Europe. During summer, the average temperature of the lake is 23 degrees, having said that, you can easily admire the mountains while swimming in the crystal-clear water or laying down on one of the various beaches.

Annecy lake

Have you ever been to France? Tell us about your experience!

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