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Freshers, the first taste of freedom for many, away from the shackles of school and parents. Countless mistakes will  be made and chaos will ensue. But fear not, share in this wisdom and your first taste of university will no doubt be the best that it can be.

Be Sociable

Get out there, makes some friends, try some new things, take part in the special events. everyone is in the same boat as you, and come deadline season those memories may be the only thing keeping you sane.

 Join A Club

Hull University offers literally hundreds of sports teams and societies, have a go and try something new, expand your horizons (cough, cough, join Lacrosse, cough). Who doesn’t like the idea of touring the country in BUCS leagues  and destroying Russel Group teams on match day  combined with the best social events on offer, culminating of course with TOUR!!!

Attend Your Lectures

Its all well and good having fun, but at the end of the day we are all here to get a degree. Don’t worry the bars aren’t going anywhere.

Look After Yourself

Constant nights out and takeaways will take a heavy toll on both your body and your bank account. Freshers flu will inevitably hit you with a vengeance, best be prepared.

Drink Responsibly

Have a good time but believe me, don’t burn yourself out. Stay safe out there guys.

Did I miss anything? Want to share your Freshers war stories? Leave a comment down below.

The 3 course meal of a Student life.

Ever wondered how 16,000 student settle into University? They end up creating a 3 course meal to help them get through the university life . Here are the 3 locations to help you start creating your 3 course meal.

1) The Pub Food – Want food but cant decide where to eat, don’t worry? Sancuary is the place to be with their menu offering low price with big potion sizes what more can you ask for. 🍽

2) The Sweet food – Scoop is the place to be with their menu offering everything from ice cream, smoothies to hot drinks and Waffles, it is an experience you do not want to miss and most importantly convenient as it is located at the Student Union. 🍦

3) The Alcohol – Are into the night life? Asylum is the experience you have been waiting for. With events lined up through out the year there will always be something for you to get involved with and who knows, you may even start feeling like you have created the perfect 3 course meal for university. 🥃🍷

What does your 3 course meal consist of? Let me know in the comments below.

Fun Fact: The University Of Hull invented the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in 1972 which is used in all modern TV screens and computer display monitors.

The 4 Best Locations for a Student!

So it is that time where you have to do that dreaded thing called studying. Here are the 4 best locations to study for a student.

1) Did you know the library had;
✔ Group Learning Rooms – Perfect for group assignments
✔ Reading Rooms – For when you need perfect silence to read
✔ Interactive Projector Tables (Situated on the 7th Floor) – Great to get those creative juices flowing and free to talk aloud.

2) While this one may sound odd, studying outside can actually help you increase your brain power. Imagine sat outside, in the warmth, with the freshly bloomed flowers. Can feel the brain power already.

3) With the seating area designed for you to be sat by yourself or with a group it is a great location to study. With only a few peak times for noise it is perfect place to talk aloud and cracking on through that assignment but most importantly, you have coffee at an arm’s distance away.

See for your self! ☕

4) This may sound lazy but just say in your PJ’s, it helps with me with all my assignments and even now while writing this blog the creativity just beams off you. If you are in need of a break click here for my blog on the top 6 places to visit in hull.

What did you think of these locations, let me know in the comments below.

Fun Fact: Did you know Hull is the birth place of Lemsip, Bonjela and Gaviscon.