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Top 3 things to do instead of going out

We all enjoy going out with our friends and have fun, usually accompanied by alcohol.

Unfortunately however, our bodies and minds need to take a break from these lucrative activities time to time.


Thus I am providing you, my precious readers, with a list of top 3 things to do instead of going out.

  1. A Venture To Nature

Our minds need a break from our daily lives, the best way to do it is to disconnect from all electrical devices and simply enjoy a long walk to a nice nature rich place.

It will allow you to release your mind from the shackles of technology and release your imagination and allow you to think deeply about anything you like, there will be no constraints on you.

  1. Indoor Rock Climbing

We all have always wanted to do this. We have seen it movies, where someone climbs and is afraid to jump down.

 ‘Rock Up’, located in St Stephan’s shopping centre, allows us to actually see and have a feel for it, alone or with friends.

It is great fun and decent exercise!

  1. Escape Rooms

Fight your way through riddles and puzzles in order to free yourselves within a time limit at ‘Escape Hull’.

This activity is basically trying to solve riddles in order to find clues which will eventually allow you to open the doors, behind which freedom awaits.

 ‘Escape Hull’ offers a wide range of types of room you can escape from.

Tell me how you spend your free time below 🙂

Get involved! Let every child see the sky outside their street

Do you know? 

1 in 3 children in Hull and East Yorkshire grow up in poverty

While a quarter of their parents lost jobs

Those children have no opportunity to experience how wonderful the wolrd is, and more likely have never left the city they live in and have never touched the sky outside the end of the street.

Can you image what life will be under this circumstances?

These children are all agog to the opportunity, you can easily see it from their eyes.


Hull Children’s University, as an experienced children’s education charity, helps children believe that they can achieve their dreams and gives them the confidence to try; helps children believe that they have intelligence in different ways  and provides opportunities to discover their potential.


HEY CU takes full classes of children and provides learning experiences in local or UK.

A trip to London to have a sleepover under the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum;

Or  visit a local business to learn about that industry;

Or a tour to Scabrough to learn how harbour works and etc.

More activities will show in the video:

Get Involved!

Registered Charity Number 1124329

With the enough money, children can go farther and see more.

Please click the yellow bottom to help:

Become a official partner and give back to the local commnuity

Sign up to join us and your every little help will change a child’s life

Think about it and help us! Thank You



Student Vs The City of Culture – A crash course

2017 was one of the best years Hull has seen in a long time. The regeneration of the city centre attracted visitors in their millions, boosting the value of the tourism sector by £40m.

Flashback to last summer, exams were over and I had 1 week left with my housemates. It dawned on us that, we’d barely seen what Hull had to offer. Being final year students, free time was a rarity (we slept…lots). So we planned our crash course in culture. 1 week to fully experience our city.

Here are a few of the things we did.

The Deep

Book Here!

Whoever said aquariums were for kids clearly hasn’t been to The Deep. The interactive rooms showcase the weird and the wonderful.

Ferens Art Gallery

You don’t need a degree in art to appreciate the exhibitions at the Ferens Gallery (including the 2017 Turner Prize!)

The Maritime Museum

Weeping Window – Paul Cummins

Being a history graduate, I got the chance to geek out – it’s safe to say I was entertained for hours.

Humber bridge

The Humber Bridge is the icon of Hull, yet we’d never visited! A walk along the shores of the Humber was an absolute must.

The best part?

The whole tour cost us £11.20 plus £1.50 for a 99 by the bridge (unlike the good old days when 99s were actually 99p)

It’s crazy how much Hull has to offer, and the majority of which is free!

So what are you waiting for?

Tell me your favourite Hull attraction in the comments!

Hull a definition of Culture

Hull a definition of culture. Since being crowned UK City of Culture 2017 the city hasn’t slept. Hull is at the end of the famous M62 but don’t let that fool you, music, heritage, festivals just a few of what to expect. Kai Gill recommends his top five places to visit when you come to Hull.

  1. Humber Street

If you love food, drink and music then Humber Street is for you. Following the City of Culture 2017, a large figure of investment was spent to develop Humber Street. Why? Well, it’s one of the city’s most prestigious for history and culture. Humber Street houses the marina that was largely used for the fishing industries.


  1. Feren’s Art Gallery

Now I know art galleries, aren’t every bodies favourite thing to visit but Feren’s Art Gallery may change your mind. The gallery has some fantastic paintings, sculptures even an exhibition of photographs from 2017.


  1. Scott Street bridge Banksy

You may or may not have seen media reports that Banksy has visited Hull. Yes, as strange as it sounds Banksy has a masterpiece of his finest art on a Scott Street Bridge in Hull.


  1. The Deep

If you love fish, sharks or anything that lives underwater then The Deep is for you. The popular aquarium has over 3, 500 varieties of fish including sharks, rays and even penguins. This award-winning venue has become one of the most popular within Hull and England.


Where are your favourite places in Hull? Comment below.

Foodie Thrills in Hull UK City of Culture

Hull is the UK City of Culture in 2017 which makes it an unquestionable must-see destination goal. From fine dining to incredible fish and chips, there’s bounty to find.

Explore all the foodie thrills that Hull brings to the table with our rundown of the finest eateries and bars in the city. Regardless of whether you’re searching for something extraordinary or a brisk nibble to eat, Hull has gourmet grub to suit all tastes.

#1 in Best Places to Visit in Hull UK City of Culture


Special occasions, cheap eats

Why Ambiente?

Ambiente offers customary and creative tapas alongside a staggering wine and sherry basement. It additionally has a Josper oven, which adds a smokily scorched touch to dishes like bistec de arrachera (dry rubbed skirt of meat with BBQ simmered onions and chimichurri). A decent place for a long lunch with loads of little dishes and sampler flights of sherry. Tapas from £1.95.

#2 in Best Places to Visit in Hull UK City of Culture


Casual dining, cheap eats

Why Roots?

Hull’s first Caribbean restaurant is the best place to get chicken wings, a mean curry goat and hot pasties. It is typically occupied with a more youthful group attracted to cocktails, delicious food, and appreciate good music. Mains from £7.50.

#3 in Best Places to Visit in Hull UK City of Culture

The Fish & Chip Kitchen


The best place to enjoy Hull’s most noteworthy pattie butty – battered, crushed shabby and sage served in a bread cake and battered fish.


How To Enter a Whole New World

We all have dreams when we go to sleep but imagine being able to shape your dreams and essentially do what you want. Well some people can and it is known by the term of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming was first discussed by a Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden, however different names have been used in the past and people have

              “Always know they are in a dream”

Has this being  scientifically  proven?

Yes, it was first scientifically proven by Dr Keith a British psychologist in his laboratory in 1975 via ocular signalling technique at Hull University.

The patient was hooked to a sensitive multi-chart channel chart recorder and once the patient was in deep sleep and entered lucid dreaming was asked to move his eyes to the right eight times. This simple method  allowed Dr Keith  to prove lucid dreaming does exist.

So, you must be thinking how can I lucid dream? Tell me!

Well it is not a simple as going to sleep and telling yourself to dream of being an aeroplane pilot and requires a little effort. So, if you wish to extend your life in your dreams considering we sleep for a third of our entire life. A great place to pick up the basics would be at  how to lucid.


Hull-The Arthole of the country

People view Hull as ‘’The worse place to live in the UK’’. Do they know what we have to offer?! City of Culture hasn’t harmed us that’s for sure but do people really know what amazing theatre companies are here? Or did people just go and see RSC’s ‘The Hypocrite’ at Hull Truck?

Here is who you should be watching out for!

The Roaring Girls

These ladies make theatre that brings you to tears whilst putting a smile on your face.  Displaying huge topics like depression and body image, set in intimate spaces they leave you with a personal connection to the subject matter and often dancing out of the theatre.

Middle Child

This theatre company make some serious noise with ground breaking concepts, and at the same time their shows are affordable and accessible for all people. Their ethos is gig theatre and more often then not set the shows in clubs, bars and old office spaces. With many of there shows receiving awards at Edinburgh Fringe Festival they are a cultural gem for Hull.

Silent Uproar

These guys make beautiful theatre that is playful for the audience which gets people to engage with serious conversations. Whilst often modest in set and costume it makes up for it with its charm, wit and music. These guys recent show, ‘A Super Happy Story (About feeling super sad)’ has blown audiences away and has UK tour soon, followed by Broadway and Adelaide-Australia.

What do you think of the arts scene in Hull? #rachelrants

Hull’s hidden gem – things to do on Humber Street!

Humber Street in Old Town is one of my favourite hidden gems in Hull, and the first place I take any friends that visit. The cobbled street is lit up by fairy lights that line the row of bars, restaurants and quirky boutiques. The refurbished fruit market warehouses add such a unique vibe to the area, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend a visit! Here are just some of the things you can do in the area.

  • Dine in one of Hull’s top-rated tapas restaurants – Ambiente offers a wide range of tapas and I also love their wine and cocktail menu! Check their menu out here.

  • Check out the fantastic range of vintage clothing at Hull’s very own Poorboy Boutique, who knows what unique pieces you’ll find! 

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

  • Ever asked yourself if there’s an interactive dinosaur experience in Hull? Well, surprisingly there is. Dinostar sits in Humber Street offering interactive dinosaur exhibits. Who knew Hull had it’s very own Natural History Museum?

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

  • The City Speaks – For the city of culture year, a steel lectern was installed at the marina end of Humber Street. This platform records your speech and displays the text on the tidal surge barrier at the other end, lighting up Humber Street.

Image result for the city speaks(Credit: Hull City of Culture 2017)

Have you done any of these things on Humber Street? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below!

East v West: Rugby League Rivalry in Hull

For many Hullensians, football will never compare with rugby league. The thirteen man code (as opposed to the fifteen men a side in rugby union) is a fast game that at its best shows an enjoyable momentum on the pitch that few sports can equal.

Hull is a great place to get into rugby league as it is the only city in the country with a proper derby – that of Hull Kingston Rovers (the Red and Whites) versus Hull FC (the Black and Whites). Traditionally support is split by the River Hull running through the city – FC is west and KR east of the river – and families are often a mix of the two, which has given the game a reputation as a friendly derby.

The Black and Whites win the cup at last (Image: Daily Mail)

There is an added spice to proceedings now as well, after the events of last season – KR losing a relegation play-off in farcical fashion to go down, just weeks after FC won arguably the greatest game in their history, finally winning the Challenge Cup at Wembley after eight failed attempts. That local lad and former captain Lee Radford coached FC to victory made it all the sweeter (three guesses as to my team!).

“Radders” lifts the Challenge Cup after a brilliant victory (Image: RL Fans Hosting)

With KR aiming to get promoted at the first attempt and FC looking to continue their huge improvement over the last few seasons, now is a fine time to start following the sport. Not only is it a huge part of Hull’s culture – it’s also an exciting way to spend eighty minutes.

(Featured image: Sky Sports)