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Could this spell the end for Snapchat?

We seem obsessed with knowing what our friends are doing all day, every day.  Most of us didn’t go a few hours without checking Snapchat. Procrastination central.


But now Snapchat’s future seems a little uncertain. A recent update gave the user interface a redesign and Snappers weren’t exactly supportive.

All quite reasonable points… 

Then this happened.



Within days, Snapchat’s shares dropped in value by 61%, wiping off an eye-watering $1.3bn in market value.

Okay so they have a lot of angry users, they’re going to change it back right?



Snapchat said they’ll make changes to make the app more user-friendly, but they won’t change it back.

CEO Evan Spiegel responded with ‘It’ll take time for people to adjust’.

Okay, not looking good. But why should they care? Snapchat has millions of daily users.


Well who remembers this fella?

RECAP: YikYak was a social media platform which was super popular amongst students a couple of years ago. Users could post a ‘yak’ and local users would either👍🏻 or 👎🏻 it, ultimately producing a stream of funny yaks.

When YikYak introduced an update where users lost their anonymity, there was a huge level of resistance. The company refused to revert the changes and the app ultimately became a barron wasteland.


Could Snapchat’s failure to listen to their user’s needs result in their demise? Personally, I’ve noticed many of my friends preferring Instagram Stories.

Do you still use Snapchat? Let me know what you think of the update in the comments below!


Less Social Media, #MoreLife

The BBC published this article about The effect of social media on our ever day’s life and its scary.


What triggered my thought about writing this blog is a commercial for Persil , discussing how the young coming generation doesn’t even go outside to play or to get dirty .  It made think about how i spent my childhood and how those real life experiences of tension , competition , emotions has shaped me the way i am today .

An average of 2 hrs at least is spent on social media by the population!, moreover a study found that a threefold of the sample is going through different depression symptoms mostly because the effect of the social media stereo type.

Take a Break

In the light of these stats i thought about a little project of not using Social Media for a week . Bring to mind that i can even recall the last time i had no social media platform to use.

Furthermore , i was amazed by amount of free time in my everyday life and how well i can actually benefit from it than just following other people in social media .

Of course i went back after that week but i promised myself to have one week off social media every month and thankfully I’ve been doing so for the last two years straight.

So if you’re new in Hull, take a break and roam the city , its the city of culture after all !.

The Traditional Chinese Cuisines

• Chinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture, which includes cuisine originating from the diverse regions of China, as well as from Chinese people in other parts of the world. Imperial, royal and noble preference also plays a role in the change of Chinese cuisines.

• The preference for seasoning and cooking techniques of Chinese provinces depend on differences in historical backgroundand ethnic groups.

• Geographic features including mountains, rivers, forests and deserts also have a strong effect on the local available ingredients, considering climate of China varies from tropical in the south to subarctic in the northeast.

• Modern “Eight Cuisines” of China are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Zhejiang cuisines.

• Color, smell and taste are the three traditional aspects used to describe Chinese food,[4] as well as the meaning, appearance and nutrition of the food.

• Cooking should be appraised from ingredients used, cuttings, cooking time and seasoning.

• Tastes of Chinese food are traditionally categorized into five flavors: salty, spicy, sour, sweet, and bitter.

• Chinese emphasize “he” harmony of five flavors. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the harmony of the five flavors can not only improve taste enjoyment, but also have the function of achieving balance to promote health, as well as treating diseases and aiding recovery from injury.

• Of course, the seasoning of cooking food is also very important, if you have the opportunity to taste Chinese food, certainly not to miss the following 12 kinds of Chinese seasoning!

1. Salt
2. Soy Sauce
3. Oyster Sauce
4. Sesame Oil
5. Rice Vinegar
6. Rice Wine
7. Chili Sauce (or Chili Paste)
8. Soybean Paste
9. Star Anise
10. Five-Spice Powder
11. Chili Powder
12. Sichuan Peppercorn

Dear friends, welcome to China to taste Chinese food!

Politics or Social media ?!

Social media has gradually become a critical tool for communicating with others, expressing opinion and browsing news. 90% of customer decisions have been influenced by online reviews. Furthermore, 62% of US adults find news on social media platforms.

Social media has changed the communication of the political game through :

  • Direct engagement:

The individuals are able to connect directly with the politicians and express their opinions easily. Furthermore, live streaming makes attending politician’s conferences and events effortless for the public.

The impact of social media on changing political views have been addressed by many scholars. large numbers of individuals who have been exposed to fake news believe them. Numerous misleading messages have been posted on social media platforms especially Facebook. Some reviews mentioned that the misleading information performed an important role in the final results of the American presidential elections. Stretching the fake news through social media platforms enable the individuals to share the false information easier, faster and on a large scale which can be comparable to well-established newspapers or TV channels.

  • Tailored message by using Location-Based marketing

Choosing the wrong target audience for the broadcasted message will cost money and loss of votes. Reports estimated that the value of mobile and location-based marketing reach $43.3B by 2019. Social media platforms give the advantage to politicians to customize the message of each target audience based on demographics profiles to be more effective.

Social media will influence the future of election by increase the online votes that will increase the election participation.

Fornite the Free game with 3.4 million concurrent players

Fornite is a game which is a Battle Royale game. The best way to describe it would be comparing it to the hunger games, but with guns and resources, the aim is to survive by taking out other players.

The game has modes of Solo, Duo and Squads where you can go out as a team or even on your own and become Number 1. The game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox even though its a free game it has beaten its competitors due to the constant updates which are being pushed out weekly. PUBG is another competitor which has been overtaken by Fornite.

Even though the game is free, you can buy skins and a battle pass within the game to level up faster unlocking new items which you can use to flex to other players in game. But you don’t actually have to spend a penny in to play.

Could this be the new way which games are going to be made where they are made available for free from the start and then if you like the game you can support the developers by purchasing in game features. Fornite might have started the new way for marketers to succeed in the gaming industry. This could be start where all new titles which come out are made free.

If you want to socialise with your friends while relaxing at home and have fun at the same time, download Fortnite today its totally free to play.

Who is the social media Censor Ship really sailed by?

The word Censorship makes me nervous, a heavy subject to put lightly and recently it’s felt more problematic for me.

I feel that my identity is moulded by social media and I’m not sure I’m okay with this if the likes of Instagram censor work by acclaimed artistic photographers, much like Rupi Kaur’s menstruation picture.

When the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen was censored for nudity it made me raise the question…Who decides if the content is appropriate or not? I mean I love mermaids, but she is sadly not real so what’s the issue here?  If someone can’t recognise that this is not censor worthy, then to what extent is there danger with other censored content on social media?

Whether naive or not, social media shapes a lot of people’s views politically and socially. How can we have fair arguments, make worthy art and vote correctly if we are unsure who is controlling what we see and hear?

Social media is personalised as we know, so maybe less time should be spent tracking our personal data and more time should be spent deliberating if something should be censored. The organisation collect data to help social media companies operate with greater accountability. However, they only have a years’ worth of data.

For now, take what you see with a very big pinch of salt!

Want to hear more? Listen to me feature on the Roaring Girls podcast.


How to become Wattpad’s most wanted? Part 2

So, how to boost your reads on Wattpad like a pro?

Funny Cat GIF


Don’t upload everything at once! Update once a week, 3 times a week is the best case scenario so you go up in the algorithm. Friday update is a MUST. Avoid Mondays.


Taking part in competitions (clickable images), makes your book more accessible and likely to go up in the algorithm thanks to judge’s votes and comments.  Thirdly, if you win, you will get a sticker on your cover indicating high quality.


Choose a book similar to yours (similar target audience) that you will enjoy, read and leave comments that are funny, spot grammatical mistakes or provide constructive plot criticism. Books with 1K-50K are optimum as they have the influence but the author is not too busy.

I know it means EFFORT but by giving constant support, you will get noticed through snowball effect. How?

BUT this will not work unless your profile and book cover is spot on.


Ensure that your profile and background pictures are distinct and of high quality, reflecting your personality. Write a story about you that will make people want to connect with you. Here is an example:


Remember, on Wattpad book is judged by its cover! Ensure that your title is catchy, and the image reflects the story. If you can, make a book trailer video!

Now, you only need PATIENCE and the reads will come to you <3 Any questions? Comment below ^^


How to become Wattpad’s most wanted? Part 1

So, you published your book on Wattpad, you waited and waited yet you still only have 30 reads…

How is that possible with 60 million Wattpad readers? O.o

If you want to know how to boost your reads, keep on reading.     Let’s begin with how NOT to advertise your book, shall we?

Funny Cat GIF


1.DON’T BEG FOR READS                                                                           

Related image

Begging through private message or publicly to read your book, will make more bad than good. Why? If you harass readers, writers and their followers, they will be discouraged to read your book.


That’s the time when two “beggars” (unpopular authors) meet and beg each other for reads. You will be exhausted before you reach 100 reads just to see “beggars” clicking on your book and clapping your back saying “good work” without actually reading it. 🙁


Don’t scan, leave few votes at the same time and “haha”s in first few chapters and disappear forever 🙁 Those writers will not vote back. Why? Because you have not shown them a distinguishable reason to click on your profile. Could you really read 3 chapters in 2 minutes?


Why would you advertise your book somewhere where there is lots of desperate writers and no readers at all?


Okay, so how should you advertise your book on Wattpad?

Well, that’s in part 2! Get ready!

Funny Cat GIF by TJ Fuller

Wechat , only CHAT ?

Wechat , only CHAT ?


The E-Era has witnessed the emergence of numerous social Apps like QQ, Messenger, Whatapp, Tinder, Snapchat,Wechat etc.

The number of Wechat users has increased dramatically in recent years. But, do you really how to use Wechat? Is it only for chat?

Definitely NOT. In fact, apart from the basic function of a social App, Wechat enables us to do business, make bank transfer, watch the latest news, check the stock price or even play games.

In the Discover section of Wechat, we could watch the latest news by clicking the Top Stories. Also, Wechat provides lots of mini games to let you relax for a while, just click Games to find your favorite one.

We can also start business via Wechat easily, just follow the official account of Wechat Mall and register your store through Wechat Mall. It is like a simplified version of Ebay. Do your business freely.

Moreover, Wechat acts like a personal banking service. You could top up your mobile account, pay the utility bill, make bank transfer, borrow money from bank, book your train and air tickets, order taxi or even make charity donations by one click from the Wallet section of Wechat.


Remember, Wechat is definitely not only for chat, it is more like our personal assistant. Scan my QR Code below and explore more in Wechat !

Snapchat, Kylie Jenner, and the Stock Market.

We all know how much influence the Kardashian/Jenners have, but who’d have thought that Kylie’s tweet this week to her 23.2 million followers would seemingly cause Snapchat to lose $1.3bn off their stock market value?

(Credit: Bollywood Leaks)

Kylie’s tweet saying “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?” towards the giant social media platform came just weeks after Snapchat released their most unpopular software update to date, which led to an online petition being signed by over 1.2 million people worldwide. Memes surfaced too, with many people claiming to no longer use the app out of frustration of the change.

(Credit: @CaseyNeistat)

But was Kylie’s tweet really the reason behind the stock market fall? It’s no secret that Snapchat’s shares have been falling ever since the app went public, but there does seem to be a correlation between the reality stars tweet and the huge drop – and with Kylie’s influence potentially reducing user count, Snapchat have every right to be worried!


So, Snapchat has updated its popular app, and personally whilst I’m still getting used to the new layout and way to move around the features, the change isn’t enough to stop me using it.

This leaves us with the question of what will happen next, will Snapchat take on board the feedback and go back to the old format? Or will we simply adapt to the change and continue to use one of the most popular apps out there? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!