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Tinder. The UK’s most frequently used dating app. Everyone has heard of it, most of us have even tried it- but does anyone know how to use it properly? Well, you’re in luck.


You’re a self-respecting, stable and relatively proud person.  Matching may require a huge emotional investment. Could this next match be the love of your life? Absolutely- so I’d       recommend being excessively picky, swiping right only for a few special people, and drastically reducing your total number of           matches.


You have 500 characters to sell the best things about you. Tell them about your interests, your hobbies, your… love of dogs? GO!

Or of course you could overthink your impending widespread       judgement and cop out massively. Perhaps write an edgy sentence, a quote, or… nothing really.


Individual photos are essential. People want to know who they’re swiping for. If you want to include a group photo or two to show that you really do have friends, I suppose that’s alright.

However, it’s probably best to avoid photos of you in your natural state. Keep pictures of you laughing with your friends after flunking a bowling shot in your camera roll. Who even goes bowling anyway?


Tinder is flawed. The shallow, seedy connotations associated with the app make self-advertising more pressured. Regardless, there’s a 100% chance of you failing to meet a good match if you neglect    photos, bios and effort. So, at the risk of looking silly, be yourself,   express yourself.

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The top 3 challenges students face in the University

  • Change of Environment.

It is always hard when it comes to adjusting  into a new environment, especially as an international or first year student. You should expect to experience a different language, culture, weather, food etc. However, it is essential not to get into craze over getting everything right. Give yourself some time, and expect to get a little frustrated, but always stay positive and focused, eventually you will come to love the University life.


  • Social Life

Though University is all about the academic experience, it also about the social as well. Making and investing time with colleagues and flat mates is essential for building community and sometimes positively helpful towards academics, especially when you have a friend helping you do better. However, spending too much time with friends doing social activities can be distracting, and conflicts can arise. Learn to take some time out for yourself, remember why you are here, set your goals and priorities.


  • Money Management

This is an issue most of us students, especially first year students face. For many young people, University is the first time we learn to manage money. Students often try to live outside their means, spending more than is required, often due to peer pressure. Students need to understand it is okay to say “no”. If your friends want you to go on an activity with them and the only money you have left is for groceries, focus on your needs vs. wants and learn to say no.

Tips on how to manage university stress!

Need a break from university stress?!

University life can be stressful for even the most relaxed students.

There are numerous potential reasons for understudy stress, for example:

  • Nostalgia or relationship challenges, loneliness, hurtful utilization of, or withdrawal from, liquor or medications
  • Juggling your studies with low maintenance work
  • Preparing for exams
  • Writing essays and dissertations
  • Attempting to manage obligation

‘Stress occurs when the demands upon us are greater than our ability to cope with them,’ explains Dr Paul Blenkiron, an NHS consultant psychiatrist.

There are various normal responses to distressing conditions, for example:

  1. Behavioral responses – these could include dodging or getting away from the circumstance and swinging to liquor or medications.
  2. Physical responses – you may encounter an expanded heart rate, sweating, shaking, headaches, butterflies and over-breathing.
  3. Mental responses – stress can prompt fear, panic and the inclination that something awful will happen.






However, if stress is beginning to affect your mental well being, try exploring the following five coping mechanisms:

  • Exercise

‘General exercise discharges endorphins – feel-good hormones that can decrease strain and enable the mind to center around an option that is other than stresses and concerns.’

  • Conversing with somebody

Studies propose that associating with a companion just once consistently can lessen your feelings of anxiety and enhance your mood as much as therapy or counselling.

  • Time Management

Have a go at making a composed work routine, separating your tasks into sensible lumps and arranging as needs be. Gap your work into dire and non-pressing tasks, and vital and non-critical assignments.



The benefit of learning piano from a child.

Because my mother was a teacher of music, she began to ask me to study the piano when I was three years old. I musted to practice for 2 hours everyday, she was so strict to me that made me hate the piano a battle, in my impression, I have almost no childhood.

However, with the increase of age, the piano brings me more and more benefits from day to day. Because of the long time practice, I have exercised my brain and cerebellum coordination.
It seems to be an energy that makes me very sensitive and resourceful in many things.

Actually,in the process of learning the piano, children can learn music, playing skills, and many music knowledge.
In addition, you can learn three abilities: attention, coordination and self-reliance.

Mr Baldwin, America’s music teacher, has made a clear and lucid analysis:

1. When you see a single sheet of music, – training the child’s general attention.
2. When you see a single sheet of music, play two or three notes with your right hand – train your child’s attention.
3. Watch the two lines of music, and use left and right hands to play their different parts – training children to be highly focused and coordinated.
4. Both see two lines of music, the brain to the ears, arms, fingers, legs and feet, to play the music – highly accurate training children’s attention, coordination, and self-efficacy.

So, be grateful to that person who let you learn piano when you were a child!

Love you, my dearest Mom!


Hello, my fellow morning zombies!

So, you tried the super annoying alarm clock that literally forces you out of bed because it sounds like 9.0 magnitude earthquake! But only to drag yourself out of bed just to grunt like a cave person complaining about the mornings while waiting for your coffee?

Well, it may work well in the military!

If your new habit feels horrible, you are not going to make it very far!

So, wait there is a nicer way?



  • Don’t eat 2 hours before sleeping.
  • No screens in room at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Get to bed on time – 30 day challenge (set alarm).
  • Write ideas, diary, to do list to get rid of thoughts before sleep.
  • Prepare everything upfront (clothes and breakfast).
  • Create a bed ritual that will relax you (meditation-Headspace app, reading fiction-Audible).

  • Wear warm bedclothes.
  • Countdown from 5 and jump out of bed.
  • Keep the clock away and make 10 high jumps before snoozing.
  • Team up with friends
  • Find your BIG reason why and keep track of progress otherwise “sleep more” will remain to be your main priority.

  • Find clock alarm that doesn’t turn you into Hulk (relaxing music).
  • Get app that will wake you up at the right time e.g. sleepy time.
  • Wake up gradually e.g. 15 minutes earlier every day.
  • Drink a glass of water.

Just follow those and you WILL conquer the mornings!

Any other ideas? Share below!

Wechat , only CHAT ?

Wechat , only CHAT ?


The E-Era has witnessed the emergence of numerous social Apps like QQ, Messenger, Whatapp, Tinder, Snapchat,Wechat etc.

The number of Wechat users has increased dramatically in recent years. But, do you really how to use Wechat? Is it only for chat?

Definitely NOT. In fact, apart from the basic function of a social App, Wechat enables us to do business, make bank transfer, watch the latest news, check the stock price or even play games.

In the Discover section of Wechat, we could watch the latest news by clicking the Top Stories. Also, Wechat provides lots of mini games to let you relax for a while, just click Games to find your favorite one.

We can also start business via Wechat easily, just follow the official account of Wechat Mall and register your store through Wechat Mall. It is like a simplified version of Ebay. Do your business freely.

Moreover, Wechat acts like a personal banking service. You could top up your mobile account, pay the utility bill, make bank transfer, borrow money from bank, book your train and air tickets, order taxi or even make charity donations by one click from the Wallet section of Wechat.


Remember, Wechat is definitely not only for chat, it is more like our personal assistant. Scan my QR Code below and explore more in Wechat !


Talking about push-up, someone might say it’s easy,  I can do over 100 times per set. I have to say push-up is one of the most basic exercieses, but basic does not equal to easy. Now I wanna ask you a question: Can you really do push-up?

Four kinds of push-up
  1. Classic: focus on your lower chest. When doing classic push-up, you should set your hands at a distance that is slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and think of your body as one giant straight line.
  2. Wide Grip: focus on sides of your chest. Your should set your hands apart wider than classic push-up
  3. Decline: focus on your upper chest. Lie on the floor face down and place your hands apart as the classic. Move your feet up to a box or bench. Next, lower yourself downward until your chest almost touches the floor as you inhale.
  4. Close Grip: focus on your triceps brachii —as well as the pectoralis major — than a wide base position. It also reffered to diamond push-up. Position your hands so your index fingers and thumbs make a diamond shape. It might look like a triangle. Bring your elbows close to your body and keep them there. Keeping your elbows in and your core braces, lower yourself until your chest reaches the ground.

Do 3-4 sets each exercise, and 8-12 raps each set. Keep working for 2 month, trust me, you will get a nice shape.

Three International Cat Students that Save Your Grades !

No ! We are not going to talk about how “Devil” the cats can be, but you probably want to adopt your study buddy after this.


Bubba was adopted in 2009 and he is also a member of Leland High School.

ID Card

He walks himself from home to attend his lectures, walk around the campus and becomes a routine classmate of the class.

He is so popular and got a Facebook fans page with more than 62,000 followers.

Teuk Gang-i 

"냥풍당당 냥총장 특강이~ 집사 360명!"그런데 녀석에겐 사연이 있어요..대학 근처에 살던 주인이 본가로 들어가며 학교에 버린거라고..

Posted by SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 on Saturday, 29 October 2016

Teuk Gang-i in Korean means the “Special Things in Course” and he is definitely a lazy student in the class, he always falls asleep in the course but still getting love from all of the staffs and his classmates.

He was abandoned by his owner who was the student in Gangdong College, however, his owner left him in the school for some reasons.

Luckily, all of the staffs and students love this 4-legs-student and willing to pet him on the campus. So, you can see Teuk Gang-i walking around the campus like his “home” and even knows how to take the elevator to the classroom.


Simba showed up every morning for school and being a special cuddling buddy in high school for more than 12 years.

Westbrook High School held an art show for Simba in 2013 to thank this loyal student for all the years and during these years all students are growing up with Simba.

A cat can be your BEST study buddy, click HERE for Cat adoption. 

Basketball life in Hull University

As a truly basketball fanatic,wherever I go any place, the basketball court is always particularly attracted to me. Fortunately, the campus have a very perfect court! So this blog will introduce my basketball life in the university, in order to make more and more people love basketball and join us.

The basketball court of our university is very  amazing, light effect is very good and the floor is non-slippery. I think the most cool things is that windows around the court, it not like a confined space, when you have sports here, you still can enjoy the scenery outside the window, it will not let you feel repressed.

If you have any plan to play basketball, I strongly recommended you to booked at least one week in advance, because it always full booked. But if you still cannot book a court, don’t be worried, every Thursday afternoon during the 2;00 to 3:30 is the basketball time, you just need to pay for £2/ pp, or if you have membership in there, it gonna be free.

Booking Number: 01482466234

We also have some basketball competition with other university on April and June, during that time, we will arrange many exercise for the team members to prepare the competition, it gonna be very interesting.

This photo is our Hull’s team in Coventry basketball match last year.

So if you guys want to play basketball with our team, we will be very glad to let you join us, we can practice together, communicate with each other and grab the honor for our university. You can also scan the QR code to join our Wechat Group which can get more information about our playing schedule and competition arrangement.

Quick but Delicious – Strong Recommendation of Ready Meal in UK retail store

Following are some recommendation of Ready Meal, I think it can  really figure out your eating problem during the assignment month and exam month, increasing the learning efficiency but still can enjoy the meal.

1. M&S


(1). Taste Thailand Fragrant Wok Beef Noodles

玛莎Reay Meal

This food was the first one that change my perception of ready meal. The beef inside is really soft and taste, the noodle is flat rice noodles and it also include much vegetables such as hyacinth bean, sliced carrot, cabbage, bean sprout and chili.

(2).  King Prawn & Chargrilled Chicken Paella


This seafood Fried rice has various ingredient inside – king prawn, Italian sausage, chicken, green bean, small chili and onion, the sauce is cooked by shellfish, eat with a side of Spanish rice is really delicious.

2. Sainsbury’s


(1). Katsu Chicken Curry & Lemongrass Rice


This curry chicken is not a Sainsbury’s generic brand, it is belong to a ready meal series which called ‘ My Godness!’.  The chicken steak is not crispy but taste very soft, eat with the rice and curry sauce is very delicious!

(2). Thai Green Curry & Rice


The Thai green curry and rice is really delicious as well, the curry sauce is boiling with coconut, so that it taste a little bit sweet. The rice inside is sticky rice, in addition, the main vegetable of this curry rice are water chestnut and bamboo.



(1). Tesco, Aromatic Duck and Pancakes

tesco duck

In my opinion, this crispy duck of Tesco is tasty, some of that is named Duck Wrap, the duck and  sweet soybean paste inside are taste much same as the traditional one in China.

(2). Tesco Italian Ham and Mushroom Tagliatelle

tesco ready meal

I should be very strong recommended this pasta of Tesco, it taste amazing. When you heat it in microwave oven, the whole kitchen will be  full of fragrance!

If you have any other recommendations, would you please leave comments in the comments section?  Let’s find more convenient and delicious fast food together.