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Money Matters!


Firstly nothing comes for free in life, especially money. Now that I have your attention, I would like to point out the advantages of having a part-time job at the University of Hull.
It is to be mentioned the relevance and the importance of a part-time job at the University of Hull, I can testify of it. Regardless of pursuing a master’s degree,I have being able to find the time to work at the Student Union to earn some extra cash. How is this possible?

Sometimes Student finance may not be enough to cover your living cost and the only way to put up with the extra cost of living is to take up a part-time job. Now you may be wondering where you could get such opportunity.

Hull Student Union offers various part-time job opportunities, ranging from, Bars, restaurants, shops and Asylum (then University night club). Working on campus is convenient as you are not far from lectures and home. Working and studying on campus can make you feel more connected to the University. Secondly you get to choose your working hours in order to avoid any clashes with your lectures and to help you concentrate more on your studies during exam period after “Hull” the University Union Understands that your degree comes first. It is also to be mention that Hull Student union offer competitive wages.
Apply today to earn some extra cash at the uni of Hull:


Freshers, the first taste of freedom for many, away from the shackles of school and parents. Countless mistakes will  be made and chaos will ensue. But fear not, share in this wisdom and your first taste of university will no doubt be the best that it can be.

Be Sociable

Get out there, makes some friends, try some new things, take part in the special events. everyone is in the same boat as you, and come deadline season those memories may be the only thing keeping you sane.

 Join A Club

Hull University offers literally hundreds of sports teams and societies, have a go and try something new, expand your horizons (cough, cough, join Lacrosse, cough). Who doesn’t like the idea of touring the country in BUCS leagues  and destroying Russel Group teams on match day  combined with the best social events on offer, culminating of course with TOUR!!!

Attend Your Lectures

Its all well and good having fun, but at the end of the day we are all here to get a degree. Don’t worry the bars aren’t going anywhere.

Look After Yourself

Constant nights out and takeaways will take a heavy toll on both your body and your bank account. Freshers flu will inevitably hit you with a vengeance, best be prepared.

Drink Responsibly

Have a good time but believe me, don’t burn yourself out. Stay safe out there guys.

Did I miss anything? Want to share your Freshers war stories? Leave a comment down below.

How to Survive a 9am Lecture in Three Simple Steps

Over the course of my university experience I have devised an almost foolproof method that helps me survive the horrible ordeals that are 9am lectures. It also helps prepare me for the rest of the day, whether I am hungover (lets be honest, we all love Welly Thursday or a Piper Monday), or just plain tired, these handy tricks relieve the morning funk and help you start your day right.

  1. Bring Liquids! Yes plural, when you’re tired the body needs water to recover. I often bring a bottle of Lucozade as well as this gives me the extra burst of energy needed to focus and contribute in class.
  2. Eat breakfast before you go to your lecture. There’s nothing worse than your tummy rumbling half way through the lecture because it distracts you from what you’re supposed to be learning, instead, you’re focused on what panini you’re going to get when you’re released.
  3. This might sound a little cliched but bear with me… try to make friends in your classes as seeing them will be motivation to go to your lectures (even if it does mean waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning).

Getting out of bed is never easy for a university student, especially if you then have to haul yourself to a 9am lecture but with these easy steps, life is just  little bit easier.

Why sports teams are the key to a social life at University

Going to university can be a robust experience as most will leave their familiarities of home and venture to a new exciting city filled with new people. The best way to socialise to join a sports team like Hockey

Keeps you Active

When you go to university, you have no one cooking for you which can lead to the easy option of takeaways, but they are very unhealthy so you could find you gain weight quickly. Playing sport counteracts this with regular exercise as in Hockey we train or play five times a week which can help offset those 10 am Dominoes

Nights out

You can only have so many nights out with housemates so been on a sports team adds to your available options. This could be the memorable Wednesday nights out at asylum after social, or an impromptu piper Monday after a long training session. There will always be people like-minded people that want to go out as well

Knowing more people at University

Being on a sports team opens up many friendships with other clubs examples been the sister club of Ladies hockey, joint socials with ladies cricket and Netball league or squad. Doing so results in you knowing so many more people like course mates you had never met before to people studying completely different degrees to you.

Do you have any experiences with university sports teams?
Feel free to leave a comment below

5 tips to enjoy a healthy first year at Uni

Starting a new life at university can be a great experience, mostly if you make new friends and do all the activities suggested by the Student Union. However, your new way of life can be really different from the life you had with your family, so here are 5 tips to enjoy every moment without acquiring bad habits.

1. Have a physical activity

Most of the time during parties you drink alcohol and junk food which won’t help you to stay in a good shape. You can either register to the sport and fitness centre of the university The Beacon or walk at least 30 minutes per day. For example, you can go to the city centre or the port to enjoy the view.

2. Prepare healthy meals

Buy vegetables and fruits and cook healthy meals. There is a new trend to prepare your meals for all the week so it’s easier for you and cheaper. On Instagram search #mealprep to have ideas. When you are at university you can go to the social spaces where you will find a kitchen to heat up your lunch.

3. Sleep enough

When you don’t have a party, go to sleep early so you can wake up early and fully enjoy your day.

4. Do cultural visits

To keep an open-minded, visit museums such as Hull Maritime Museum and Ferens Art Gallery.

5. Get out when it’s sunny

The sun favour our well-being and the synthesis of vitamin D which is very important to have a relaxed mind.

Don’t forget that you are here first to study 😉
Share with your friends and comment for other tips

Live to Accessorise, Personalise & Customise

Moving away from home has never been easy to say the least. I have moved to two different cities and countries in the last 5 years while studying at university: Hull, England and Rohnert Park, California. I have found it important to have a little space you can call your own whether it be in the student accommodation or dormitories; and adding your own personal touch can make your experience at university enjoyable.

Ready to style your room? Read on!

Wall Art

A simple way to brighten up the walls is by adding posters to take away from the bland white walls that surround you, and have the colours reflect your personality.


It is common to miss friends and family while at university. Hanging photos will be keepsakes of their presence in your life, and bring back the good memories.

Home Decor

Cushions, blankets, or houseplants can be an amenity. Even simple fairy lights can allow you to express your personality. These home comforts can be satisfying when you are studying or having guests over.


University life may not be as jammed packed as you might expect, so having a collection of books to read, Netflix to catch up on a new series, or a sound system to fill the room can be pleasurable.


Remember when it comes to the decorating essentials, it is all about you! Keep your room full of what makes you happy, and in return, your university experience will be just as gratifying!

Need more inspiration?
Follow this pinterest board for a variety of dorm decorating ideas.

Tell us your “must-haves” for dorm decor in the comments below.

Easy Breakfast recipes for Sluggish students

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, But sometimes we get lazy, I’ve put together 2 easy recipes, that are both simple and cheap to prepare, Perfect for every student before a long day at uni.


Eggs are a great source of protein and are packed with selenium, vitamin D and B12, making them a great option for breakfast

This recipe is simple to prepare and is guaranteed to keep you full for a long day at uni.


3 large eggs

1 sausage

Salt and Pepper (according to taste)



  1. Heat some oil in a non-stick pan.
  2. Add a sausage, I like to cut one beef/chicken sausage and fry it lightly
  3. Crack in a few eggs
  4. Lower the heat and cover the pan with a lid
  5. Add a pinch of salt and black pepper
  6. Garnish with some parsley and serve with a couple of slices of toast

2) Pancakes

Pancakes are a great breakfast option and are so simple to prepare.


100g plain flour

2 large eggs

300ml milk

1 tbsp sunflower oil


  1. Mix the flour, oil, milk and eggs in a bowl or jug and add a pinch of salt
  2. heat a medium sized frying pan
  3. when hot cook your pancakes for 1 minute until golden on both sides
  4. serve with honey or chocolate sauce

Please let me know if it turned out for you leave a comment below 🙂

5 Money Saving Tips Every Student NEEDS to Know!

Know Your Discounts!

Students have access to thousands of discounted products and brands through apps such as Unidays, Students Beans and NUS. You can also get discount on your council tax and freebies through websites such as and


Alcohol is expensive, and although there are student nights and deals on drinks, drinking beforehand takes away the urge to spend more when your out!

Don’t Take Your Bank Card on a Night-Out

Take a set amount of cash with you on a night out, an amount you are able to spend happily without skinting yourself for the rest of the month. If you don’t take your bank card you cant spend more than what you budget for, and wont wake up feeling even worse in the morning knowing you cant afford a maccies breakfast!

Don’t Shop When Hungry and Buy Own-Brand

Shopping when hungry leads mainly to impulse buying of junk food, or it does for me! Eating beforehand, or even just having a quick snack on the way to the supermarket could kill the urge to buy unnecessary sweet treats.

Buy Second Hand Textbooks or Borrow from the Library

Textbooks are expensive, some can be as pricey as £100 and when you need to buy 3 each semester it can add up quite quickly! Second hand books are everywhere as students often sell old textbooks to afford new ones, and they are often more than half the original price!

Let me know your money saving tips in the comments section!

5 Essential Tips for Effective Revision

Start With a Full Stomach and Put Distractions Away!

There’s nothing worse that getting stuck into revision when your stomach starts to growl, eat before or have a bowl of finger foods to munch on as you study. Put your phone away and out of reach, and go somewhere quiet away from family or roommates that could distract you.

Plan Revision Around Your Most Productive Times

If you’re not a morning person, there’s no point trying to sit down and revise first thing. Set yourself an amount of time (preferably late morning/midday) with no interruptions or prior arrangements that could affect the quality of your work

Know What Kind of Learner You Are

There are several different types of learner and whether you learn best Visually, Verbally, or Physically, once you know you are able to perfect a revision method best suited to you. If your friends prefer the same learning methods you can even revise in groups. There are several quizzes available online to help find out what type of learner you are!

Regular Breaks and Fresh Air

Whenever you feel like reaching for your phone or procrastinating, stand up take a walk outside and get some fresh air. Small breaks are essential to effective revision and it makes sure your brain isn’t overloaded all at once.

Revise the ‘Why’ as well as the ‘How’

Reading too much information can mean its easily forgotten, However, having the ‘Why’ can help you remember and add real-life examples to adapt your answers when it comes to exams.

Let me know your best revision tips in the comments section! 🙂

The 3 course meal of a Student life.

Ever wondered how 16,000 student settle into University? They end up creating a 3 course meal to help them get through the university life . Here are the 3 locations to help you start creating your 3 course meal.

1) The Pub Food – Want food but cant decide where to eat, don’t worry? Sancuary is the place to be with their menu offering low price with big potion sizes what more can you ask for. 🍽

2) The Sweet food – Scoop is the place to be with their menu offering everything from ice cream, smoothies to hot drinks and Waffles, it is an experience you do not want to miss and most importantly convenient as it is located at the Student Union. 🍦

3) The Alcohol – Are into the night life? Asylum is the experience you have been waiting for. With events lined up through out the year there will always be something for you to get involved with and who knows, you may even start feeling like you have created the perfect 3 course meal for university. 🥃🍷

What does your 3 course meal consist of? Let me know in the comments below.

Fun Fact: The University Of Hull invented the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in 1972 which is used in all modern TV screens and computer display monitors.