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Disney-themed entertainment park in London

That's right! ! You are not mistaken!
London is about to have a
Disney-themed entertainment park! !
Please control your inner excitement, because the UK is going to change from United Kingdom to Magical Kingdom!

                   The London Resort

The London Resort. According to the official introduction, the open playground will have theme rides and attractions, and live performances and parades will be held every day (just like every theme park). About 50,000 people visit every day, knowing the hottest The average number of visitors to Disneyland in Paris is only 44,000 per day.

Continuing London's rich literary theatre style, there will also be a theatre with quality performances in London's West End, as well as hotels, bars, restaurants and cinemas of the same artistic style.

The theme park will create more than 20,000 jobs in the area, and can also take advantage of the Thames' potential to create new public routes that inspire the entire region. Seeing the color drawings published on the website, I really can't control my excitement!

How to get there: 17 minutes from St Pancras Station

Common flour types in British supermarkets

Many Chinese want to make some dumplings, but they are going to the supermarket to buy flour to make some dumplings, looking at the shelves on the Plain Flour, Self Raising Flour, Strong White Flour... Is it confusing?Let me introduce you to the common types of flour in the UK,and show you which one is used to make dumplings and which one is used to make cakes.
  •                                                            Cake FlourThis kind of flour is suitable for making cake flour with soft texture, such as red velvet cake, black forest, etc.
  •                                                             Plain FlourThis is the simplest flour that can be bought in a British supermarket, only flour, without adding anything else. Like dumpling skin, pit cake skin, noodles, small biscuits are available
  •                                                   Self Raising FlourIf you make a pastry with your own noodles, put it in the oven and bake it and it will swell up. The British will use the self-made powder to make scones or any flour that needs to be fluffy.

This charming café in London,can bring you a pleasant experience.

Does anyone like me see a nice cafe and can't move? The shop I want to recommend to everyone this time is a good cafe EL&N. Put a photo in the store for everyone to feel the beauty of it.

Flower wall, pink chair, dreamy lighting…any shot is beautiful! The popularity of EL&N is very high. I went there at night, and I can still see people line up outside the door. As far as food is concerned, it has a lot of choices. There are more than 30 kinds of desserts, and there are also a variety of coffee, hot drinks, sandwiches and breakfasts! I tried a few more popular desserts. Here is the tasting report.

                                                   Lemon Cheese Cake

The white layer on the outside is vanilla cream, wrapped in cheese full of cheese. The taste of the cheese is soft. When I eat the innermost, I tasted the lemon sauce. It is so sweet and sour.

Rose Macaron

I believe that no girl can say no to this beautiful rose macaron.Raspberry is surrounded by milk chocolate sauce, and the inside of the sauce has a sour and sweet raspberry sauce.

                     Raspberry Croissant

This Croissant is too cute! Although it is not as soft as it is, it will be a bit hard to bite, but after eating it, it is its milky aroma.
here is the address

EL&N London

9-10 Market Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8AQ

EL&N London

42 Hans Cres, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0LZ