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1. York Minster

York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe, is the symbol of the city. It is a such amazing building.


2. The Shambles


3. York’s Chocolate Story

York’s chocolate story are near the Shambles, you can taste all kind of chocolate foods, such as different flavors of hot chocolate. you can also join the ” York’s Sweet Story” journey. Particularly recommended Ultimate Chocolate Fondue. The most interesting things is you can make chocolate by yourself.


4. Betty Cafe Tea Rooms

Betty cafe tea rooms are very famous in York, a lot of people come to York to taste Betty afternoon tea. We booking afternoon tea from BOOKATABLE .


We are really enjoy this journey in York city !!


Kaifeng ,a prefecture-level city in eastern Henan province, located along the southern bank of the Yellow River ,is one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China.

The Millennium City Park is a large-size theme park of the culture and history of Song Dynasty.It is located at the west bank of the picturesque Longting Lake in Kaifeng City,and covers an area of 600 mu.


The performance in The Millennium City Park.

Performance Season: March to November
Performance time: 8:10—9:20 every night. Duration: 70 minutes



Kaifeng night market offers a wide range of delicious foods,such as stuffed bun and Chinese dumpling. The lively unusual snack night market is this old city one of all night long big characteristics.


If you are interest in Kaifeng city, just click this video:


Chengdu research base is the best destination to know the giant pandas. Here we can closely observe pandas ,how they rest, eat and play with each other, also, we can learn how to feed them, even we can watch female pandas nursing their cubs . And more importantly, we can further our understanding of how to protect these beautiful but endangered creatures.


We all know that giant pandas are famous for their love of bamboo. Actually, for an adult panda, it eats about 17kg of bamboo stems a day or 14kg of bamboo leaves, or about 40kg of bamboo shoots. So giant pandas almost spend 12-16 hours eating bamboo each day.


They look very funny and like a child, and they really enjoy play on the trees.


If you want to know more information about panda and Chengdu research base, please click: