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Three great foods that must be eaten in Turkey

In Europe, Turkey, as a Mediterranean country, has always been a favorite choice for travelers. Known for its comfortable climate and beautiful beaches. And the food that makes people scream for the same thing is also the reason why tourists are rushing. Introducing three of the most popular dishes.

1 Baklava 

This lovely food is popular in Turkey, the Balkans and Armenia. It is actually an oriental version of the layer of shortbread, layered on the butter, with a variety of nuts in the middle, after baking in the oven, then topped with honey or sugar into a syrup.

2 Icli Kofte (Turkey Meat Bag)

Traditional Turkish cuisine is similar to baking. The difference is that there is a variety of meats, usually beef and lamb. The last step is to bake the butter until cooked. It will give you a different taste.

3 lahmacun (Turkish pizza, also known as Turkish scones)

Although it looks no different from pizza, you must try it. It is really very delicious! The crispy pastry is a mixture of lamb, tomato and other fresh vegetables. With a glass of lemon juice, it is definitely the top enjoyment. Turkish scones are as popular as pizza in Italy and are available in almost all fast food restaurants. On the streets, young people are often seen eating.

What are you waiting for, come and taste the traditional cuisine here in Turkey.

Three places worth visiting in Beijing

When you come to Beijing, are you still confused because you don’t know where to visit? Here, I will tell you the three major attractions that you must not miss in Beijing.

1 Forbidden City

The Forbidden City in Beijing is a royal palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. It is an unparalleled masterpiece of ancient architecture. The old name is the Forbidden City. It is located in the center of Beijing’s central axis and is the essence of ancient Chinese palace architecture.  It is one of the largest and most preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

2 The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace was originally the imperial palace and garden of the Qing Dynasty. It is also known as the Qingyuan Garden. It is built on the Kunming Lake and Wanshou Mountain. It is built according to the design method of Jiangnan Garden. It is the largest and best preserved royal garden in China. There are many precious cultural relics, known as the “Royal Garden Museum.”

3 Badaling Great Wall

The Badaling Great Wall is known as one of the world’s nine plugs. The scenery is steep and beautiful, and it is the essence of the Ming Great Wall. It is also the most famous section of the Great Wall. “Not the Great Wall is not a hero”, Many people will come to visit this sentence.

what do you know about 5G?

When it comes to 5G, the most classic and intuitive statement: Users can download a high-definition movie in just a few seconds, and now the 4G LTE network takes ten or even dozens of minutes. The role of 5G is far more than that. As the transmission rate increases, other emerging applications will also emerge, such as the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles.

There are three typical scenarios for 5G. These three scenarios reflect that the 5G requirement also reflects the difference between 5G and 4G. As shown in the figure above, the three major scenarios are: eMBB, eMTC, uRLLC.

eMBB provides higher transmission rate and user experience. The peak transmission rate of 5G and downlink rates will reach 20Gb/s, while the downlink peak rate of 4G is only 1Gb/s. The ultra-high rate will make virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. possible. eMTC will realize the Internet of Everything, smart home, smart power grid, etc.; uRLLC can reduce the communication delay to less than milliseconds, realize tactile interconnection, and the delay in 4G is about 70ms, 5G ultra-low communication delay and high reliability can realize automatic driving of the car.

For example, 5G network provides foundation for automatic driving.

During the automatic driving process, the vehicle collects a large amount of data through a large number of cameras and sensors, and needs to interact with transportation facilities and other traffic participants. The communication of these data requires a sufficiently wide channel to operate.