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Berlin – A Winter Excursion

People tend to travel even between their heavy schedules. But, they prefer short distances and economically saving trips. Berlin is undoubtedly a good option for a winter excursion for its many attractions and places to visit. Walking through the massive skyscrapers to the memorial attractions that are part of the city’s history.

Visit Berlin is the most accurate tour guide that someone can use to plan a successful trip in the city.

Vising the Parliament is a fascinating experience, especially about the laws that are existing before and after you enter it.

Reichstag Building – Parliament of Berlin

Before facing the Brandenburg Gate, you will see the famous Platz des 18. Marz, a large square. One of the most unique monuments, internationally known as the symbol of Berlin among the Wall.

“Platz vor dem Brandenburger Tor” – Square in front of Brandenburg Gate


The Brandenburg Gate

The Berlin Wall is the ultimate historical sightseeing after its demolition.

The Berlin Wall

The Dark restaurant (Unsicht-Bar) was the most extraordinary experience that I ever had. Being into the position of a total blind person who tries to enjoy a wonderfully made meal.

Unsicht-Bar Berlin – Dark Restaurant Berlin

The Berlin Cathedral, it is worthy to be visit due to its monumental architecture.

Berliner Dom – Berlin Cathedral Church

Another sightseeing that its worthy to be visit, the Berlin Cathedral, which it has a monumental architecture.

Olympiastadion Berlin

The Olympiastadion  has a long history as a venue during the Olympic Games, but also nowadays it is used for famous artists’ concerts and also as a museum.

Olympiastadion Berlin

Berliners are daily using bicycles and the Underground services to travel within the city, eco-friendly lovers.

Kurfurstendamm Underground services

A museum that has a multi-culture heritage in it, different historical elements from all around the world.

Exterior of Pergamon Museum

Taste treasures in London

People become more knowledgeable as far as their own opinion of their palette of tastes. It is always worthy to have an experience from a high valued and well-presented  restaurant.

Here is a list of highly rated restaurants to visit in the heart of London with designed menus for all the preferences.


 Ralph’s Coffee & Bar

Ralph’s Lauren Coffee & Bar internal decoration

The first restaurant in Britain under the label of the well-known fashion designer. A venue that combines the intimate feeling of Paris and Manhattan. Is a new entry in the hospitality industry, which has come to bring elegance and cosy vibes.


Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar internal design.

Category by themselves, the shells have many fans recently. A restaurant designed with finesse for oyster lovers in the heart of London.


The Ledbury

Ranked as the 14th out of 50 restaurants for 2016, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. A new contemporary twist of a modern British cuisine.

Front entrance of The Ledbury restaurant


Internal decoration of Dinner by Henson Blumenthal restaurant

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal 

One more awarded restaurant, ranked as 45th. Henson’s fine-dine it combines accurately emotions, expectations and memory through a rich vein of British culinary history for its inspiration.



Luca restaurant inner view

A venue that has different types of menus and dining. At the bar, for quick drinks and antipasti snacks, the a la carte menu and lastly the private dining according to the chef’s specialities.


The Clove Club 

A restaurant ranked as 26th in the global ranking. A casual eatery with an open view kitchen is here to give a ‘Britalian’ taste. It has an entire history behind but is an ambitious 5-courses menu and an extended one, featuring interesting and often overlooked British ingredients.

An idea of the Clove Club restaurant’s kitchen

Essential Things for Travelers

Memories are precious for everyone as a part of their life timeline. Travelling creates memories as it is a core component of exploring different cultures, traditions and heritages. Thus, is essential to capture those unique moments.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.

Here is a list of the essential things were a traveller needs to pack.


Photos can be limitless and long lasting captures of memories, so never forget your favourite camera. It could be a normal one or a Polaroid for lovers of vintage effects. Otherwise use your phone if it has a good quality camera.

Captures are enhancing memories

Travelling Dairy Journal / Sketchbook

Some people are expressing their thought during travelling into words. A solution to this is to create your own journal dairy. Recording moments for a lifetime. If someone has an artistic vain, a sketchbook can be useful, drawing the breath-taking places that someone can explore in different destinations.


Little things and ornaments that gives you the happiness when you arrive back home as you can set them around the house to remember your trips around the world.

Souvenirs are parts of memories

A Book
People’s best company during travelling abroad especially, is a good suggested book. Pack with you a book that interests you for
those times.

A good company during long distances


Travel Guides / Maps

Travel guides and local maps is the best adviser regarding planning routes, finding the best venues and attractions that a traveller should visit when is travelling.

Being prepared is the key

Broaden your horizons through multiculturalism!