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Are you tired of noisy cities?Have a look at these Old towns

Some people describe the Chinese ancient town like a girl dressing on the edge of a small river, she is quiet, dignified and elegant. Are you tired of neon lights in the city like me and disappointed about the cold people in the urban area? If you want to enjoy free time in a small town and forget your work,worries, there are 3 ancient towns from didderent countries I recommend for you.

1.Wuzhen Water Town,China

Wuzhen is one of the first Chinese historical and cultural towns, China’s top ten charming towns, national beautiful towns and towns, and national 5A-level tourist attractions. It is known as the “China’s last pillow-water family” and has a history of more than 7,000 years of civilization and 1300 years of construction.


When it comes to Spain’s most famous seaside city, everyone must first think of Barcelona. In fact, on the west side of the Strait of Gibraltar, there is a pure sea and a good beach. The tranquil azure waterfront style, coupled with the charming and elegant style of the ancient city, makes Cadiz a paradise for tourists to linger.


The famous American writer Mark Twain once described the Benares that “It is older than history, older than tradition, older than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

Ganges,Varanasi,also konwn as Benares,is an important holy city for both Hindus and Buddhists.According to legend,it was founded by the Hindu deity Lord Shiva 5,000 years ago.

Five Chinese Folk Metaphysics

Five Chinese Folk Metaphysics namely: Mountains, Medicine, Life, Bu(divination), Xiang(Physiognomy).

Mountain, that is, Immortal Theorpy, including the practice of alchemy, alchemy, and Fulu.

Medicine, that is, traditional Chinese medicine, with the help of meridians(science of channels and collaterals), to guide, ancient praying and treated with medicines.

Life, that is, Fate theory, relying on Four Pillars of Destiny, Horoscope, and gods to reason fate.

Are you curious about what is your Chinese Bazi? You could use this website to caculate it. You just need to remember what time and which date you borned.

Bu, that is, divination, Taiyi, Qimen, Liuyi is the type of Bu, Mei Yi, Liu Yi is the Guabu, measuring words, dreams, drawing lots for miscellaneous, smashing, throwing money for Yizhan, to predict good or bad.

Xiang, that is, Physiognomy, is a profound knowledge, including Xiang Tianshu (star signs), Xiangdi technique(feng shui) ——which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, Physiognomy (recognize your personality or furtune from the face, palm, body, sound and so on)

These five metaphysics is popular in ancient China, so it’s not be authenticated as real science. Not so many Chinese people believe in them, however, some little villages still trust them. Sometimes people find it makes sense in a case, but I believe life is made by individuals themselves not by god.

3 special things you would expect to experience in Phuket, Thailand

1)Beautiful Sea view and sunshine beach

When people plan to travel to a tropical city, Sea, Sea wave, the beach must come to their mind first definitely.

Phuket, Thailand has a lot of beaches you could visit such as Pudong beachKara Beach and Karon beach. Specially, I’d like to give you a bucket list to give you an idea to enjoy your travel.

  • Sunbath
  • Snorkelling
  • Banana Boat
  • Parasailing
  • Beach Volleyball
  • etc.

2) Enjoy delicious food at a lower price

Some tropical fruit in western countries are not easy to find out and expensive to buy, so if you go to Phuket, you must eat as much as you could. Also, enjoy tradition Thai Food in Thai.

There are two food I recommend to you from my own experience.

Durian (King of the Fruit): This one is about 1/4 of a full durian and cost 480 Thai Baht (about 12 pounds). Durian’s smell might not good but I want to guarantee the taste.

Mango sticky rice ( ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง ): Glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk

3)Exploring some small islands around Phuket

While there’s plenty to see and do on Phuket, there are several smaller surrounding islands, each one have their own unique sights. They are all easily accessible by boat from Phuket, with a short journey times under two hours.

There are some pictures I took when I visited James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay.

A Famous location in 1974 Bond movie
You could see a heart when you are taking a boat and surrounding by cliffs

Tips:Do not give coins as a gratuity. Because in Thai culture , coins is for beggar.