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Once in a lifetime experience: Volunteering with AIESEC

Have you ever joined a programme that finally changed your whole life?

Or have your ever felt the overjoyed feeling after sharing plenty of your time with other people?

I have.

Two years ago, in winter 2015, I was given an opportunity to join a volunteer program with AIESEC Kocaeli, Turkey. Maybe some of you have ever heard about AIESEC. It is an international youth organisation that helps us to develop our potential skills by joining their programmes. In the project called ” Break Up the Barriers 2015″, I became one of the volunteers in the rehabilitation centres to ‘teach’ and share with the ‘disabled’ children there, together with the other 15 international participants from 8 different countries.

There are many unforgettable experiences that I gained from the programme, such as:

1. The kids taught us how to be more grateful

2. To open our mind and heart to see things from different point of views

3. Small things we did may give huge impacts to others

4.  Cultural sharing session

5. Had an opportunity to explore new country

6. Had an amazing host family

7. Tried local dishes

In the end of the programme, I realised how this 6-week volunteer programme had given me countless sweet moments that I always wanted to remember.

“It’s sad to know I’m done. But looking back, I’ve got a lot of memories.” – Bonnie Blair

Do you have any exchange experiences that you want to share? Please drop your comment below!

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Living in Indonesia vs in England

Getting used to living in Indonesia, a country that has only two seasons (monsoon and dry season) and where beautiful beaches lie along the hundred mile seashores, living in England has given me colourful experiences, such as:

1. Different Taste of Food

In Indonesia, the food is rich of flavours from the various spices and herbs. However, the food in England is so much different.

Typical Indonesian food
British food

2. The Fast-Changing Weather

Unlike in my hometown Surabaya, which temperature ranges from around 25°C along the year, the temperature in England varies from around 3°C in the winter to around 20°C in the summer. However, the weather is often changing unpredictably so we must check on the ‘weather’ application regularly.

3. Different Culture and Language

4. Transportation

A significant difference can be seen from the public transportation in Indonesia and in England. Unlike in Indonesia which its public transportation is still limited, all the public transportation in England is connected and highly facilitate the citizens to mobile in the city and inter-city.

Bus in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Buses in Hull, England.

Finally, the most important thing of living abroad is to adjust ourselves so that we can feel more comfortable although we are thousand miles away from home. So, tell me about your experiences when living abroad by leaving your comments below!

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If you ever visited European countries, but you haven’t been to Austria, then you must consider it again!

Austria has Vienna, the city of classical music

Music has long been known as an effective way to reduce the stress as its unique relation to our brain and emotion. Therefore, you should give a chance to watch the classical music concert in Vienna State Opera building.

Still in Vienna, you can also visit the beautiful parliament building!

One of the conference rooms of the Austrian parliament building in Vienna that has Greek’s interior design with the statues of Greek god and goddess.

Magnificent mountainous view and lake along Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a small fairytale-like village located around 2,5 hours by train from Vienna. After the exhausting semester, this place might be the best option to enjoy a sip of hot coffee or maybe hot a bowl of hot goulash soup accompanied by the beautiful scenery.

The Original Sound of Music tour in Salzburg

The St. Michael’s Church where they were filming the wedding scene of Captain Georg von Trapp and Maria.

Not only the movie scenes, the Hohensalzburg Fortress is a place worth to visit near the old town.

Salzburg with the Austrian Alps as the background is the view we can enjoy from the top of the fortress.

Is there any better idea than visiting Austria?


“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen