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MUSIC: Your Savior or Your Downfall?

People say that music actually helps them to focus better. But, doesn’t it mean that if you are hearing music, you have two things to focus now? Does it really help?

Here are some facts that shows how music can help you concentrate.

#That annoying sound! 🙁

Imagine you are in a library and you are trying so hard to study as tomorrow is your exam, but there are small annoying noises like a student constantly sniffing or the sound of keyboard hitting that affects your concentration. Perhaps, that is the time to listen to some music to help you focus. Or, you can just ‘cringe’ your way through those noises…


#Instrumental music

Notice how certain airports use slow, instrumental music to help reduce tense and anxious atmosphere or coffee shops like Starbucks playing the same ambient instrumental music.

This fact is quite spot on because instead of doing your Digital Marketing plan assignment, you might be doing your own version of Bruno Mars concert!


#Your personality says it all

It is said that introversion and extroversion of a person can also affect whether listening to music while studying works or not. Introverts prefer things quiet and thus, works better without music or only a little at best. Whereas, extroverts, being as they are, prefer it loud, so we can say they work best with music.


Personally, I prefer to work with music as it helps to psych me up! How about you? Leave your opinions and comments below. 🙂

4 Reasons For Making Borneo As Your Next Holiday Destination!

Fancy going for a vacation a little bit further this holiday? Or perhaps in Southeast Asia? The land of Borneo is perfect for you!

The Land of Borneo

Here are four reasons why you should make Borneo as your next holiday vacation.

1. Beach Freak!

For those that just loves to enjoy and relaxing under the hot sun and sand beneath your skin, with the sound of waves ringing in your ears, here’s a few famous beaches in Borneo.

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Shangri La Rasa Ria beach

Pulau Sipadan

2.Hike your socks off!

Mount Kinabalu is perfect for the hikers. As one of the main tourist attraction in Borneo, you can either do a jungle trekking around the foot of the mountain or conquer the whole 4 095 meter mountain by trekking up to its peak.

Mount Kinabalu,Sabah

3.Become one with the apes

Borneo is also famous for its Orang Utan, one of the species of the great ape. There are a few national parks around Borneo that you can found them. Here’s one of the famous ones.

Sepilok Nature Resort

4.Attention to music lovers!!

In middle of July in every year, the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival will be held in Sarawak Cultural Village. It is a three day of an all-out music activities from workshops and performances from musicians throughout the world!

Rainforest World Music Festival



Your amazing journey starts by clicking the picture link below. Or, just leave your comment.

See you in Borneo! 🙂


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#SaltBae: The ‘Salty’ Sensation Gripping The Nation (Viral Marketing)

Have you ever heard of the nickname Salt Bae? This nickname was given to a Turkish Chef and a restaurant owner, Nusret Gökçe, after his video of preparing an Ottoman steak with a ‘sprinkle’ of humor and peculiarity, I might as well add, literally broke the internet and social media as it went viral worldwide.

For those who have not seen his video, here’s one of them.

His video went viral in social media such as Twitter and Instagram.


Even now, his restaurant has gained a huge fame, attracting customers from different parts of the world and even celebrities!

Welbeck Salt Bae!


Mesut Ozil!


Leonardo DiCaprio


Ben Affleck wearing Salt Bae shirt


Word around in the social media is that he is planning on opening a restaurant in London!

This is what we call viral marketing. A viral marketing is part of a business strategy that utilizes the use of social media in promoting products and services. In the case of Salt Bae, he creates a video that is peculiar and funny which grabs the attention of social media users and they, in turn, would share this posts and videos among their circles.

Do you have a business that you want to grow and viral? Well, why not try your own version of Salt Bae? Perhaps, maybe you can become the next Chicken Bae!!


Please do leave your comment below if you have any interesting ideas to share!