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Sports societies – making the most of your university experience

Social societies and university go hand in hand and is one the best decisions you can possible make whilst spending three years in a new city. All though each society is different and has a different reputation, they all offer a social experience like no other and gives you the opportunity to meet people who otherwise you simply would not.

It is generally considered a positive note if you actively play the sport of which society it is, however there is always a large amount of people who are simply social members and each society welcomes new people with open arms.

  • Committee roles: Each society has captains, social secretaries and even a president. Being a part of the committee not only grants you the opportunity to have responsibility of a large group of people and activities, this puts you in a variety of decision making situations and could benefit you in later life.
  • Socials: Socials are generally every week and consists of the club members gathering together, spending time with each other and generally going on a night out together. This allows you to meet like minded people and gives you a break from the strenuous schedules of university.
  • Staying Active: University lifestyle and staying healthy generally does not coincide together, however signing up to a sports team gives you the chance to train and play week in week out and maintain some level of exercise between all the lectures and socials.

The food hot spots of Hulls student area

Newland Avenue is the most buzzing street around the area of the university and with more and more restaurants opening up, it is vital to highlight what places are worth spending what little of your student loan on.

Level Bar and Grill –

Level Bar and Grill is on Newland Avenue and provides its customers with a relaxed and charming environment. Due to this Bar doubling up as a grill, it supply’s a large array of different drinks, whilst simultaneously offering traditional grilling cuisine that can compete with any restaurant in the area.

Sleepers –

Sleepers has been a staple food hotspot for students to visit on Newland Avenue for over a decade now. Whilst being more of a sit-down restaurant, the food it offers is top notch and one of the most affordable restaurants in the area. Due to it not transitioning to a bar at night, Sleepers has really focused to ensure that the food and the ambiance it offers, can really set it apart from its competition.

Dirty Bird –

Dirty Bird is unlike many other food hot spots in the area, all though you can eat in, Dirty Bird is a niche and upscale chicken shop that produces a variety of quality products that the general takeaway simply does not. The average student would often prefer to eat out as much as possible and Dirty Bird offers a high standard of food that is fresh and of immensely good value.


“Gods own Country” – A guide to Yorkshires sites to see

Yorkshire has been proclaimed to be “Gods own Country” (generally by the people who reside there), however we will now showcase what can make this county so memorable for all those who visit.

Temple Newsam –

This Tudor-Jacobean mansion has been on the land since the 12th century and due to careful restoration, is known as one of the greatest country houses in England. Whether you wish to explore the mansion itself, walk across the vast yet beautiful land or even visit the farms, showcasing a variety of animals, it offers an experience that you generally cannot experience anywhere else in the country.





Flamborough Head –

Flamborough is about as good as British seaside can be, with white cliffs that stretch for miles and beautiful hidden beaches, this little gem on the edge of Yorkshire really demonstrates how mesmerizing the sights of Northern England can be. Whether you want to go hiking, canoeing or simply exploring the vast regions, Flamborough gives you plenty to do and has no financial burden.


 Yorkshire Dales National Park –

This national park is one of the last remaining stretches of lands that truly encapsulates the beauty this country has to offer. The Yorkshire dales encompasses valleys, small villages and waterfalls, this region boasts the greatest natural sites England has  and simply exploring such an area will take you over a couple of days, providing visitors with a trip unlike any other.