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Hello I am Maters student at the University of Hull studying Advertising and Marketing. At undergraduate level I did Marketing degree at Hull. I Play Hockey for the Universities men's team and currently hold the position of been Vice president for the 2018/2019 season.

Top reasons to visit Stockholm summer school

Top reasons to Visit Stockholm Summer school

At Hull University you get the opportunity to have many experiences, one of which I had was the opportunity to visit Stockholm for a summer school so here are 3 reasons why you should go to Stockholm in Sweden



One of the first things you will notice about the area in Stockholm is the many places that are postcard-worthy views. Through my visit, I had plenty of photos like these, but the one chose I feel it illustrates Stockholm’s untouched natural beauty. The shot shows off the clear skies, intact forests and Pristine lakes.


Stockholm is rooted in a vast, rich history that dates back hundreds of years. The one thing that epitomises this is the Vasa ship which is a near perfectly preserved Swedish warship from the 1600s that was retrieved from Stockholm bay and now currently resides in a museum focused around this wonderful attraction


The final reason is the people you meet while there, as I met a wide variety of people from all corners of the world ranging from the land of Canada to South Korea. These are people I would never usually encounter in my day to day life, but I was lucky enough to meet them, to this day I still talk to them about everything.


Have you had any summer school or general travel experiences? If so feel free to leave a comment below and we can talk about it more.


Why sports teams are the key to a social life at University

Going to university can be a robust experience as most will leave their familiarities of home and venture to a new exciting city filled with new people. The best way to socialise to join a sports team like Hockey

Keeps you Active

When you go to university, you have no one cooking for you which can lead to the easy option of takeaways, but they are very unhealthy so you could find you gain weight quickly. Playing sport counteracts this with regular exercise as in Hockey we train or play five times a week which can help offset those 10 am Dominoes

Nights out

You can only have so many nights out with housemates so been on a sports team adds to your available options. This could be the memorable Wednesday nights out at asylum after social, or an impromptu piper Monday after a long training session. There will always be people like-minded people that want to go out as well

Knowing more people at University

Being on a sports team opens up many friendships with other clubs examples been the sister club of Ladies hockey, joint socials with ladies cricket and Netball league or squad. Doing so results in you knowing so many more people like course mates you had never met before to people studying completely different degrees to you.

Do you have any experiences with university sports teams?
Feel free to leave a comment below

Top 5 tips to a better night out photo

1. Make sure you know everyone’s there

It is essential that when you see the photographer coming that you locate your friends in preparation for it as you always want to include everyone, so no one misses out.

2. Try to have as much going on as possible

The next days once they get uploaded you want to be able to laugh and reflect on your states as no one is entirely photogenic all the time so you can look back and laugh.

3.Ensure strangers don’t pose with you

Nobody likes it when theirs a random stranger tagging along in it as you don’t know them and watch out for the poses behind too as they can ruin it.

4.Grab the Club sign

Holding the clubs sign is a so-called badge of honour as you can show your mates the place you went to so it saves the ‘where was this taken comment’ that you always get.

5. Not to upload the same photo

It’s the race to claim the photo as your own as you need to keep tabs to make sure you are the first to upload it to social media, so you get all the likes.

Do you have any night out picture tips to share?
If so then feel free to leave a comment below.