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22 from Essex Born in North London Interested in Marketing (especially digital and events). Support Tottenham Hotspur Have a BA Business and Marketing Have skills in website coding and a great understanding of wordpress management & design Ps4 gamer owner only play Fifa & Call of Duty & Fornite Game innovator Hobbies Football, website coding, driving and occasionally cooking

Lack of Social Life

I’m not the most social able guy, most of my friends like to go to the pub regularly and go ‘out-out’ Friday to Sunday mornings but that just doesn’t really suit me. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a cold cider (Magners preferably), but I prefer playing online with my friends some from around the world and working towards my business goals in my spare time.

‘Out Out’

At university, though it is likely that you will end up going ‘out-out’ with your university friends or friends from home if to celebrate completing a module or end of a semester. Here are just a few pictures of when I went out…

Online Socialising

Most my friends that I play online with play a variety of games, however, I prefer to stick to those that I’ve always played since growing up which are GTA, Fifa, COD and now a new game to 2017 is Fornite. I spend some nights during the week playing Fifa and Fornite but only for an hour or two just to communicate with my friends seeing how they are doing, not forgetting enjoying the game. My weekends are work and football orientated however I do find time in the evening to have a gaming session into the early hours of the next day.

Fancy a game or two?

PSN: TrueBennett95

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Travelling the UK

Everyone at university is from somewhere, some are from Hull some have travelled from one side of the country and others from the other side of the world. I love to travel around the world, however, I travel around the United Kingdom frequently where I love to drive around my three originals that, I live, lived and are gaining a Masters.


North London is where I was born, London is where I shop, love to eat, worked, lived and adore. Although London is no longer the place I live the fast pace environment, the beautiful buildings, the fine dining are just a few reasons to why I travel to the London not forgetting its the greatest city in the world.

Do you love to do these things?

1. Shopping
2. Fine Dinning
3. Beautiful Buildings

Yes, then why not visit London.

Do you need more reasons to go? Click Here


Essex is mostly known for The Only Way Is Essex but to me its where I grew up. I moved to Essex in year 7 at Billericay School and absolutely loved my time there. I love visiting back to Essex because of my friends, family, watching & playing football and its the place I call Home.

There are so many reasons why you should visit Essex.

Want to see the where The Only Way Is Essex are from? – Click Here

If seeing the places of where The Only Way Is Essex isn’t enough for you to visit, I don’t blame you. Here are some other reasons to why you should visit Essex


Hull, the city of Culture 2017, the city where I graduated and now studying a Masters. I have been here for four years completing a degree and now a Masters. My top reasons to why you should visit Hull are because of the amazing University, The deep is something you can’t see anywhere in the UK, Freedom festival is outstanding and finally, if you’re a southerner like I am you must try Chip Spice.

Never tried Chip Spice? You can read about it here

Here are 50 more reasons to persuade you to visit hull – Click Here

Have you been to any of these places before? Post your experiences in the comments below

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Facebook Login API | Web Development

Facebook API Login using Php

Hello and welcome back. This web development post is going to focus on how we log in to a website and register.
Login forms demotivate users when registering for a site or on logging in. Nowadays users search for a easy registration and easy login to save time. From a marketing perspective, it’s important to reduce the number of users from losing interest and bouncing away from the site and marketers need to gain maximized information while maintaining the attention of readers. Web developers and designers use Social Media API’s to log into their site making it much easier to register and login in with just two or fewer clicks.

For many beginners understanding API’s and implementing them isn’t easy and some people source the internet to find tutorials or open source codes that have code prepared. When I was searching online to see how accessible Social Media Login API’s were I didn’t find one simple website offering this service for free.
I decided to create my own Facebook API to be used as an open source for my bloggers only. Below are some screenshots of the code.


Link to project site

Download code directly for free (no signup)

Looking for something a bit more advanced watch this clip on how to build a more advanced Facebook login API

If you do need some additional support in customising this for your requirements then contact us here for a quote.

Or join StackOverflow Community

If you are interested in other social media API’s then stay tuned to my blog

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