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3 recommended food in Singapore

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Slices of poached chicken served with sliced cucumber. Accompanied by a bowl of hainanese rice, chilli sauce, Ginger Sauce and garlic. The typical chicken Hainanese this became national foods in Singapore. Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore sell in hawker stalls, up to 5-star restaurant. A number of restaurants also claims himself as the legendary or the most delicious. 

Located in:  1 Kadayanallur St, #01-10/11 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184. Hours: Everyday: 10am-5:30pm

Bee Bee Carrot Cake or fried rice cakes 

Fried carrot cake This savory Singapore does not contain carrot, at least not the kind that is colored orange. Its main ingredients precisely is rice flour and white radish also called white carrot. So the radish steamed after that cut into cube shape, and then fried with garlic, egg, and poh chai. after that it's ready to be served

Fried rice cakes fluffier and tender as well as generally called ' chai tow kway ' in dialect Teochew can be found in almost all the hawker centre. This snack are served in black (deep fried with a sweet black soy sauce) or white (original).

Located in : 50A Marine Terrace, #01-275 singapore 

Chicken Briyani Rice

This Indian food is very popular in Singapore, has a taste that is suitable for tourists. Its not too costly Food, lots of side dish in one plate choices. Chicken Briyani Rice becomes a Favorite menu with large portions, consisting of ¼ chicken, sauteed vegetables, hard-boiled eggs cut in two, crackers and curry sauce.

Located in:  Food Republic, Wisma Atria , 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore

The New Smartphone Choice is on Google Pixel 3

Google finally officially launched the Pixel 3 flagship duo, at an event in New York, USA. The visible difference is in the screen sector. The Pixel 3 Android phone carries a wider screen than its predecessor, which is 5.5 inches in sequence.

Google managed to trim the Pixel 3 mobile frame with a bezel less design Still the same as its predecessor, Pixel 3 relies on the advantages of camera components. The results of the photos are promised sharp with natural colors in various conditions.

But the Pixel 3 rear camera hasn't adopted a dual-camera trend. Google actually installed this feature for the front camera (selfie), each of which has 8 megapixel resolution. One front camera lens is useful for shooting 97-degree wide-angle. That way, users can aim for a group of selfies with maximum or easier selfies in front of the scene.


The core specifications of Pixel 3 include Snapdragon 845 chipsets, the best chips on the market today, 4GB RAM capacity, Bluetooth 5.0, and stereo speakers in the front for ferocious audio.

In addition, there is also a new security chip called "Titan M", claimed to be the best virtual security guard. The protection includes the confidentiality of login data, encryption of all partitions, application data security, and maintaining the integrity of the operating system.

A battery with a capacity of 2,915 mAh for Pixel 3. Google completes the Pixel 3 and features wireless charging up to 10 watts. With various specifications and features, Pixel 3 is sell at prices starting around $799  for variants with 64 GB of memory.

Summer holiday in Lombok island? start here!

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. In Lombok there are many foreign and local tourists on visited every summer vacation. This time I will show you beautiful and interesting places that you should visit, and also what activities you can do during the holidays.Let's go to the first destination.
  • Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas, Kuta Beach

This hotel is highly recommended with Great facilities amazing landscaping and private beach all add to an enjoyable and stress free vacation, unfortunately I don't have a photo of the room but you can access it from the accommodation platform.
One of the favorite activities at Novotel is beach volleyball, if guests want other activities the staff who always smile at the resort are always ready with any requests made in any form.

The thatched roofs combined with wooden pillars that adorn the pathway to a private beach and making it the best place to take photos and surrounded by tropical gardens.

  • Mawun beach

A stunning beach, not to far from Novotel hotel there are Mawun beach The water gets deep fast, perfect for surfing and very gentle waves.

  • Trawangan island

Trawangan island, offers a variety of beauty of the beach. You can walk around the Gili in about 1-2 hours. On Gili Trawangan you have to rent a bicycle, which you can get anywhere. However, often accommodations have private bicycle rentals. after that, we can rest while waiting for the sunset on the beach accompanied by a glass of coktails. And also, Available at Stud Horse Riding Adventures.