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Why not Macron as French president?

Unknown to the public until two years ago, Emmanuel Macron is a 39 years old former investment banker and economy minister who could become the next president of France. Last November, he took the decision to run for French election independently. Not identifying himself as both right and left on the spectrum, Macron is against the political system. Some people consider his policies as all over the place, while others see him as the leader to take the country in a new direction, with 15,000 people attending his campaign launch.

According to Macron, it is a mistake to believe that an election platform is the heart of a political campaign. He said, “Politics is a style, a magic”.  In his book,  ” Revolution “, Macron presents himself as a social democrat wanting that wants to maintain a capitalist economy with more social justice. Here are the most popular ideas promoted by Macron:

-Decreasing the gross and net income gap by removing health and unemployment contributions. This reform will allow couples to  get a guaranteed minimum wage and earnings of at least 500 euros.

-Create 15,000 additional places in jail during his five-year term. He wants zero tolerance with delinquency.

-Maintaining the 35 hours a week for young workers, but decreasing to 32 hours for elderly persons. Introduce freelance benefits in order to increase entrepreneurship.

-Increasing the retirement age from 60 to 67 years old.

-Creation of a cultural pass for 18 year olds in order to develop the artistic access to the youth of France.

See you on April 2017,

En Marche !

4 good reasons to watch La La Land

After Whiplash, Damien Chazelle  made an other masterpiece in LaLaLand, which is a reference to the city of Los Angeles and also of being out of touch with reality. The musical shares the life of  Mia (Emma Stone), who dreams of becoming an actress. While she is waiting for her dream to come true, she works as waitress in a café in Hollywood.  On the other side, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a piano player in a jazz club as a means of survival. Destiny is going to bring  both these big dreamers together.

  1. The casting with Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling is a perfect match, like a modern version of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill.
  2. The soundtrack is composed by Justin Hurwitz and written by Ben Pasek and Justin Paul makes the cinematic experience of the movie. The diversity of this soundtrack takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and makes the viewer want to dance in the street.
  3. It is aesthetically pleasing, with excellent use of colours, costumes and a wonderful image. If you want stars in your eyes, this movie is for you.
  4. The escapism that we need once in a while. After watching this film, you lose yourself in this masterpiece by Damien Chazelle. After the recent success of the filmmaker, you can’t wait for his next project.

Thank you again Damien

My first impression about England





Dear all,

I could not do a blog without sharing my own experience in the UK. So I would like to take this occasion to talk about it.

I landed at Manchester airport, my first view from the plane was football fields which was fitting of what I knew and heard about the UK.  From my understanding, football is considered like a religion in this country, and it turns out I was right.

I felt welcomed, which was important, as it made me feel very comfortable in a country I was not too familiar with. Being in a part of the world where weather is not the best, with a culture that is different to the one you know, I was comforted.

What I like about the UK is how differently they do certain things compared to other countries I have been to. One of the examples coming to my mind is the famous red double-decker bus, I have never seen buses like that somewhere else in the world.

An other thing I like is the pub culture, the atmosphere inside is very hearty and friendly with cheap  pints. Watching a rugby game in was a great thing to do, and you can feel a strong passion of English people, particularly, during a crunch day.

In my experience, the hardest thing is eating my dinner very early, I guess it means that everything is going well for me! I look forward to discovering more the land of Shakespeare!

Keep Calm