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Get your head free and play Lacross

I have never played Lacrosse before. In Germany Lacrosse is less popular than in the UK. Therefore, I took the initiative to learn this kind of sport during my exchange semester in Hull. In the second week of the semester, you will have the chance to inform you about all kind of sports and societies on the Campus. The Hull University Union will inform you about the exact date of the event. At this event, I’ve met some of the members of the University of Hull Lacrosse Men’s Team. So, I visited the first Lacrosse training at the same day.

Here are some impressions that await you.

Lacrosse Match

This is the first match I visited. However, only as a spectator. The playing field for home matches is natural grass. The daily training takes place on Astroturf. The sports fields are near Sports and Fitness Centre.

What do you need for this sport?

Lacrosse Stick

You don’t need to buy your own Lacrosse stick. The club has a lot of them.

Lacrosse Helmet

Same like Lacrosse stick. Don’t need to buy one.

Lacrosse Gloves

Very important to prevent injuries. And it’s also for free.

These three parts are the most important things you need for training. When you play a match against another club, you will need arm protectors too. Click here for a short introducing film.

It would be great when you join the team. Leave a comment if you think about it.

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Nearly the best way to spend 800 million euros

Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Germany. It is a metropolis with an infamous nightlife named “Reeperbahn”, an enormous harbour and one of the largest contiguous warehouse complexes named “Speicherstadt”. Since 2017 the Speicherstadt get’s a new tourist attraction. In January the city of Hamburg opened one of the most modern and expensive opera houses of the world – the Elbphilharmonie was born. Expensive means: 800 million euros, in words eight hundred million euros! The construction time took about 10 years of German engineering 🙂 The fundament of the Elbphilharmonie was an old warehouse. 

Elbphilharmonie in 2011

The construction progress in 2011. It seemed like a never-ending story…

Not just an opera house

The Elbphilharmonie also includes a luxury hotel, parking lot and private apartments.


The outer plaza allows a 360 degree view over the harbour of Hamburg. The entry to the platform is free for everyone. Even if you don’t buy a ticket for a concert.


The bigger opera hall has space for 2.100 people.  The smaller one has space for 500.

The Tube

One of the longest escalator of the world. 82 meter long and curved.


Finally, the Elbphilharmonie shines in all it’s glory.

If you are interested in visiting the Elbphilharmonie, whether as a tourist, a concert visitor or a hotel guest, please let a comment!! For the exact place of this building just click here.

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“Why Hull…?”

…as an exchange student this questions you will hear often! No matter who ask’s you. Many people of my Hometown know neither Hull nor the University of Hull. You have to answer these question the locals in Hull as well as the people in your Hometown.

Of course there are some points why you can vote against Hull – Kingston upon Hull has a population of about 258k and is located in the northeast of UK. Well, it’s not the richest City of England.

Beverley Road

You will find a lot of places like Beverley Road. No Castles, no sheep, nothing of the romantic imagination of a sleepy small city in the UK. Back to my initial question.

And, why Hull?


As an exchange student, the focus is not only on study. You need to perform at all the student party’s ;). Asylum is a club right on the campus. A great and safe place for clubbing with your fellow students.

Brynmor Jones Library

One of the best Libraries I have ever been ­­– Very modern and a lot of space. Even with an own twitter account.

Business School

I had a lot of contact with the employees of the Business School. Especially with those from the International Office. They are very polite and will help you with all your questions. Besides, there is no problem to change modules after your arriving.

Believe me. It is worth to study in Hull. Leave a comment and let me know if you come to Hull!

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