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5 Simple Rules of Happiness

“Happiness” the amazing feelings someone can possess, when you are happy people wish to be around you. It is simple, the positive vibes attract positive peoples.

Listen to your heart

Here are my five rules of happiness:

  1. Be easy on yourself

We only got one life and our time on this earth is limited so its important to live the most of it while its end. From the teenage my father always says to me that worrying about things out of our control is harmful for our attitude and the ability to be happy.

2. Set your Targets

Don’t let other people decide for you what to do. Everyone have different priorities for targets some one wants money, luxurious cars and fancy items while for others it might be free time, family gathering or enjoying what they love to do.

3. Never underestimate your power

Everyone does mistakes, it doesn’t mean you should quit but instead for that do-over again and again until you succeeded. Never be old to do things which makes you happy.

4. Worry Less about What People will think

To be honest, who are exactly they? As long as they are paying my bills and living my life I can consider, but “they” don’t know exactly what is best for me. I have to define my happiness and determined what I have to do in life.

5. Do Which is Best for You

The routine and the static and manual policies life are the worst. There are some rules which are obviously important to follow. If you don’t like the rules get it out from your life, get your own rules which ultimately makes you happy.

Hope everyone is setting their own rules.

Explore the Hidden Hull

Hull is not the home for museums but also for the astonishing sights, deliberate traditional coffee shops and pubs, the old 19th century periodical buildings but to the amazing hull old town, marina and the fish trail map.

English Breakfast at Thieving Harry’s Hull Marina.

The hull old town is a hidden treasure not only a home for museums but the place to experience amazing sights to see, from the traditional coffee shops, pubs and the amazing 19th-century buildings to the fish trail map. I first experience the full English breakfast at Thieving Harry’s the nice and stunning views coffee shop in hull marina. The experience was amazing it was a nice sunny day, with the fresh wind from the hull river I ordered breakfast with cappuccino and I have amused with the taste and the environment it was spontaneous.

Me trying first time the English Breakfast it was just amazing.

The foreshore is amazing view point to sight the amazing river Humber and the stunning Humber Bridge. It is situated in front of Humber Bridge country park on the edge of River Humber it also the start of Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail. It is an excellent place to walk with nice picnic areas and adjacent car park.

Sunset at Foreshore with stunning view of Humber Bridge.

The Foreshore is about 10 minutes’ drive from the hull city center the perfect time to enjoy is the sunset. The day I visit was a bit rough but spending time and seeing the amazing sunset sight with the stunning view of Humber Bridge faded away all the worries and I felt so amazing and fresh.

I will recommend it to everyone.

What is Erasmus+ Exchange?

Two years ago I made a decision to study abroad, and I have never regretted this choice.

After completing my bachelor’s degree from Pakistan in Business Management with specialization in Human Resource Management I planned to study abroad. Being an outstanding student in the class I have been accepted for an ERASMUS+ program in Europe. The program was for a master’s degree in three different countries Italy, Germany and the UK after securing excellent grades in Italy and Germany I moved to the University of Hull, UK. The main thing which I felt the most were the language bearer during my stay at Italy and Germany I always felt like an outsider in the community when I came to the UK, I felt like home I can easily communicate, understand and adopt the culture.

University of Hull, Feb 2017

That makes easy for me to fit in the British educational system. As the lecturer is every week but I do get free time, and that’s different from my home country, Italy and Germany and I can easily do independent study. The first month I feel a bit culture shocked. The weather, the size of the university, the study environment, and the lifestyle because there are many different people from different cultures and continents.  Also, to find the Halal food and Muslim community was hard to find in the start but now Hull feels like home. Whenever I went to another city like Manchester, Birmingham, London etc I feel missed Hull and when I reach to Hull dual carriageway, I felt like I am home.

I’m glad I made this decision because I learned a lot.