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I’m Alexia - I’m 22 and am currently doing a masters in Marketing and Advertising (obviously) after completing an undergrad in Psychology. In my spare time I go to the gym and buy unnecessary amounts of clothes and make up - often at the same time. I also enjoy baking, reading and binge watching shows on netflix - In short I’m a typical student.

Why you should visit Newcastle immediately

Growing up a proud Geordie, when asked where I would recommend visiting in England, I will always suggest Newcastle for many reasons – below are a few of my favourites:

– The rich history
Founded by the Romans in the second century AD, this city has seen many civilizations live in it and all have left their mark. With architecture from the beginning of the century such as Hadrian’s wall to the landmarks from the beginning of the millennia such as the millennium bridge. To travel through Newcastle is to travel through time.

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– The food
Founding the culinary masterpiece that is Greggs – you can safely assume that Geordies know how to cook. From a meat slider from The Hop and Cleaver to afternoon tea at Jesmond Dene house, there is a plethora of different cuisines to enjoy during your time in the city. Find the best here.

(Photo source: Hop and Cleaver)

– Football
This is perhaps the most associated with Newcastle is their football culture. With the resources to accommodate over 50,000 fans at a time, St James’ park is the largest football stadium in England and was used as the football venue for the Olympics. Even if you aren’t a football fan, visiting the stadium is an absolute must.

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– The people
Geordies have a strong reputation for being both incredibly friendly and incredibly difficult to understand, so when you visit – as you undoubtedly will – please find attached a guide for speaking geordie.

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Is there anything else you love about Newcastle? Want to leave any comments about your own favourite city? Leave them below!

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The art of giving up

In 2016 I made the bold decision to challenge myself to give something new up every day of the month, this was to challenge the idea that it takes 21 days to break a habit. When looking back on that year I found that I remembered it being rather easy, maybe some months were harder than others (cheese was a big one) but it was definitely doable! This was going to be easy right?


In order to make this challenge a bit more – well – challenging, I decided that each thing had to improve my life in some way, so I decided that for the month of January I would attempt to live waste-free.

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To begin with this challenge was easy, I started with simple changes such as swapping cotton buds for flannels when removing make-up, stocking up on Lush products (the packaging consists of 90% recyclable materials) and buying loose fruit and vegetables… then I made it to the meat aisle. Looking through the the local supermarket I found that almost everything I bought was wrapped in non-recyclable materials.

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This month forced me to take a look at my shopping habits, think about how to approach products in a different way, and forced me to make the extra effort that would benefit not only myself but the environment.

This challenge so far has been difficult but had proven to me that I am able to adjust my life for the better, but I must admit, the second the clock hit midnight on the first of March, I ate an entire bar of Dairy Milk. Some things just don’t change.

Long-haul flights: A survival guide

In recent years, travelling and the benefits of experiencing new cultures has become increasingly popular. If you are lucky enough to be exploring far off lands any time soon then hopefully these suggestions can help make your flights a little more comfortable!

1. A Travel Pillow
Whilst this may seem like an obvious one, you’d be surprised how often this vital piece of carry on is overlooked.

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Putting your posture under large amounts of pressure, can cause significant long-term damage – with 88% of people complaining of neck pain following a flight. You can find a list of the best travel pillows here.

2. Snacks
When the reputation is so bad that chef Gordon Ramsey will refuse to eat on a plane it’s safe to assume that aeroplane food is – at best – edible.

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With food being prepared between 12-72 hours before, you can’t be blamed for wanting to avoid it. I find that before the flight it’s best to raid the duty-free sections for over-sized chocolate bars or a sandwich, whilst this may not be the reach of culinary excellence, at least you know what you’re getting.

3. Moisturiser
In the UK we often enjoy humidity of around 50%, when cabins can reach lows of around 10% it’s no surprise that spending hours in this environment can lead to dehydrated skin.

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Keep your favourite in your carry on or bring a sheet mask, providing you take the time to moisturise your skin will thank you. Find the best moisturisers of 2018 here.

Do you consider these travel essentials? If you have any more then let us know!