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Let your hair down in Hull!!

I’d be confident in saying that Hull offers a diverse nightlife scene…. there’s something for everyone in this amazing city.

Take a look at what the city of culture has to offer…


A firm favourite. Often packed with students looking for cheap drinks and a place to throw some shapes on the various dancefloors. Thursdays you’ll air guitar  to Indie and Rock classics, Saturdays you’ll strut your stuff to old school classics and chart anthems and occasionally you’ll attend Welly’s DnB night Shinobi. Don’t forget to have really drunken picture taken by the resident photographer.

Source; Ents 24


Only open Saturdays, Spiders is the place if you want to mosh, get sweaty and have a blast. The darkened building hosts 3 rooms of music including a Motown room. The drinks are ridiculously cheap and come in all types of weird and wonderful colours. Just don’t let the prices fool you into drinking too many Pangalactic Gargleblaster’s or Green Gremlin’s otherwise them weird and wonderful colours will be reappearing down your toilet when you get home.

Source; HEYtoday

–The Sugarmill– 

Sugar as its known to us locals is Hull’s largest nightclub. Its open Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays and generally plays chart, RnB, house and old school classics, so you’re spoilt for choice really. Just be aware if RnB is your forte, its on the top floor and the stairs are not forgiving to those in huge heels. Want to see some hot totty from your favourite reality TV show? Sugar is the place.

Source: The Sugarmill


Drink responsibly!

Bahamas on a Budget

    View from my window of Nassau port

 The Bahamas really is heaven on Earth and the great thing is it’s so cheap! Here are some amazing things to do when you’re on a budget…

                                                   Junkanoo Beach 

An idyllic beach situated just a 10 minute walk from the city centre. Its pure white sands provide a comfortable place to lay and bask in the hot temperatures. When you’ve had enough of relaxing, the turquoise waters await to help you cool down. Drinks can be brought to you; we got a selection of 4 beers for $5 served in ice. We were lucky enough to catch Junkanoo festival too, which was fun!

A hidden gem, cheap drinks and away from the tourist areas.

      A stroll

A stroll costs nothing and the Island of Nassau provides plenty of beautiful scenery to take your breath away. Stopping for the occasional swim at one of the picturesque shorelines can help relieve your feet.

Cute little boats we came across on our walks.

       Window Shopping

Okay maybe you’d be tempted to spend money but honestly Nassau hosts some beautiful shopping outlets. It is more than possible to walk down the colourful streets and look at the bespoke jewellery, homemade cigars and local rum without buying it. And if you do have some spending money, you’ll be sure to catch a bargain with its duty-free prices

Source: Cruise Critic

You could step on this island with nothing in your pockets and still have the time of your life.  Discover more. 


Doing Disney Grown-Up ♛

As an adult, “I’m off to Disneyworld!” is typically met with “but you don’t have kids, it’ll be full of them” paired with skewed faces. Truth is, it’s massive myth that Disneyworld is just for children.

My first trip to Florida to visit ‘the most magical place on earth’ was in fact for my 21st birthday and it certainly offered a lot for adults. 

Standing on the beach at Disney’s infamous Boardwalk Lake……not a child (nor adult) in sight!

Disney hotels can be found in every theme imaginable.

Disney’s Art of Animation Hotel….very popular with children.

Trick is to stay at one in which doesn’t boast massive statues of the Little Mermaid or Nemo and you’ll be sure to avoid an abundance of little ones.

Disney does well to provide adult-only sections and smaller pools dotted around the resorts to avoid overcrowding at the main ones.

Enjoying turning 21 poolside in the adults-only section; Saratoga Springs Resort.
The main pools stayed open till midnight, way past most children’s bedtimes. Which meant us adults could have a cheeky go on the slides without queuing.

Never once was my sleep disturbed by screaming babies, my breakfast ruined by unruly toddlers or my precious sunbathing time cut short by disruptive teens.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom before the crowds…this park opens an hour early for people who are staying on Disney property. You can get on all your favourite rides before it gets manic!

Parks were of course busy, it’s impossible to hide from 1000’s of prams!!! However the rides that interested me were often too “grownup” for children and therefore the only time I heard “I want to get off, I don’t like it” was when I was screaming it.

The famous Hollywood Tower, didn’t have the guts to ride this one.
Expedition Everest… the world’s most expensive rollercoaster. I am on this picture somewhere screaming!!

I can’t deny that my inner child didn’t awaken when spotting some of my favourite characters and I may have hopped on the cup and saucers whilst stuffing my face with candy floss once or twice!

I can see why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up.