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Silva the loan ranger

Hull City, who currently stand in 18th place in the Premier League, will stay up this year and avoid relegation to the Championship.

Why?  Marco Silva- that’s why.

Marco Silva

Usually for Hull the first half of the season is the best half, and as soon as January comes all they do is lose. However, this year is different. Hull have lost, home and away games, repeatedly since appointing Mike Phelan as the full time coach.

While the fans supported Phelan, he did not provide results. The owners (Don’t get me started on them) decided to fire Phelan early January, and almost immediately hire a young man called “Marco Silva”.

Mike Phelan

While Silva does not have any previous English football experience, he has brought a strong tactical attitude.

Attention to detail has seen performances improve, especially against some of the top clubs in English football.

A 2-1 win against Manchester United, to break a streak of 16 games unbeaten, showed the determination and spirit of a revitalised team.

Marco Silva went wild in the transfer window- bringing in 3 attacking players on a permanent  basis, and 5 loan players to help secure safety from relegation.  The players he have brought in have all shown a determination to play for a coach who believes in them.

Marco Silva’s nickname due to his series of loan signings

Only 7 points separates 14th and 20th place, showing that anything can happen. But Hull have shown drastic improvement, enough to raise the hopes of many Hull fans.

Not sure about the rules of American Football? Go no further.

American Football can seem a relatively confusing game to watch, if you don’t know the basics.

In a quick nutshell: The game is played by two teams, of which their aim is to get the ball into the opponents “end zone”.

Once the ball gets into the end zone, by either running or throwing the ball to a team-mate, the team scores a “touch down”- worth 6 points. The team then has the opportunity to kick the ball through the posts for an addition 1 point.

“American football is a game of yards and inches”

Once the ball is thrown, or ran, by the attacking team, they are not considered “down” until they are tackled or the ball hits the ground.

The attacking team must move the ball a total of 10 yards, in what is known as “four downs”. The team has four chances to gain 10 yards, if they are successful they get another “four downs” to move it a further 10 yards (until they reach the “end zone”).

Following me so far?

If the team doesn’t reach 10 yards within four downs, then they must either “punt” the ball to the opposition or try for a field goal (worth 3 points).

All in all there are far too many rules and plays to explain in this introduction to American Football. Learning as you watch is the best way to fully understand.

If you have any questions about American Football, please just drop a question in the comments box and I’ll get back to you!

A brief encounter of the greatest game ever

This blog is about American Football, if you’re not aware of the rules of American Football, you can find them in my previous blog here!

Firstly, I’d like to say that my team won (New England Patriots)..but that in no way will bias this post.

Underdogs- Atlanta Falcons, against the favourites- New England Patriots. This being said the majority of the USA were cheering on the Atlanta Falcons (Something to do with New England being too good).

Okay so i’ll admit it, the first half wasn’t a great half. Patriots down by a score of 21-3. However, if Atlanta can score 21 points in a single half…so can the Patriots?

End of the 3rd Quarter saw the score increase 28-9. Not looking good at all.

But this is where the game gets exciting. After several hours of American football, the Patriots find some rhythm in the final Quarter.

The Patriots rally to successive touchdowns and suddenly the game is 28-20. With 2 minutes and 25 seconds left on the game clock, Brady throws the ball…it gets knocked in the air by Atlanta…it falls slowly…it’s grabbed by a Patriot… Is it caught? Is the Game over?


Out of nowhere the game is tied, 28-28. Time for overtime!

The Patriots can’t lose now? Right?

Right. THEY WON, on the opening “drive” of overtime!