Money Matters!


Firstly nothing comes for free in life, especially money. Now that I have your attention, I would like to point out the advantages of having a part-time job at the University of Hull.
It is to be mentioned the relevance and the importance of a part-time job at the University of Hull, I can testify of it. Regardless of pursuing a master’s degree,I have being able to find the time to work at the Student Union to earn some extra cash. How is this possible?

Sometimes Student finance may not be enough to cover your living cost and the only way to put up with the extra cost of living is to take up a part-time job. Now you may be wondering where you could get such opportunity.

Hull Student Union offers various part-time job opportunities, ranging from, Bars, restaurants, shops and Asylum (then University night club). Working on campus is convenient as you are not far from lectures and home. Working and studying on campus can make you feel more connected to the University. Secondly you get to choose your working hours in order to avoid any clashes with your lectures and to help you concentrate more on your studies during exam period after “Hull” the University Union Understands that your degree comes first. It is also to be mention that Hull Student union offer competitive wages.
Apply today to earn some extra cash at the uni of Hull:

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