Common flour types in British supermarkets

Many Chinese want to make some dumplings, but they are going to the supermarket to buy flour to make some dumplings, looking at the shelves on the Plain Flour, Self Raising Flour, Strong White Flour... Is it confusing?Let me introduce you to the common types of flour in the UK,and show you which one is used to make dumplings and which one is used to make cakes.
  •                                                            Cake FlourThis kind of flour is suitable for making cake flour with soft texture, such as red velvet cake, black forest, etc.
  •                                                             Plain FlourThis is the simplest flour that can be bought in a British supermarket, only flour, without adding anything else. Like dumpling skin, pit cake skin, noodles, small biscuits are available
  •                                                   Self Raising FlourIf you make a pastry with your own noodles, put it in the oven and bake it and it will swell up. The British will use the self-made powder to make scones or any flour that needs to be fluffy.

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