Three Excellent Foods of Cyprus

Cyprus has a famous and unique mixture of Greek and Turkish customs within the sole Mediterranean cooking culture.

In order to analyze the traditional food of Cyprus, Kleftiko is one of the reputed and delicious Cypriot dish, which is made from the lamb’s legs. It is possible to cook Kleftiko at both ground and baking oven. Kleftiko also served with the potatoes baked in the same oven and splashed with lemon juice.

Another famous and delicious meat food in Cyprus is Souvla. Before the cooking souvla, chefs don’t have to do anything with lamb or pork. They cut meat into the big portions and cook on the open fire for an hour and a half. Barbecue is the best way to cook souvla and during the first hour, souvla achieve golden brown color on the high above the coal. Souvla is usually served with salad, chips and Halloumi cheese.

Halloumi is another reputed and delicious Cypriot food and also known as Cypriot cheese which is made from the blend of goat’s and sheep’s milk. The cooking of the Halloumi is very easy because it Halloumi has a high melting point which enables chefs to fry and grill this food. Halloumi is also used in Cypriot cuisine as an independent dish and in salads. At the summer, Halloumi is very delicious with the watermelon. In 1999, Halloumi was registered and officially became a product of Cyprus.

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