My Digital Footprint

Show me your Digital Footprint and I will tell you who you are!

What is my online reputation?

Interestingly, in today’s Digital world, one’s privacy can easily become someone else’s business and it is a shame to admit the little attention given to the importance of one’s digital Footprint hence why WEAVER and GAHEGAN, 2019 state: “every shred of digital data” left behind as a person conducts their life online, by friends and family as well as the individual themselves.


My online presence ranges predominantly from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to Totaljobs.

I manage a business account on Instagram, I take advantage of this platform to share pictures and workout videos, incentivizing my target audience on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to raise the awareness of one’s Health is not an Expense but rather an investment. My account is fairly easy to find given that my user name is my full name, separated with an underscore

Initially, Facebook was “The” place to let loose to express myself as a teenager and with time I have become more and more detached from it. I hardly ever publish anything on Facebook, it comes in handy to stay in contact with family and friends.
Surprisingly there are a lot of Facebook users called Eric Martin, in fact, Eric Lee Martin, a famous American rock singer is the first person to appear when one looks up my profile.

My LinkedIn account is totally not up to date and honestly speaking I cannot remember the last time I logged into it and given its importance and utility, I am quite ashamed of that.

Once upon a time, I used to be quite active on Twitter, about 7 years an ago, however, I no longer remember my login details and I feel some worth defenseless as I may be self-inflicting some damages to my image to potential employers who may look up my account.

Totaljob is a Job-website I occasionally use to search for jobs, I have not dedicated a substantial amount of time to it even though I should.

I maintain a healthy Digital Footprint, as I have no embracing or disturbing images on any of my profiles nor have I ever made any punishable comment on a discussion site or as a review that could tarnish my image.

In order to build a professional Footprint as a professional marketer, I need to review existing contents connected to my profile as I have not implemented any privacy settings on any of these media platforms I utilize, delete an inappropriate contents that would reflect poorly on me, even though Pfeffer (Salganik, 2018), would argue against it. I will endeavor to join groups that foster my curricular or extracurricular interest I.e. follow Men’s Health on Instagram, to exploit the fitness sector and to share my workout videos on their page and by also contributing thoughtful response and questions.
I intend to build a brand for myself, most importantly on LinkedIn, by uploading essays and coursework I have performed well in and finally, implementing private settings on Facebook to avoid being tagged in content that would reflect poorly on my image. I envisage to attain this goals before the Easter break in order to apply for jobs.

Salganik, M. (2018). Bit by bit. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

How to be an Expert in E-Marketing!

Nowadays, e-marketing is one of the most important tools in marketing, and most businesses would not survive without e-marketing. Nowadays, most people use the internet for everything in their daily life even if they want to buy food or drinks! As a marketer, you need to be an expert in this field and know everything about it. Here are some unique ways to be an expert with e-marketing:

1.Follow the experts in e-marketing:

Social media is one of the best platforms to start learning about e-marketing, and it is one of the main marketing channels nowadays. If you would like to get free advise, just find the best e-marketing bloggers and follow them.

2. Watch and learn:

Listening to podcasts, watching videos and reading articles of experts in this field will inspire you and know the e-marketing better.

3. Discuss:

Do you speak to people?

If you get a chance to spend a day at a marketing company that would be brilliant!

Try to speak as much as you can to marketers, so you can know how to solve the problems that they face.

4. Keep it up to date:

The best way to be an expert in e-marketing is to follow the updates and the latest news because e-marketing is a dynamic field and improve very quickly.

You need to think first about the e-marketing strategy which suits your goals. DO NOT DO IT RANDOMLY BECAUSE IT WILL COST YOU A LOT!

5 Things You Should Avoid When You Visit London!

Are you planning to visit London this summer? London is a really fabulous city and deserves to be visited. It has so many tourist attractions and entertainment places. However, there are some things you should not do during your visiting there because that will limit your joy there and cost you lots of money!

1- Not Getting Oyster Card:

This card is one of the best ways to save money when you go to London because it gives you a discount for all of the public transports.

2- Visiting many landmarks in one day:

London is a huge city, and there are many places to visit, so avoid visiting many landmarks in one day because it will cost you a lot of money, and you will not enjoy your time there.

3- Not Booking in Advance:

It is always better to book in advance for visiting crowded places such as the London tower, London eye, and London zoo because it is always cheaper when you book online.

4- Staying away from the city center:

Some people look for hotels located far from the center to pay less, but that is wrong!
Staying away from the center means that you will have to walk or spending much money on public transport besides wasting time.

5- Lots of Tipping:

Tipping is not mandatory in the United Kingdom, but if you want to tip for a special service, of course, they will appreciate. This is a reward not imperative.

Did you know that you can visit the most expansive city in the world with spending less money!!

Coffee for a Better Life!

No doubt that coffee is the best drink for most people. Some of them feeling frustrated and laziness if they do not start their day with it!

Have you thought of its psychological and health benefits? And do you know it is beneficial for your teeth and skin?

Coffee has too many benefits some of them are known, and yet to discovered.

This blog shows you some of the different benefits of drinking coffee.

| Coffee’s benefits for your body:

1- Improve the level of power and intelligence

2- Burn fat.

3- Reduce the danger of getting type 2 diabetes.

4- Protection of getting Alzheimer.

5- Helps to protect your liver if you drink it wisely!.

6- Relieves depression and improve your mode.

7- Reduces the danger of getting some specific kind of cancers.

| Coffee’s benefits for your skin:

1- Stimulate blood circulation.

2- Source of antioxidants according to researchers at the University of Scranton.

3- Helps to clean your skin of dead cells.

4- Peeling skin by using some descriptions that have coffee as the main component.

Besides, coffee has so many benefits for your hair, and it could be one of the ways that help to lose weight.

Coffee could relive headache and activate memory!

Do you know that coffee could relieve pain? And they use with manufacturing some types of medicines!

After reading all of these benefits, will you still uncertain?

How to travel on a budget

Who doesn’t love travelling? Seeing new places, trying exotic foods, experiencing different cultures… it all sounds amazing until you realise you are a student and you have zero money. The reality is that expanding your horizons and creating new memories doesn’t have to cost a fortune. To help you get the most out of your future travels, here is a list of some useful tips that will help you save money:

  1. Travel off-peak. ✈️

Most plane tickets are very expensive during holidays, so try to look for tickets during other seasons that are not Christmas, Easter and the summer months. According to a report made by the travel search engine Kayak, you can save up to 57% if you book at the right time. Plus, it will be less crowded.

  1. Look for “secondary” destinations. 🗺📍

More often, we look for holidays in the most popular cities while we ignore other not-so-popular destinations. Next time you are looking to stay in a popular city, try search around the map for towns nearby – they may surprise you! For example, in Spain, Guadalajara is a secondary destination for Madrid.

  1. Ask the locals. 🗣

In every city there is a wide range of free activities to do that, we, as tourist, don’t know about. For this, there are great free apps such as Localeur and Spotted By Locals which provide you with suggestions and tips from locals.

What about you? Do you have any tips and tricks to save money while travelling? Share them in the comments below!

Pictures provided by Pixabay.

How to learn languages fast

Have you ever given up on learning a new language because it was too hard and you felt overwhelmed? That’s a common feeling for most of us. Nevertheless, there are some tips and tricks that you can use that will make the process easier and quicker:

1. Watch movies in their original version and focus on the subtitles.📝🎥

From my personal experience, this is one of the best ways to have fun while learning languages. Not only are you watching a show, but reading the subtitles and listening to the pronunciation will help you more than you think, especially if you take notes (about new vocabulary, grammar, etc) while watching the show.

  1. Use language learning apps.📱

Nowadays there are many free apps that you can easily download and use on your phone. Duolingo and Babble are two popular options that will allow you to learn on the go, from anywhere you want and in an interactive way.

  1. Talk to locals.🗣

Even though it can be embarrassing if you don’t trust your abilities, talking to local people is the best way to fully immerse yourself in the culture and learn. If you can’t afford to travel to that country, Hull university has more than 1,300 international students from over 100 different countries, and some of them are happy to have a mutually beneficial conversation with you! Hull university offers plenty of resources for you to practice with someone else.

What about you? Are there any techniques that have helped you? Share them down below!

Architecture, tapas, and culture: a guide to Oviedo

When people ask me whereabouts Spain I am from, I always get the same answer: “I’ve never heard of it!”. Most people only know about Madrid and Barcelona, nonetheless, Spain is full of beautiful places to be discovered – such as Oviedo. This medium-sized old city was founded in 762, it is located in the north of the country, and it has about 200.000 citizens. Here is a list of the top three places worth visiting in Oviedo:

  1. Santa María del Naranco.⛪️

In this city you can see some of the oldest Christian buildings in Spain, such as the “Santa Maria del Naranco” church. Its construction finished in 848 and you can visit it for only 3 euros.

2. Restaurant “La Sureña”.🍻🥘

If you are a student in a low budget, you will love this restaurant as much as I do. Situated in the city centre, it offers all kinds of tapas for every taste – and prices are not higher than 5/6 euros for each plate!

3. Archaeological museum.🎟

Oviedo has plenty of free museums (perfect if you are a student in a low budget), but the archaeological museum is, by far, my favourite. It was established in 1844 and it displays elements from all major cultural periods – from prehistory to our modern times. The picture below is a sculpture from the IX century:


What about you? Have you ever visited Spain? If so, let me know in the comment section below!

Why Have A Gym Buddy

Why have a gym buddy: How to solidify your friendship.
How many times have you been tempted to abandon your workout halfway through? Those who may have trained at least once with a friend can confirm its benefits. You mate will boost you up when on the edge of giving up. If you are not convinced yet, here are reasons why it is best to have a gym buddy.

Having a gym buddy can fun, you can work out and laugh at the same time which is one way to make working out even more fun and stimulating. Instead of doing a simple plank challenge for example, you can enter the clap or throw a ball while doing sit ups.

One of the main reasons for doing sports together is social interaction as you can form a social group. Reaching a goal on your own is rewarding, but sharing your successes with friends who know how hard you have trained gives even more satisfaction. Sport together is not only more fun but strengthens friendships.

Even training with your partner has benefits for a couple. Not only does it improve the stability and happiness of a couple, but also the passion. All you need is a ride together, a bike ride or a gym workout.

Are you still on the sofa or have you already called a friend with whom to workout?

Leave us a comment and tell us if you prefer to train alone or in company and why.

Money Matters!


Firstly nothing comes for free in life, especially money. Now that I have your attention, I would like to point out the advantages of having a part-time job at the University of Hull.
It is to be mentioned the relevance and the importance of a part-time job at the University of Hull, I can testify of it. Regardless of pursuing a master’s degree,I have being able to find the time to work at the Student Union to earn some extra cash. How is this possible?

Sometimes Student finance may not be enough to cover your living cost and the only way to put up with the extra cost of living is to take up a part-time job. Now you may be wondering where you could get such opportunity.

Hull Student Union offers various part-time job opportunities, ranging from, Bars, restaurants, shops and Asylum (then University night club). Working on campus is convenient as you are not far from lectures and home. Working and studying on campus can make you feel more connected to the University. Secondly you get to choose your working hours in order to avoid any clashes with your lectures and to help you concentrate more on your studies during exam period after “Hull” the University Union Understands that your degree comes first. It is also to be mention that Hull Student union offer competitive wages.
Apply today to earn some extra cash at the uni of Hull:

5 Simple Rules of Happiness

“Happiness” the amazing feelings someone can possess, when you are happy people wish to be around you. It is simple, the positive vibes attract positive peoples.

Listen to your heart

Here are my five rules of happiness:

  1. Be easy on yourself

We only got one life and our time on this earth is limited so its important to live the most of it while its end. From the teenage my father always says to me that worrying about things out of our control is harmful for our attitude and the ability to be happy.

2. Set your Targets

Don’t let other people decide for you what to do. Everyone have different priorities for targets some one wants money, luxurious cars and fancy items while for others it might be free time, family gathering or enjoying what they love to do.

3. Never underestimate your power

Everyone does mistakes, it doesn’t mean you should quit but instead for that do-over again and again until you succeeded. Never be old to do things which makes you happy.

4. Worry Less about What People will think

To be honest, who are exactly they? As long as they are paying my bills and living my life I can consider, but “they” don’t know exactly what is best for me. I have to define my happiness and determined what I have to do in life.

5. Do Which is Best for You

The routine and the static and manual policies life are the worst. There are some rules which are obviously important to follow. If you don’t like the rules get it out from your life, get your own rules which ultimately makes you happy.

Hope everyone is setting their own rules.