Five Chinese Folk Metaphysics

Five Chinese Folk Metaphysics namely: Mountains, Medicine, Life, Bu(divination), Xiang(Physiognomy).

Mountain, that is, Immortal Theorpy, including the practice of alchemy, alchemy, and Fulu.

Medicine, that is, traditional Chinese medicine, with the help of meridians(science of channels and collaterals), to guide, ancient praying and treated with medicines.

Life, that is, Fate theory, relying on Four Pillars of Destiny, Horoscope, and gods to reason fate.

Are you curious about what is your Chinese Bazi? You could use this website to caculate it. You just need to remember what time and which date you borned.

Bu, that is, divination, Taiyi, Qimen, Liuyi is the type of Bu, Mei Yi, Liu Yi is the Guabu, measuring words, dreams, drawing lots for miscellaneous, smashing, throwing money for Yizhan, to predict good or bad.

Xiang, that is, Physiognomy, is a profound knowledge, including Xiang Tianshu (star signs), Xiangdi technique(feng shui) ——which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, Physiognomy (recognize your personality or furtune from the face, palm, body, sound and so on)

These five metaphysics is popular in ancient China, so it’s not be authenticated as real science. Not so many Chinese people believe in them, however, some little villages still trust them. Sometimes people find it makes sense in a case, but I believe life is made by individuals themselves not by god.

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