Procrastination & Education: Weirdest AMAs on Reddit

Reddit, the front page of the internet. Racking in more than 300 mil users each month, theres no better place to go to find weird and wonderful content to waste your day away.

Although subreddits like Birds with Arms and Cats Standing Up can’t be knocked for their creativity, AMAs (Ask Me Anything) allow the likes of Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion) to offer their insightful answers to groundbreaking questions like “what colour is your toothbrush?”. However, we’re going to look at some lesser known figures that have shared some of the most compelling stories on the web.


A black musician and actor, Daryl Davis shares his story on why he decided to befriend KKK Members.

“We live in echo chambers in which we surround ourselves with people who will reflect back to us, the very same thing we say to them”


When going out for a cigarette and thinking about ditching class saved his life, Brown opens up about how the police made the world believe he was involved in the horrific Columbine shootings.

“By that time the country and state had made up its mind, and the cops were already on doing bigger and better things.”


Phoenix Jones fights crime in Seattle. He puts as much enthusiasm into his rubber costume as he does into his (ALL CAPS) AMA answers.


Oh Ship, that’s Cheap!

Short of time? Short of cash? Or simply want a cheap alternative to flying? Well, what if I told you, you could get a 2-night onboard stay and a day in Amsterdam for as little as £40 pp with P&O ferries?

Amsterdam is one of my personal favourite destinations and is an ideal place to escape the stresses of term and explore somewhere new with your mates. After hopping on a P&O ferry mini cruise to Amsterdam, I would never fly to the city again! The ferry provides two full nights of comfortable, affordable accommodation and great entertainment, for less than the cost of one night out!

Cheers to that!

Although a single day may not seem long enough to explore the city in depth, it is still ample time to discover why Amsterdam is so brilliant.

Take a look at my recent visit, to gain some ideas on what to do:

Hire a bike:

With more bicycles than residents in the city (811,000 compared to 881,000 retrospectively), it is not surprising that Amsterdam is known as ‘city of bikes’. There are tons of bike rental stations around but I used Bike City. It cost only €14 and it was an ideal way to explore what Amsterdam has to offer!

Ice bar:

This was a really COOL experience (very original pun). Entry costs €19 with three free drinks and warm clothing included. Although it could be classed as a ‘tourist trap’, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and would definitely recommend it. 

I would love to return to Amsterdam soon, but what would you recommend? Comment below!

Did you say, Ljubljana?

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (‘lub-li-arna’) is incredibly difficult to pronounce but extremely easy to love. Bordered by much larger and more popular countries – such as Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary – Slovenia tends to be overlooked by tourists, yet I cannot urge you to visit this beautiful country enough.

My time here was slightly different to my time in other countries because my boyfriend has booked this destination as a surprise. Usually, I create itineraries based on what there is to see and do, but not this time. I discovered we were going to Ljubljana at the airport, so there was no time to make a day-to-day plan, but this was perhaps the greatest part of the trip. We were forced to explore the city by just walking around. We wandered but never felt lost.

The Ljubljanica River
Prešeren Square
Dragon Bridge
Love Lock’s Butchers Bridge
Ljubljana Castle
View from the Castle Wall
Snowy walk around Tivoli Park

One of the most interesting parts of the city was Metelkova – an abandoned barracks that now host’s a variety of alternative and artistic events.

Just a one-hour bus ride away was Lake Bled, the most popular day trip from Slovenia and there is no wonder why. I had seen images of Bled in summer, lush green trees and clear blue water – but there was something so magical about visiting Bled in the snow. With temperatures reaching -4 degrees, we were virtually the only people here, adding to the tranquillity and pure beauty of the area.

Bled Castle
View from Bled Castle

The Famous ‘Bled Cake’
Think you know of a place I would love? Comment below!

CV Boosting Tips for Savvy Students

Whether you’re in first year or final year, it’s always good to think about boosting your CV. Potential employers will make a decision based off an A4 sheet of paper, so be prepared to make it look good and don’t sell yourself short.

1) Google Certifications– Google have started to offer free online certifications, from Adwords, Analytics and App certifications, it’s a pretty simple way to stand out from the crowd. Not only does it show a willingness to learn outside of your degree, but it will give you basic skills in each subject that can be applied in the workplace- best of all it’s FREE!

2) Volunteer– volunteering is great as it allows you to donate your time to something you may be passionate about. From helping the homeless, to simply working in your favourite charity shop- donating as little as one hour can make all the difference. Its a great experience where you can meet different people and learn different skills, for volunteering opportunities in Hull click here.

3) Blog– Ironic, eh! But blogging can give employers a taste of your personality and show them where your interests lie. Blogs are a great way to showcase who you are and what you’re about.

Most importantly though, don’t start neglecting your studies! CV boosters should be just that, a small boost to support your university education. For more help and guidance visit The University of Hull Careers and Employability page.

Have you got any CV boosting tips? I’d love to find out!

Dreamy Destinations to Visit this Summer

So, spring has almost sprung, the new semester has started and you can –kind of– see the light at the end of the tunnel. Going on holiday is a great way to unwind over the summer, but where to go you ask- alas, look no further, heres my dreamiest destinations to visit this summer.

Sorrento is a beautiful Italian location, set on the Almafi coast. With Pompeii and Vesuvius only a coach ride away, its perfect for anyone looking for a mix between relaxation and culture.

Highlight: We rented a scooter and drove down the coast, stopping off at various locations- the views were unreal!

The Dalmatian Islands are a cluster of Islands off the coast of Croatia, from Vis to Hvar, to Korcula. Enjoy fresh seafood and incredible views. If you’re all about that party life then Hvar is the one for you with Hula-Hula Beach Bar and Carpe Diem nightclub you’ll be sure to find something to satisfy those sesh-cravings.

Highlight: Day trip to the Blue Caves & swimming in the Adriatic Ocean.

There are Incredible mountainous scenes in Slovenia and the lake is simply breathtaking. Whether you take a boat to the island, go swimming or simply walk around and bask in the beauty, Bled is a great location with plenty of activities to keep you busy. Head to the castle for the most amazing views, and be sure to visit Vintgar Gorge for even more natural beauty.

Highlight: Paddle-boarding on the Lake- It’s a LOT harder than it looks!

What are your favourite summer destinations?

Top Tips for Struggling Students

University is a unique experience for all, whether you have gained freedom for the first time, are coming into education after years out, or studying alongside a job- it’s a mixed bag. However, at times it can get really tough, take it from someone who was a third year drop out!

Whether you’re missing friends and family, struggling with money or simply stressing about the workload, there are lots of obstacles to overcome. But not to worry you, can get through it, so chin up and follow a fellow struggler who made it to the other side. Here are my words of wisdom.

1) Believe in yourself- when the self doubt starts to kick in, remember you have earned your place at university, make the most of it- you can do it.

2) Use your support networks- especially your tutors- most of the time they are more than happy to help, drop them an email and arrange a visit, it can really give you the confidence boost you need.

3) Manage your time- it is much easier to cope with a workload if you manage your time effectively and plan ahead.

4) Don’t bottle it up! Your friends and family are there to listen and support you- it’s okay, be honest, if you’re struggling tell somebody!

If you do find you are struggling, the Hull University Union advice centre is a great place to start. You can find them in Student Central, visit their website or contact them on:

Do you have any tips or experiences you would be willing to share? Write in the comment box below!