Procrastination. Guilty or Not Guilty?

In a nut shell… the art of doing anything but the task one is supposed to be doing.

Synonyms include;




Let me start by telling you, I only learnt of this word ‘procrastination’ and its meaning during my collage year, unfortunately the man who taught me this is an alcoholic, so procrastination is his forte. Anyway, “he who has not sinned.” I myself are guilty of such crimes.

As a student, mum and small business owner I feel the pressures of day-to-day life heavy on my shoulders, and with many gadgets and gismos in the home it is easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Assignment deadlines are looming over me, lacking in motivation and all I see when I look for inspiration are outside influences drawing me in. Maybe a new box of Lego I can’t resist, my 4 year old has no interest in building but loves to play, or a new box set on television.

Game of Thrones, had me hooked for a fortnight, never mind the housework and other influences pulling me from tasks that need to be done, when my life becomes a question of, bleach the floors and do the laundry or research and write an assignment I have no clue about, I used to chose Lego or box sets, now I chose to conquer.

If not now when? Stop making excuses and don’t start believing ‘done is better than perfect’ nothing is better than perfect, and time is your best resource.

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