Confessions of a Mature Student!

Being a mature student is tough, I have now been battling through higher education for five years and it still isn’t getting any easier. It started with the birth of my daughter, I knew she needed something better, being a single mum so off to collage I went. I missed her a lot as the course was intense, my mother put her to bed most nights, I wouldn’t see her. I worked on assignments at collage, hard to concentrate with a cute but noisy baby around.

The access course was a blast, all the students were like myself as together we found ourselves in ‘last chance saloon’. The college was local and the bonds I formed with other students helped me to achieve the fabulous grades. However, the step on to university was outrageously different.

University is 45 miles from my home, so joining in any extra-curricular activities or even attending social events was a “no can do” for me. I had to be home to cook tea, bath and read to my daughter, and finally when all was quiet work on my assignments, some days I would be sat at my computer till 5am.

The best tip I can offer would be…Pack an open mind along with your lunch; food is expensive on campus. Try not to compare too much, observe and listen to your peers, your experiences will help you but take care they don’t block your thinking or attitudes. Keep positive as negativity will be your downfall.

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