Bursting with Pride!

I have travelled the world, speak two languages, play the piano and study at masters level yet, I learn more over a tea time chat with my 4-year-old than anyone could ever teach me. She tells tales of fierce beasts and how to avoid an attack, if you are ever face to face with a shark you should look it in the eye show no fear, and if it attacks, aim for the gills or eyes. these are the most sensitive parts.

I see a kindness in her that is rare these days, she surrounds herself in nature, often I find leaves and sticks in her pockets and animals flock to her.

We were shopping at the weekend, usual struggles I forget that I drive a Mini. I fought with the bags and I used some bad language the look of disappointment on my daughter’s face as she told me sternly; “you shouldn’t say that mum!”. I felt terribly ashamed however extremely proud.

A note from the teacher showed me how far ahead my daughter was in many aspects of school life, storytelling to the other children and her writing skills. “Don’t know where she gets it from” I replied. Another mother said, “how come she speaks so eloquently compared to you?” slightly offended, I uttered “amazes me”.

Everything I do I do for her, enjoy your children they end up like us far too fast, listen to them. They have so much to teach us.

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