You can do miles better with that car…

Filling up the tank can be expensive, but im going to leak some information that could help you go a long way…



Branded vs supermarket (fuels)

“In the UK, all pumps are governed by various international bodies to conform to minimum world-agreed quality and performance standards. When it comes down to performance of branded vs supermarket fuels the research is unclear and hence a conclusive result has never been made.”

This means that they all work in the same way and you should be able to mix the same fuel without any problem.



Cheapest stations


Jet Princes ave

  • 118.9p/L petrol*
  • 121.9p/L diesel*
  • £1 tire pressure

If you are a firm believer of branded fuels then this is the cheapest option within the area. Garage has 24hr shop, hand car wash service, and large rest space.


Tesco st Stephens

  • 116.9p/L petrol*
  • 119.9p/L diesel*
  • 50p tire pressure

This is the cheapest place in the area to fill the tank or tires! It is the furthest away from university out of the 3 but is adjacent to the biggest supermarket in the city; perfect for students stopping off on the way back from a busy shop.


Jet Beverley road

  • 120.9p/L petrol*
  • 122.9p/L diesel*
  • £1 tire pressure

If you want to fill up quickly this is easily the most convenient location. Located in center of Beverley road this station offers a 24hr shop and is the closest to the university as well as the large majority of student houses.

*Please note fuel prices fluctuate with time

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